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It’s that time of year when the weather turns warmer and the plants start to bloom and blossom. Spring is a great time to open the windows and let some fresh air into your house. It also is the time of year that most people do their spring cleaning. This can include going through closets and clothes and putting up cold weather items. It could be the time to complete “honey do” lists and light maintenance tasks that may have been neglected during the winter. Finally, spring is the perfect time for spring cleaning; major cleaning projects and clean outs.

Exterior Cleaning

Start outside with the entrance to your home. Now that the leaves have stopped falling off the trees you can make sure that your doorway is inviting. Start by sweeping the pathway up your front walk, wash down the door and door jam, then sweep off and clean the door mat or get a new one to welcome your guests. You can clean off light fixtures and signs by polishing them to a bright shine.

Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaning

Once inside it is always nice to give the bathrooms and kitchen a good once over. You can clear out and organize cupboards and make sure that anything you don’t need is discarded. Making sure that the counters and sinks are washed out and if they are stainless steel you can use a special cleaner to make them gleam.

Floor Cleaning

Floors are usually a big part of spring cleaning. Tile and grout can take a beating during the winter months with everyone walking in after the rain and snow. Cleaning the tile and grout and adding a good grout sealer can help keep it looking clean all spring long. Carpets take just as bad of a beating with all the extra indoor traffic during the cold months. Going over the carpet and cleaning any stains is the best way to start. Then taking the time to edge and clear behind large pieces of furniture can help keep the dust from floating back up.

Dusting Surfaces

Dusting can be the best way to feel good about spring cleaning. All the dust that has settled down can be wiped away, and letting in some fresh air through windows and doors can help improve air quality. Making sure that you clear off bookshelves and rearranging the books can leave the room looking clean and organized.
Nadia’s House Cleaning can help with all your spring cleaning needs. We specialize in cleaning and treating homes as if they were our own. We can get your home ready for spring in no time at all. Our staff is standing by to take your call today!

Nothing compares to the refreshing feeling of a clean office space! However, it is very common to see office desks swamped with garbage, wrappers and many other things that belong in the trash bin. Of course some employees are better than others at keeping their work space clean and tidy. The benefits of a clean office space are endless. There is no question about it. When clients, visitors and even employees come into a dirty office, it immediately gives a sense of unprofessionalism. On the contrary, a clean office will clearly scream executive professionalism. A clean office will even improve the productivity of your employees.

We Clean Office Break Rooms

Heading into the break room to enjoy your lunch should be a pleasantry and a time for you to relax a little before you finish out your work day. The last thing you want to see as you are taking a bite out of your lunch is some crusty old food stuck on the table, dust and grime on the floor or a stained goop of mystery slime in the office refrigerator. Unfortunately, not all employees keep the same “clean up after yourself” standard.

We Clean Office Bathrooms

The importance of a clean bathroom in the work place cannot be overstated. Bathrooms often get overlooked at places of business. Paint gets old and dirty, floorrs are mopped with the same dirty mop over and over again, soap dispensers aren’t kept full and paper towels run out on a regular basis. Although no one wants to talk about it, the toilet could use a serious scrub and wipe down. Having a clean bathroom in your work place will leave you with a clean reputation, and you don’t want the opposite of that.

We Offer All Janitorial Services

Simple tasks like keeping trash bins emptied, floors clean from garbage and dirt, and dust of window seals, desks and office equipment will leave your place of business looking and feeling at the top of the professional totem pole. Call Nadia’s House Cleaning and schedule janitorial service for your business.

It takes a lot of work to train employees to be tidy, but with the help of Nadia’s House Cleaning service, they will soon understand all the benefits that come along with being clean and organized. Call Nadia’s House Cleaning for professional janitorial service to keep you place of business clean and pristine.

After months of cold weather living, our homes begin to reveal dusty mud rooms, worn down foot paths through high traffic areas and dirty tile and grout. And if you think your floor is clean, the thought of eating a dropped donut off the floor after a quick brush off may not seem like a big deal. It might not be; if you have no problem eating something out of the garbage. A study from the Hygiene Council found that the portion of floor that sits just in front of the kitchen sink has more bacteria than the trash can!

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Keeping floors clean can seem like a never ending chore, especially for hard wood and tile flooring. With spring cleaning around the corner, a fresh floor scrub can leave your home looking fresh and new. We won’t judge you if your post-holiday cleaning has trickled into your spring cleaning; but now is about time your carpets got cleaned.
If you have tile flooring, you know it’s pretty wonderful. Tile floors are easy to keep clean, they’re durable and tough, and they look good for a long, long time. There is only one drawback: grout. In short, grout is tile’s Achilles heel. When tile floors don’t look good, it’s usually because the grout has become stained. Most of the time grout becomes stained because it was either not properly sealed with a grout sealant when the tile was put down or because the sealant has worn off with time. Dirty grout on your tile floor leaves your home looking grungy.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors have become very stylish in today’s interior flooring. They also require special care compared to other types of flooring choices. There are a few things you are doing on a daily basis that are gradually ruining your hard wood floors without even realizing it. If you don’t have a welcome mat you are slowing grading down your wood floor. Picture the bottom of your shoes as a sheet of sand paper. A welcome mat is the only thing standing in between the sand paper and your wood floor. A simple act of dusting your shoes off before you enter your home can save unwanted scratches on your floor. Sitting on your couch is another action that hurts your floor with you even thinking about it. If your couch does not sit on a rug, it’s going to slide a little bit each time you sit down. Overtime this will make obvious aggressive wear on the wood floor. Another common mistake people make is mopping with too much water. More water equals moisture seeping down into the seams of your floor, and that will cause negative movement.

Carpet Cleaning

The contaminants and pollution that collect in carpets cause allergies and respiratory problems. Think of your carpet as a filter. Dirty carpet simply cannot filter out these contaminants. It collects them and makes you and your family sick. Cleaning your carpets is like cleaning your filters.

Floor Cleaning

There are many factors to consider for keeping your floors clean. Nadia’s House Cleaning can care for your floors in a clean and professional manner. We specialize in grout cleaning for tile floors, we can deep clean your carpets and refinish your hard wood floors, leaving your home looking fresh and new. Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning for an estimate and get your floors shining for spring.

If you have just five minutes then you have the ability to start to take back your home from the clutter that threatens to take it over! Again, it takes just five minutes a day, whenever you can spare it, to help you feel better about your living space. It will give you more room to breathe and stretch and also give you much less fewer obstacles to work around, stress about and endlessly move from place to place!
One Counter at a Time – Your long term goal is to clear all flat surfaces of your home so that they are free of clutter. Not appliances or décor necessarily, but trying to keep it to the bare essentials. Your short term goal is to clear just one counter. Then repeat as necessary with another flat surface; a counter, the kitchen table, coffee table, end tables, etc. You get the idea! When Nadia’s House Cleaning arrives for your scheduled housekeeping, it is much easier for us to clean without unnecessary clutter – and it will give you a better, more rewarding result too than if we have to work around stacks of papers and other belongings.
Find “Floaters” a Home – Do you have one or ten or a hundred objects that just seem to float from place to place with no designated home to call their own? Take a moment and think through where these things should go. Common floaters are backpacks, lunch boxes, letters and mail and car keys and any new items that are easier at the time to just set down and forget about.
Fight Re-De-Clutter – Once you successfully de-clutter one room, it has a tendency to attract the clutter in from other rooms. Refuse to let this happen! Since a de-cluttered room is much easier to clean, make sure you clean it as often as possible to keep your progress going in the right direction. Or of course, call Nadia’s House Cleaning to clean it for you and show you just how clean your home can be!
Strip down Drawers – Take your drawers out one at a time and empty them completely. Only put back the items that belong there. You will more than likely be surprised at the trash you have been storing in your kitchen drawers in particular, via out of date coupons, broken parts, loose screws and unimportant papers and notes etc.
Allocate to Bins – Have you ever heard of the ‘toss / donate / keep’ concept of sorting and organizing your belongings? It works whether you use reusable shopping bags, laundry baskets or any other containers. This method can make simple work of de-cluttering both small and large areas. Just pick a spot, set the timer, and get to work; but don’t forget to toss or donate the assigned items. And to find a home for any items that you wish to keep.
Take Action – To help organize the constant stream of mail and paperwork coming in, it’s a great idea to make an “Action” folder for all the items that need your timely attention (bills, permission slips, RSVPs etc.) Keep this folder in the same place and try to take five minutes out of your day to review and tackle a few items at a time.
Make it Fun – Make a recurring appointment on your calendar to take five minutes regularly to run through the house and get rid of anything that has expired, doesn’t belong, or could be donated. You could call it “Mad Dash Monday” or “Throw It Out Tuesday” etc. The important thing is to do it regularly and commit to it. Your kids will probably find it hilarious!
Take a Photo – Sometimes we don’t truly see just how cluttered our shelves, tables, and lives have become because we have gotten so used to it. Taking a photo gives you a different perspective and will help you to see your home how visitors view it. To really see a difference, take a few photos before we arrive for your residential cleaning and maid services and a few after. What would you rather visitors see when they stop by?
Nadia’s House Cleaning has been proudly cleaning homes like they were their own in the Boston Massachusetts area for over 25 years. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. You can spend all of the time you used to spend cleaning, on de-cluttering and simplifying your life instead!

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