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Construction in a commercial building can take months depending on what type of changes, modifications and build outs are being done. Construction teams build things; they do not normally clean up after a job. Construction crews are usually responsible for leaving dust and dirt, maybe pieces of drywall and other obvious materials from working on a build out for months at a time. Some items that you may not think of when considering how to attack a post construction clean up job are months’ worth of lunch wrappers and water bottles from the workers and other miscellaneous garbage that has piled up over the course of the construction job. Walking into the building immediately after the job is done can seem overwhelming when thinking about clean up.

Do It Yourself Construction Clean Up

Handing over the building to the new tenant without it being properly cleaned is never a good idea. Some building owners consider using their own employees to clean up after the construction crews are finished. This can prove to be a waste of time, energy and money. Your employees have a specific skill set and cleaning up after a construction crew is probably not one of them. Save your money and hire a professional cleaning crew to come in and make your building turnkey ready. There is no greater feeling for a client to experience their building for the first time and have it make a perfect first impression.

Professional Construction Clean Up

Hiring a professional cleaning crew to clean up after construction is over has many benefits. Construction crews leave large amounts of dust and dirt that can get trapped in areas you wouldn’t think of, but that your client will eventually notice. A professional cleaning crew knows exactly where to look for dust and dirt and will thoroughly clean your building, leaving it ready for business. A professional cleaning crew works efficiently and promptly, focusing on the job at hand and nothing else. This results in a perfectly clean building with zero mess left behind.

Hard to Dispose of Construction Debris

A construction crew may sometimes leave behind materials that you are not quite sure how to dispose of. A professional cleaning crew knows all the laws and guidelines for disposing of specific materials in a proper and safe manner. You will not have to worry about how to dispose of left over paint or other chemicals. This is another great benefit of hiring a professional cleaning crew. Nadia’s House Cleaning is skilled and experienced in post construction cleanup and will clean your building efficiently and in a timely manner. Your building will be turnkey ready and spotless, ready for your client to start business. Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today for the best post construction cleanup service available.

With the hustle of everyday life cleaning your house can be one of the last things you think you have time for. Kids have schedules, parents have schedules and there are always responsibilities that need to be met every day. Trying to find time and more importantly trying to find a good reason to actually do some of these responsibilities can be a problem. Nadia’s House Cleaning has prepared these five good reasons to keeping a clean house.
1. Clean Space: I found it!
This is what all moms want to hear when you send a child off to get something they need. When you keep a clean and organized house everything has a place and is actually kept there. You won’t be looking everywhere for the keys or trying to remember where you put that invitation. Keeping everything picked up and put back where it goes can actually help you gain more time in your day instead of wasting it always looking for what you just can’t find.
2. House Cleaning? Done Already.
Just like reason number one when the house is clean and organized you seem to have more time to take care of other things in your life. It is easier to do some cleaning each day which will take less time than if you were to clean everything at the same time after it has become an overwhelming mess. Once you have things in order it makes a regular clean up much faster and easier and that can lead to more time to spend on things you might want to do.
3. Maid Services? Check: Come on over.
If you have a messy house the last thing you want is for someone else to come over. You know if you invite someone over you are going to have to take a bunch of time to quickly clean so that it seems as if you have a clean house. This can be stressful and can lead to you just choosing to not invite friends and family over. When the house is cleaned regularly you won’t feel panic when an uninvited guest shows up at your door, you can invite them in and just enjoy some time together.
4. Good Housekeeping: Happy Children.
There is not anyone at any age that living in a messy house is good for, but having kids living in a nice clean home can make kids happier and healthier. When you have small kids that crawl it can be hard to be sure that they are not getting something dangerous. You can also make it easier for older kids to enjoy having a friend over. Also having a clean house is beneficial for kids with allergies and asthma. Having too much dust and grime around a house can be hard on kids that already have trouble with breathing.
5. Clean House: I can make that.
One of the best things about keeping a clean home can lead to more creative thinking. Whether you are wanting to try something new or finishing something that you already started, having a clean area can open your mind up to more creative thinking. When you look around at a mess you will automatically be thinking about what needs to be done which will pull you away from creativeness.
If these five reasons are not enough to get you motivated to start cleaning you can always call Nadia’s House Cleaning to do the job for you. We have staff standing by ready to get your home cleaned and organized today.

Moving into a new house is an exciting time; whether it is due to your lease being up and you are ready for a fresh start at a new location or you are purchasing a home of your own. Packing alone is an overwhelming task to tackle on your own. However, there is one task that comes along with moving that no one looks forward to and that is the big move out clean. With all of the excitement and planning that comes with moving into a new place, cleaning the old place is rarely thought about until you realize that precious deposit you put down when you moved in is up for grabs, depending on the shape you leave the residence in. Landlords and property management companies are very good at making a meticulous list that they check off to judge whether or not you will get your deposit back or if they will happily keep it. In your rush to get into the new place of residence, it’s hard to notice the mess you are leaving behind.

Cleaning Checklist

Things like nail holes, dusty drawers, dirty refrigerators and marked up base boards are some regular tasks that usually show up on these dreaded check lists. It will make it less stressful for you if you ask the landlord ahead of time for a copy of the list. This way you will be more prepared when the time for inspection arrives. Some landlords have been known to charge up to $8.00 per nail hole that has not been filled. Others charge up to $25.00 per bag of trash that is left behind. Fees will get tagged onto your bill for landscape that isn’t tidy, carpet stains, dirty air filters, and anything else they can use to bring your deposit to a balance of zero or worse, leaving you with a balance owed.

Hiring a Professional House Cleaning Company

If you are not sure whether or not to hire a professional cleaning company to come in and take care of this annoying task for you, think about a few things. What will it cost you in cleaning supplies and time? If you think you can handle it on your own, don’t forget that cleaning supplies can add up quickly. If you hire a professional cleaning company all of the supplies are included in the price and you will not come out of pocket for any extra cleaning solutions that are needed. As far as time goes, we all like to think that we can get a job done much faster than we really can. Whatever your estimate on time is, add two hours to that. In most cases your best bet to get your deposit back is to hire a professional cleaning company.
Nadia’s House Cleaning will go over your check list and make sure everything is cleaned perfectly, making your inspection with the landlord go much smoother than if you did the cleaning yourself. Nadia’s House Cleaning will clean your home promptly and efficiently, leaving it clean and presentable, impressing your land lord and possibly forcing them to give you that coveted deposit back. Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today for move in or move out cleaning service.

Who did you learn to clean from? Who did they learn to clean from? Cleaning know-how usually passes from grandmother to mom to daughter. We watch the way that our homes were cleaned when we were younger and tend to take those habits with us. If mom used a toothbrush on her hands and knees to clean grout so do we, right? Unfortunately, some of the cleaning tips that we may have learned could be leading us astray. We may think that is the best solution to clean something a certain way and find out we have been tricked all along. Here are some myths and whether hold any real truth … or not.
Newspaper Can Clean Windows – This myth does have some truth. A newspaper is great way to be ecofriendly and still have streak free windows and mirrors. The problem comes when the ink in the paper rubs off and gets onto the frame of the window. This can leave the frame with black smudges that can be a real pain to clean off. Paper towels can work just as good but without the ink smudges. If you run out of paper towels by all means a piece of newspaper as it is a worthy option. Just be careful near window frames.
Bleach is the Best Cleaner to use – We all know that smell of bleach and the thought that comes next is you must have just finished cleaning. The funny thing about bleach is that it doesn’t actually do much cleaning at all. Bleach is great to use when you want to kill bacteria or you have a tough stain that needs to be soaked but if there is grime or residue bleach is not going to help you at all. This will only come off with some old fashioned elbow grease and scrubbing. Also, be careful when using bleach because it can take the color out of anything!
Vacuum Cleaners are bad for carpets – Vacuuming our carpets is what keeps them looking neat and dirt free. Some people think that the brushes on the vacuum that rotate are actually causing damage to the fibers of the carpet and wearing them out faster. This is actually not true, because if you were to just leave the dirt and debris it would wear out faster than if you were to vacuum it every day!
More detergent means cleaner surfaces – You do need to use detergents and soaps when cleaning but just because it is a good product for cleaning, doesn’t mean it is good to over use it. Soap and detergents are great for cleaning because they actually attract dirt but if you use too much you may be spending more time trying to wash away the residue and soap as you are washing away the actual dirt!
Nadia’s House Cleaning has the experience and knowledge to know the best products and techniques to use in every cleaning situation. We are more than willing to put in the necessary time and effort cleaning to make your house look its best. Call us today for a free consultation!

If you are a business owner then you know the importance of keeping your work place or establishment clean. A clean and organized place of business promotes professionalism and a hard work ethic. First impressions are vital, especially in the world of business; so the difference between a clean office and a dirty office can mean you either gain a client or lose a potential one. A clean and healthy work place creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. If your employees are forced to work in a dirty or cluttered office, they will most likely be less motivated to complete their tasks. Having a successful and growing business is partly resting on the fact that your office space is clean, organized and has a professional atmosphere.

The Responsibility of Keeping a Clean Office

Running a business comes with many responsibilities; one of them being keeping your office clean. You have two options to choose from when deciding which road to take for office cleanliness. You can hire an in house cleaning team or you can hire a professional cleaning company. Hiring an in house cleaning team will require your extra time; time for training your employees on their cleaning tasks, time purchasing the cleaning materials needed and time purchasing the proper equipment that will be needed to keep your office clean. Another task that comes with hiring an in house cleaning team is setting up a new payroll, as business laws require. Time lost is money lost, and hiring an in house cleaning team will cost you both. You will also be responsible for any equipment that gets broken, coming out of pocket for repairs. Hiring an in house cleaning team can become more of a headache than a service to your office.

Hiring a Professional Janitor

Hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of your office needs and cleanliness is the best choice for professional businesses who want their office to look pristine and have a reputable work atmosphere. A professional cleaning company can provide all cleaning chemicals like disinfectant, bathroom soap and all other various cleansers. A professional cleaning company is also equipped with the latest and most effective equipment to keep your office clean. Hiring a professional cleaning company rather than an in house cleaning team will also lessen your responsibilities as an employer, as the professional cleaning company is the one responsible for their own payroll. If cleaning equipment breaks, then the cleaning company will replace it, not you. Hiring a professional cleaning company allows you and your employees to focus on more important tasks; making your business run more smoothly and effectively.
Nadia’s House Cleaning offers professional commercial cleaning service. Our employees will keep your office looking professional and clean, giving you the feel of a reputable work place and making a great first impression on your potential new clients.

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