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Dust in your home forms from many different sources, starting with dirt that is tracked in from the outdoors in addition to pet hair, human hair, dead skin, clothing fibers and other tiny particles. Dust bunnies form when these particles are brought together, usually by static electricity. Dust bunnies tend to be found underneath and behind furniture and in other corners of the house that are overlooked during a house cleaning. Dust falls onto everything in the home, making cleaning difficult. Some areas of the home are not even thought of when cleaning is being done.

Discovery of Dust Bunnies

Dust bunnies are most commonly discovered during a move, when furniture is being removed from a room and there is a large amount of dust bunnies revealed behind a bed or couch. Dog hair, human hair and other dust particles are not attractive to look at, especially when grouped together in a giant lump of gray fuzz. However, once discovered, they are simple to remove and you can have the area looking clean in no time. It’s the discovering part that can be difficult. If you do not regularly move furniture to clean behind it and underneath it, then dust bunnies will continue to grow and collect.

Dangerous Dust Bunnies

Other than being dirty, many homeowners believe that dust bunnies are harmless, but this is not the case. Dust bunnies can actually cause quite a few problems within the walls of your home. Dust bunnies have found their way into small openings of electronics, causing the electronic device to malfunction, over heat and not work properly. When dust bunnies grow to larger sizes, they can also clog air vents and block your vacuum filter. More threatening than these problems is the effect that dust bunnies can have on your health and the health of your family. The organic matter found in dust bunnies, like human and animal hair and dead skin can produce allergens that are capable of triggering asthma and contribute to a variety of respiratory issues.

Professional House Cleaning Service

The best way to get rid of dust bunnies is to regularly clean and vacuum, especially in areas that you don’t normally think about cleaning. It is also important to clean soft pillows and blankets as they can collect dust bunnies as well. Cleaning every corner of your home can be labor intensive and takes up precious time. The best way to fight dust bunnies is to hire a professional cleaning service to come into your home. Nadia’s House Cleaning service will clean every corner of your home, under and behind furniture and other areas that are difficult for you to reach on your own. Eliminate the dust bunnies that are lingering in your home and make your home a cleaner living space by hiring Nadia’s House Cleaning service today.

One of the biggest sellers in the cleaning aisle are wipes that have cleaner already in them and are ready to use. People are quick to grab something that is fast convenient, but can that be causing some safety risks? Moms routinely use disinfectant wipes in the home to wipe down counters, sinks and kids toys. Most schools ask for each kid to bring in a bottle of wipes and they use them to clean desks and much more. Now, though Lynnfield Schools have bee warned to stop making kids clean with them. Well have you ever wondered if they are safe as you think they are? Nadia’s House Cleaning has prepared some valuable information about wipes and what you may or may not find in them.

House Cleaning Chemicals

What to look for? There are some wipes that contain a certain chemical called quats. This is a chemical that is typically used as a pesticide but is used in wipes as a disinfectant. It can be used as a way to kill off bacteria but it can also be harmful to people as well. The other problem is that this chemical can also create what is known as a super bug. The issue is that the strain of bacteria it can cause can be hard to kill off when using other cleaning products.

Asthma Triggers

Another problem with the cleaning wipes that use quats is that they have known to cause irritation with people that have asthma. There is actually 1 in 10 kids that have symptoms of asthma and using products that can cause irritation seems like a recipe for disaster. Choosing a different cleaner that uses another type of chemical for disinfecting is a better option.

Alcohol Based Cleaning Wipes

When you look at the ingredient list for the wipes you know what to look out for, but what is the best option? When you feel like a wipe is the best choice for a specific cleaning task you want to look for alcohol based wipes instead of quats. When it comes to kids and cleaning a spray bottle with soapy water and a sponge works best. And no fragrance please. After you have chosen what to use, you want to stay away from the scented version. The manufacturing processes that are used to create fragrances use many types of chemicals that can be harmful. Scent is not a necessary for a cleaning product.
For considerate and thoughtful professional cleaning of your Boston home, call Nadia’s House Cleaning today!

There are many occurrences in life that call for celebration; a baby’s birth, graduation, birthdays, weddings and holidays. Taking the initiative and choosing to host one of these celebrations can take a lot of time and preparation. Being asked to host a party with short notice requires even more of your time and a great deal of running around trying to make everything perfect before the big event. Hosting a baby shower, anniversary party or neighborhood get together can seem overwhelming and put unneeded stress on a person. The first thought that usually comes into the mind is the cleanliness of the home that the party will be held at.

Special Event Pre-Party Cleaning

To thoroughly clean a home from top to bottom takes a great deal of time and energy that most people just don’t have, especially on their own. If a party needs planning, the cleaning before hand is not something the host wants to address. The party specifics are more important top focus on to make sure everything is just right for the event. Cleaning floors, bathrooms, carpets, drapes, dusting and everything else will take more time than planning the party itself.

Professional Special Event Cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning service to come in before your party or event will allow you to focus on the details of the party and not worry about whether the bathroom is clean or if there is dust on the furniture. A professional cleaning service will have the venue of your party or event looking clean and pristine, and your guests will only be focused on how great your party decorations look or how wonderful the party treats taste, instead of noticing a stain on the floor or the filthiness of a bathroom. You will feel confident as the host to hold a party in a clean and comfortable home.

Special Event Post-Party Cleaning

Throwing a party is always fun and takes much preparation. Only after the party is over do you start to realize the significant amount of clean up that must be done to get your home back to looking like a clean and comfortable home. Parties are great fun and give homeowners the ability to socialize with friends and family while opening up their home for entertainment. Often times during a party or event, a spill will occur, garbage get left behind and other messes are left for the host to take care of. Hiring a professional cleaning company to come in after a special event or party to take care of the mess will save you time and energy. Nadia’s House Cleaning services will clean your home before and after to ensure that you can focus on the important things in life and not think about cleaning up a mess. Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning for the best cleaning service available.

Cleaning your house is a big job. There are things that need to be done every day and things that can be tackled less often. Most people have some routines and ways that they keep their home cleaned but some of these ways might not be the best ways.
House cleaning is not always the most fun thing to do so Nadia’s House Cleaning has prepared some fun facts about cleaning that may help you get in a better mood when you are ready to clean yourself or inspire you to call us for professional house cleaning in the Greater Boston area!
Brass Doorknobs – Did you know that after about eight hours that a brass doorknob disinfects itself automatically? Brass doorknobs used to be used more often and it could have been for good reasons. Many bacteria are transferred when someone touches a doorknob that has already been exposed to it. In the 1890’s it was discovered that the ions in brass are actually toxic to living organisms like bacteria. After about the eight hour mark your brass doorknob is clean as can be.
Play Doh – We have all heard that some people use weird things to clean with, but did you know that play doh was originally manufactured to clean wall paper. A grocery line asked for a cleaner in 1933 to help clean the walls of soot. McVicker developed a putty that was used to roll up and wipe across the wall to remove the soot. After newer vinyl wallpaper came around and could be cleaned with water and soap, people started to recognize that this putty was fun for kids to play with as well.
Student Janitors – Did you know that many Japanese schools do not have janitors on their staff. The school has the children stay and do daily cleaning chores as part of the day. It makes many students re-think about marking up their school and making a mess when they are the ones who will have to clean it later!
Hoovering – This is another way to say vacuuming. One of the first professional vacuums that were sold throughout the United Kingdom was called a Hoover. This brand became so popular that people throughout the country starting calling vacuuming “hoovering”. So have you hoovered today?

Professional House Cleaning

All these fun facts may not be ways to help you clean today, but at least it gives you something to talk about and help you toappreciate the products, tools and resources you have at your disposal. We invite you to call upon Nadia’s House Cleaning today and let our staff take care of your cleaning needs.

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