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Coming home from work to a dirty or messy home is not a good feeling, and somehow is not motivating to actually get it cleaned. After working long hours and having zero energy left for any other demanding tasks, you are drained and cleaning your apartment is not on the top of your priority list. The occasional vacuum or dusting job is great, but will not contribute to a well maintained and organized apartment. Fortunately there are simple steps you can take that require little time and will make an impact on the cleanliness of your apartment. By adjusting your schedule slightly, you can make enough time to take care of simple cleaning tasks within your apartment.

Declutter Bedrooms, Kitchen and Living Room Areas

Apartments make a great home, but due to their small space capacity they tend to collect more clutter, dirt and dust. One of the first steps to a clean a apartment is to de-clutter your living space. If there are items that you do not use or no longer need, get rid of them. Hoarding is a terrible habit to form, so cut ties with any unnecessary items that are in your apartment. Spaces that will now be more open in your apartment will appear to be more clean and there will be less items that you have to vacuum and dust around.

How to Clean a Kitchen and Living Room Fast

Apartment kitchens are small and dishes can pile up quickly. An excellent habit to get into is to clean as you go. While preparing meals, clean and put away the items you use throughout your time in the kitchen. This will make it much easier when you are finished to completely clean your kitchen. Before you go to bed, straighten up your living room, fluff your couch pillows and fold any blankets. Waking up to a clean space will make you feel great.

Small Space Living

Avoid purchasing new items that you do not need. Try to keep in mind that space in your apartment is limited and precious. An item in the store may look small, but once you get it into your apartment, it might feel like the size of an elephant and take up much more space than you had anticipated. Be smart when making purchases and take proper measurements to ensure that items will fit properly into your apartment space.

Cleaning Day Schedules

Although taking small units of time each day to do minimal cleaning will help your apartment look and feel clean, it will greatly benefit the cleanliness of your apartment to set aside one day out of the week as “cleaning day”. This time will allow you to take care of the more labor intensive cleaning jobs like scrubbing the shower, cleaning floors, toilets and other areas that don’t get cleaned as often. If you find yourself unable to find the time to take care of these tasks, do not feel defeated. Hiring a professional cleaning company will wipe all of these problems out, and leave your apartment clean, fresh and relaxing. Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning to clean your apartment thoroughly, dusting every untouched corner and leaving your home looking like new.

When it comes to cleaning or maintaining a home, it’s hard to find time to get all of your cleaning and weekly housekeeping chores completed. Hectic jobs, busy schedules and changing lifestyles can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious, but it’s important to remember that you are not alone. This is the perfect opportunity to let someone else clean your home for you. Nadia’s House Cleaning is a locally licensed and insured cleaning company serving the greater Boston Massachusetts area since 1986. Call today and speak with an experienced customer service professional for a free, no obligation quote.

Nadia’s House Cleaning service has provided a list of the following benefits to help you decide when it’s the best time to hire a professional cleaner:

Full-time job with a hectic schedule – Most of us admit we are just too busy and being busy may just be your typical day to day lifestyle. But there is busy and there is ridiculously busy! The kind of ridiculously busy where you cannot physically or mentally take on one more task. If this looks like your life then it’s time to let go and ask for some help. Hiring a cleaner will allow you to focus on the things that only you can do.
If you have Children or Pets – have you spent hours cleaning only to have your children demolish all of your hard work in ten minutes flat? It’s depressing! Instead of seeing all your hard work going to the wayside, hire a professional cleaner and let them do the dirty work for you. Professional house cleaners generally have years of experience and can provide you with the best cleaning services available.
Changing lifestyle – Perhaps you are a first time mom or caring for an aging parent or maybe starting a new job. If you find yourself learning to cope with a new set of responsibilities, one way to reduce stress is to hire a professional cleaner to take a few things off of your ever growing list.
When you need a Spring Cleaning – your surfaces might be clean but giving your entire home a deep clean takes a considerable amount of time and hard work. When you hire a professional house cleaner to clean your home you can have the satisfaction of knowing your home really is clean, from the ground up.
When you are expecting family for a weekend get together – it’s your turn to host the relatives for a family social event and you have a million and one things to do. It’s a ton of work cooking and getting ready to entertain and you just don’t have enough hours in the day to clean up, not to mention deep clean your home. Rather than feeling completely overwhelmed, hire a professional house cleaner to get the job done for you.

Hiring a Professional Housekeeper

Contact Nadia’s House Cleaners and speak with a customer service professional today. Ask us about our comprehensive cleaning packages. Let our skilled cleaning technicians take a load off of your shoulders and take care of your entire house cleaning needs.

When it’s time to get the household chores done, the worst part for most people is the bathroom. For obvious reasons it is not a fun place to clean because of all the unmentionable things that go on in there. One specific reason bathroom cleaning is not looked forward to are the amounts of bacteria that can be found in a bathroom on any given day. It is probably hard to sit and relax in a nice bath or shower thinking about all of the bacteria all around you. Have you ever wondered what the best, fastest and easiest ways to clean a bathroom are?

Nadia’s House Cleaning have prepared a few tips and tricks to help you keep your bathroom looking clean and smelling fresh

Organize – One of the best things you can do to make clean up quick, is to invest in some plastic bins that have snapping lids. Then you can take some time to have a bin labeled and ready to put the stuff away. This will also keep the under the cabinets cleaned up and it will make it easier to find what you need.
Dryer Sheets – This is not a laundry tip, but in fact a bathroom tip. You can use a dryer sheet and get it wet to use as a scrubber to remove the soap scum from off shower doors and enclosures. This can also help remove hard water stains.
White Vinegar – This actually is a very useful item to use in a bathroom for 2 different reasons. You can fill up a ziplock bag with white vinegar and hang it from the shower head. Make sure that the head is submerged in the liquid and allow to stand for 15 – 20 minutes. Then remove the bag and allow the hot water to run through the head. This will clean the hard water and build up and allow for a more even and powerful flow of water. You can also use this to add to your toilet bowl to help remove the dreaded unsightly ring.
Disinfectant – This seems obvious but making sure that you clean all surfaces with some kind of spray or cleaner that disinfects will help kill the majority of bacteria and build up that can attract bacteria. You also want to clean surfaces such as walls and doors with the disinfectant because that is where most people put their hands before they wash up.

Hiring a House Cleaning Company

The above bathroom cleaning tips are great for maintenance but you really need a deep bathroom cleaning regularly to remove the dirt, grime and bacteria in all of those cracks and crevices beyond what you can easily reach swirling a rag around on the top of the bathroom counter! Call on Nadia’s House Cleaning to assist with the thorough cleaning you most likely don’t have the time or inclination for!

Part of your everyday life is to keep your home picked up and cleaned. A clean home is essential to health and happiness. Research has shown that a clean home can induce creative thinking and can allow more time to accomplish other tasks in your life. One of the very best ways to be sure that your home is clean is to hire a professional like Nadia’s House Cleaning. A professional can set up a regular cleaning at your home and allow you a worry free day. You could have a professional come out everyday but that is just not a real option for most people.

Nadia’s House Cleaning has prepared some easy cleaning tips that can help you in between professional cleanings:

Pick it up:
Picking items up around your home and putting them in their correct location is a good place to start. Having everything placed where it belongs can make each room look much cleaner right off the bat. Take time each night to go around and do a quick pick up. Start going room by room and if you do this each night it can make it easier than cleaning up after a week of messy build up.
Wipe it off:
Use a wash cloth or sponge to wipe off all the counters in your home. Most counter tops can get dirty by the end of the day and taking a minute to clean them off will make a big difference. It can leave the room looking much cleaner and shinier than before.
Mirror Mirror:
A dirty mirror is usually the first thing that you see when you walk in a entry way or a bathroom. When the mirror is dirty someone won’t normally look much further. When the mirror is cleaned nicely it can make all the difference and it only takes a minute to do.
Vacuum and Sweep: All the dirt and crumbs that get dragged in the house throughout the day and dropped onto the floor can often cause quite a big mess. If you sweep any tile or wood floors at the end of the day it leaves the floor free from crumbs which in turn can keep pests from wanting to stay inside.
Whether you are too busy, overwhelmed or just don’t feel like it; if you want to know that your home is clean call Nadia’s House Cleaning today to make an appointment.

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