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A clean home is a happy home, even more so for those who suffer from severe reactions caused by allergens that linger in the air and settle on top of carpets and furniture. People who suffer from allergies experience runny noses, watery and itchy eyes, and for those who struggle with respiratory difficulties can experience trouble breathing. No one wants to suffer with these symptoms within the walls of their own home. Not only is it important to keep your home clean for sanitary purposes, but also to make it as comfortable as possible and avoid any allergic reactions to allergens that have not been completely removed during what you thought was a thorough cleaning of your home.

Household Allergens

It is important to know how to effectively clean your home and eliminate the presence of allergens. When you successfully eliminate allergens from your home, you will immediately alleviate the symptoms of itchy eyes, runny nose and possibly even reduce the amount of allergy medications that are needed. The most common allergens found within a home are dust mites, animal dander, pollen and mold. The most common places that these allergens tend to hang out is in the bathroom, bedroom and entry ways of a home.

Cleaning Bedroom Checklist to Alleviate Allergies

When cleaning your bedrooms, make sure that you are cleaning all linens within the room at least once a week with hot water. Dry your linens in the dryer, not outside. This will help to eliminate the allergens from outside coming into your home. Avoid storing anything underneath your bed, as dust bunnies tend to gather more frequently around floor level items, so keeping the area underneath your bed clear will help keep dust out of your bedroom. Vacuum on a daily basis, removing all dust and dirt that is brought into your home each day. It is important to clean behind all furniture, including dressers, armoires and vanities. It is a great idea to clean behind large pieces of furniture at least once a month.

Cleaning Bathroom Mold & Allergens

Bathrooms can become a mold growing paradise if not properly cleaned on a regular basis. Bacteria and mold can multiply quickly in a dirty bathroom, making allergens even more present in your home. If you have a fully carpeted bathroom, consider installing tile and laying down a bathroom mat instead. This will help to eliminate water and mold and mildew in your bathroom.

Professional House Cleaning in Boston MA

To get your home completely rid of any and all allergens, contact a professional cleaner to come in a deep clean your home, making it easier for you to maintain an allergen free house. Nadia’s Housecleaning will thoroughly clean your home and remove all allergens, making it a safe place for you and your family to relax and enjoy an allergen free environment.

Summer is still here and school is about to start. Having the kids home for the last bit of August may have had its benefits. But keeping a home clean during the summer can be a struggle, especially if you have little ones running around. During the summer, kids are home more, which means toys, bathrooms, the kitchen, your floor and furniture are all used more at this time, than any other time of the year. Areas of the home will go without a proper scrub down throughout the summer due to the craziness that is going on in the house with all of the kids running around and other tasks that must be done; like preparing dinner, driving back and forth to play dates and other fun summer activities.

Summer House Cleaning Chore List

Your chore list may have gone unchecked up until this point of the summer. Scrubbing toilets, cleaning tubs, the kitchen floor, baseboard dusting and other tasks can be overlooked when trying to give the kids a fun summer and keeping up with every activity that is going on. This does not have to be the case though; getting your kids involved with the chores around the house can be an extremely rewarding experience for you and help build a strong healthy work ethic for your children. Although they will most definitely not be game to help out in the beginning, some incentives may assist in getting them excited about helping out.

Kids Love Pretend Cleaning Time

Little kids love to pretend, so try pretending while cleaning by playing “maid” or “butler” or even Cinderella. If you want to go to the extreme, you can even dress up with your kids to make the pretending a little more realistic, and they will think that is pretty fun. Pretending and playing while cleaning will get your smallest cleaners excited about dusting some base boards or pushing the vacuum for a small while. Thinking creatively will help out enormously when attempting to get your children to assist in the household cleaning chores.

House Cleaning Competition

Another great way to get kids cleaning is throwing in a little competition. Kids love to race or be the best and come out on top, beating everyone else at whatever the activity may be. So making the cleaning tasks a race or who can do the job the best will make the children a bit more excited and more motivated to get the job done and get it done right. Try turning on the kids favorite band or song while cleaning, music will make everyone move faster and have more fun while completing their chores.

Professional House Cleaning & House Keeping in Boston MA

While getting everyone involved and helping out with the household chores is a great activity, sometimes there still just isn’t time for cleaning. When your schedule is stretched from play dates, grocery shopping, family vacations and other activities during the summer that demand almost all of your time, it is extremely difficult to keep up on household chores. Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning to get your home back in its cleanest state and give you the time you deserve this summer.

As the summer temperatures continue to rise, pets spend more time indoors out of the scorching heat and more time lying around on your area rugs and carpets. More time indoors means more pet hair, dander, upset water and food bowls and maybe even the occasional accident. If you have a single pet, cleaning might not be too difficult to keep under control but if you have multiple pets your cleaning chores just get harder. Your situation may appear hopeless but you are not alone and there is a solution. Nadia’s House Cleaning has been providing residential housekeeping services for 25 years. We guarantee that our professional housekeepers will provide a personalized top to bottom cleaning from start to finish at affordable rates. At Nadia’s House Cleaning, our cleaning services range from weekly, biweekly, monthly or one time depending on your home’s cleaning requirements.

The experts at Nadia’s House Cleaning have provided the following list of useful tips to keep your home fresh between professional cleanings along with some suggestions to help you keep your pets smelling sweet:

• Place mats under your pet’s food and water bowl to make spills easier to clean.
• When removing pet hair from drapes and other upholstery don’t reach for the vacuum, try using a rubber latex glove instead, wet or dry the hair will cling to the glove for easier removal.
• Deodorize pet bedding with baking soda between washes. Sprinkle a good amount, wait 15 minutes and then vacuum.
• Wipe down painted walls with a damp cloth to help remove sticky cat dander.
• If your pet has a favorite chair or couch, use washable slipcovers which can be laundered in hot water to kill allergens or other bacteria.
• Clean the kitty litter pan by removing all of the soiled litter and pouring in ½ inch or so of white distilled vinegar. Allow to stand for at least 10 minutes, pour out and dry thoroughly. Sprinkle ½ cup of baking soda to the dry litter pan before adding cat litter.
To keep your pets smelling sweet:
• Cats traditionally don’t like water so instead of struggling with a bath try rubbing gently with a baby wipe all over your kitty’s fur.
• Try dry bathing your pets by sprinkling baking soda on their coats. Rub down your pets coat and use a gentle brush to spread the baking soda throughout until the baking soda is gone. Since baking soda is non-toxic it won’t hurt your pooch or kitty if he or she takes a liking to the taste.
• Check your pet’s ears, if they have a strong musky odor you can clean them with mineral oil or baby oil. Put a couple of drops of oil in each ear and massage it in. Using a cotton pad or ball rub it gently around the inside of the ear.
• Don’t forget to change collars and leashes on a regular basis especially if they get wet. Wet fabric not only carries odors, it also has the potential to carry mold spores.

Professional House Cleaning in Boston MA and surrounding areas

Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today and speak with a customer service professional to schedule your routine house cleaning. A scheduled cleaning either weekly or bi-weekly is the best way to protect your family’s health and the valuable investments within your home. With each maid service visit, Nadia’s House Cleaning will leave you with a clean house and some extra time to enjoy however you please.

Let’s face it; doing laundry probably isn’t everyone’s favorite chore. In fact laundry can sometimes be overwhelming to even the best of housekeepers. It is true that today’s state of the art washers and dryers make doing laundry almost effortless, but even though the machines do the actual washing and drying, there are lots of things we can do to save our time, our money and our sanity.

The experts at Nadia’s House cleaning have provided the following laundry tips to reduce the amount of time you spend in your laundry room.

• It’s much easier to do your laundry when everything has already been sorted. Assign a basket for each type of load, whites, darks, colors etc. Ask your family members to turn their clothing inside out, not only will this save you time by not having to turn clothing inside out yourself, it will also ensure your families clothing ages better and lasts longer. As soon as a basket is full, wash the load.
Shorten you wash and dry time – for lightly soiled loads, use the quick wash setting and set your drying time for 30 minutes, most clothes will be dried in a 30 minute period.
• Keep a spare bath towel handy and throw it in the dryer with an item that needs ironing. Set your dryer cycle for 10 minutes. For badly wrinkles items, add a damp wash cloth to dryer or lightly spray the wrinkled item with water.
• Keep a spare box in the laundry room to toss any loner socks that always manage to appear without their mates at the end of a dryer cycle. Check every week or two and see how many pairs will magically reappear.
• Instead of purchasing expensive fabric softeners, give vinegar a try instead. Pour a cup into the fabric softener dispenser of your washer. An added benefit isr that vinegar also makes your towels more absorbent, and will also deodorize your wash.
• A salt and vinegar pre-wash can keep you dark colors from fading. Before the first wash, set your washer to the small load setting. Add 2 cups of salt and 2 cups of white vinegar to the water, once your washer begins to agitate, add the clothing item or items. Run it through the wash cycle and then launder as usual.
• Use liquid dish soap such as Dawn as a pre-treatment for grease spots and stains. Rub and then lather. One of the biggest advantages of using a product like Dawn is that it can stay on as long as your need it to before you do your actual wash.
• After pre-treating and washing an item of clothing with a stubborn spot stain, hang to dry. Never dry the item in the dryer. Putting the item in the dryer may set the stain.
• Cut your laundry detergent in half and add a half cup of baking soda instead. Not only will your clothes look better and smell better, baking soda also eliminates built up soap residue.

Professional House Cleaning

Nadia’s House Cleaning is a locally owned, licensed and insured cleaning company serving the Greater Boston Massachusetts area. Nadia’s House Cleaning has provided residential home cleaning for 25 years. At Nadia’s House Cleaning our skilled technicians have a reputation for quality and reliability. Our company cares about providing a consistent, thorough cleaning that will exceed your expectations. Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today and speak with a customer service professional to schedule an appointment with a cleaning specialist. We clean your home like it’s our own!

You may know of someone, a family member or friend who collects knickknacks, and other items of memorabilia or things that they consider to be important stuff. Not everyone who collects and accumulates large quantities of things is a hoarder. There is a very fine line between what is considered a hoarding environment and what is thought of as simple clutter. Most households experience different stages of clutter within the home. Something as simple as piles of junk mail or stacks of freshly laundered items stored in a laundry basket left on the washer, or grocery items stacked on dining room tables or kitchen counters. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a busy household that runs on a limited schedule and these particular chores get left on the “to do tomorrow list”. Hoarders however tend to struggle not just with clutter but often have an underlying mental condition.
Clutter and hoarding although similar do have some fundamental differences. While both situations create an environment that is messy and full of things, hoarding can range from large piles of items taking up living spaces to a monumental amount of stuff taking up an entire room. Another difference between hoarding and clutter is the sheer size of the mess. Hoards can take over an entire home and significantly threaten the quality of living for the hoarder not only in an emotion sense by also by creating structural damage within the home. While clutter and hoarding are indeed different, taking the first step to reclaiming your home is the same. Finding the right cleaning service is paramount to living a happy and healthy life. Nadia’s House Cleaning is a professional residential and commercial cleaning service with 25 years’ experience cleaning residential homes.
Helping a hoarder clean up their home can be a very difficult task. A great deal of planning is involved before you can begin the cleaning project. The following list of recommendations should be considered before attempting to help someone you know who suffers from hoarding.
1. Permission – Speak with the person in need about hoarding before you bring someone into the home to help clean up and divide their possessions. Remember that hoarders have an emotional attachment to each object, even those you consider to be trash.
2. Always consider safety first – Wear heavy duty gloves and boots when rummaging through unknown stacks of items. Dangers such as broken objects or other harmful items could be buried within the piles.
3. Take your time – Throwing everything away is not the answer. Decide what keepsakes can be salvaged and discuss these items with the owner, allowing them to be part of the decision making process for which things to keep and which to donate to a local charity.
4. Inspect food items carefully, hoarders often allow food to rot or expire which can cause serious illness if consumed. Make sure dishware and flatware are properly cleaned and sanitized before being used.
5. Contact the professionals – When the task at hand becomes overwhelming even for a large group of determined people contact a professional hoarding service.
6. Once the house is free of clutter and any structure issues are addressed, contact Nadia’s Cleaning Service to professionally clean and sanitize the home.
At Nadia’s House Cleaning we respect our customers, their homes and their time. Contact us today and speak with a customer service professional about all of your cleaning needs. Or check our comprehensive homepage for a full list of cleaning services available. We clean your home like it’s our own!

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