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Your home seems to be a magnet for dirt. The kids come in with their dirty shoes, sports bags and snacks. All of these things turn into a mess in your home. It always seems there is just not enough time in a busy day to clean the house and keep it there, let alone tackle some of the deeper cleaning items that needs to be done regularly. The only way that is seems that you could keep up is having a weekly appointment with a maid and housekeeping cleaning service.

Nadia’s House Cleaning has reasons why the weekly house cleaning service is the best way to keep your home much cleaner and more organized.

House Cleaning Cost: When you schedule a weekly house cleaning most cleaning services offer a discount. This is because they are able to depend on your regular service and it is easier for the maids to clean when they are keeping it up on a weekly basis.
Clean House: This is obviously the biggest benefit of having a weekly cleaning service. When a team comes on a weekly basis they are able to get into the chores that you are not able to get to on a normal week. This means that your house will be cleaner throughout the week.
House Cleaning Upkeep: Another major benefit that helps people with choosing a weekly service is how easy it is to keep clean in between the professional job. If a team is coming once a week to clean you don’t have to worry about the deep cleaning and you can focus on the smaller straightening up and quick cleaning. Areas such as a bathroom can be cleaned professionally which lasts until the following week.
Clean House is a Healthy Home: When you have a clean home there are many health benefits. Carpets can have dust mites that can cause trouble with breathing and allergies. If you leave a bathroom or kitchen unclean you run the risk of mold starting to grow. This can cause illness for all the people that live there. It also removes many of the allergens when the team dusts the furniture once a week and gets rid of what could be floating around your home.

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If you are ready to set up a weekly house cleaning service to make your life easier call Nadia’s House Cleaning today! We can set you up with a plan that will work for you and around your busy schedule.

In this economy a good percentage of citizens are renting. Some are leasing apartments and others are home renters. No matter the living quarters, when the lease is up you are either signing a new lease, or possibly upgrading to homeownership, a bigger place or a new area. Whatever the case may be, you know you want your deposit back, and that entails cleaning the old place to perfection.

Nadia’s House Cleaning has prepared a checklist and some pointers on getting the old dwelling ready for inspection

Cleaning Living Rooms & Common Areas:
– Remove all nails, screws and tacks from walls and ceiling. Be sure to fill holes with putty, and make certain the putty is as level to the wall as possible and smoothed.
– Dust all the fixtures, ledges, ceilings and vents thoroughly.
– Clean all the windows and be sure they are streak free.
– Using disinfectant and clean cloth, wipe down all light switches, outlets, door knobs and doors.
– Clean off base boards and walls.
– During the room to room inspections, be sure to remove any cob webs in un-used areas.
– Vacuum all the carpets and sweep all the floors. Be sure to mop the floors with the appropriate cleaners, and remove carpet stains.

Cleaning Bathrooms:
– Remove soap scum from tiled areas, tub and showers. Do not neglect the grout where most scum builds up.
– Clean out cabinets and drawers freeing it of hair, trash and debris. If you have removable liners that will cut down on some work. Wipe down vanity and counter space.
– Tidy the toilet, if the seat is beyond help replace it, and clean the sink. Wipe the mirrors down with appropriate cleaner.
– Floors need a good sweep and mop it down.
– If the exhaust fan is dusty, touch up with a vacuum.

Cleaning Kitchen:
– Clean cabinets and drawers, remove liners if applicable.
– Wash cabinets down with mild soap and water, immediately dry with clean cloth.
– Disinfect countertops, sink and faucet,
– If refrigerator is staying behind, be sure to scrub down thoroughly. All fridges have removable drawers and shelves, if necessary remove them and scour the pieces individually, dry and replace.
– If the dishwasher is present, be sure the bottom is free of debris and wiped out.
– Dust off exhaust fans.
– Slide out movable objects, sweep and mop the floor meticulously.

Cleaning Bedrooms:
– Bedrooms are simple, ensure walls, floor boards ceilings, ceiling fans and vents are dusted well.
– Treat closets as you would the open space.
– Vacuum floors. If you do not have carpeted bedroom floors, sweep and mop down.
– Clean windows inside and out.

Cleaning Living Rooms:
– Another easy room to clean when emptied and completed like the bedrooms.

Cleaning Garages (if you have one):
– Once the garage is emptied, sweep all debris.

Cleaning Outside:
– Freshly cut grass if applicable.
– Pull weeds.
– Sweep away debris. If grass stains or mud persists, hose down well and brush away with a push broom.

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On your way out the door, sweep out the entryway, and mop up. Cleaning out the old place can be a hassle, especially if your new place needs attention. If you need help ensuring your old home is inspection ready call a professional to unburden you at Nadia’s House Cleaning. If you are a homeowner, we can also help get your new ready if the old tenants didn’t do their chores on the way out.

No one wants their home to have a “smell” unless it is described at fresh. It is always an ongoing battle to rid your home of the things that are causing the smell and adding scents are pleasing. There are many things that you can do that will have your home smelling fresh.

Nadia’s House Cleaning has some tips on what you can do to try and keep your home smelling fresh.

Essential Oils: Essential oils are becoming a bigger part of people’s lives every day. These oils can be purchased at many different stores and can be used in a diffuser that will slowly release the smell that you choose. You can also use it with a Q-tip and add small amounts of it to areas such as the bathroom where you usually need a little more good smelling scents.

Lemons: If there is stench coming from the garbage disposal you may need to take some measures to clean it. One of the ways that you can stop the smell is by cutting up some lemon slices and adding them to the disposal and running it. You can also use orange or cucumber.

Deodorize: One place that you may not recognize as a problem for odor is the carpet. You can make your own deodorizer that can be added to the carpet fibers in order to stop the odor that may come from them. You can add a half cup of borax and a half cup of baking soda with a few drips of oils that you like. Use this powder to shake on the carpet. You can then vacuum it and remove the powder along with the unwanted odor.

Dryer Sheets: Everyone loves the smell of fresh clean laundry. This is because of the dryer sheets and the smell that they give off. You can take these same dryer sheets and add them to the kids drawers to keep their clothes smelling nice and clean longer. You can also add them to a bathroom inside the trash can. You can also add them behind the AC vents so when the air kicks on it will send the smell out into the rest of the home.

Candles or Wax Burners: This is a great way to add a level of scent to your home. There are wax burners that use a light bulb to heat a tray and melt a wax that is infused with scents from fresh baked cookies to lavender.

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Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning for expert housekeeping and maid services.

There is a good percentage of the populace who prefer using more natural products for various tasks, especially cleaning. We search out recipes with every day household items in hopes to find the perfect solution to everyday messes and spills. More annoyingly we find that special recipe that ensures a specific spill’s cleanup with ease … does absolutely nothing or worse yet, makes the mess worse. Where we can write volumes on assorted things to help on the cleaning war, Nadia’s House Cleaning wants to specifically cover the helpful uses of vinegar. Vinegar is found in most homes, it’s inexpensive and really helps in more ways than people think. With a few ideas you might be inclined to reach for the vinegar more often.

Nadia’s House Cleaning has prepared this quick list of just some of the uses for vinegar:

Removing Goo and Adhesive Residue – This just become a whole lot easier. When we search the cleaning aisles for products claiming to be able to remove that tape residue from your window or that oil base goo from your storage closet, what we may not know is how toxic those products can be. They also are extremely pungent and offend our delicate nasal passages. Instead of wasting time and money as well as risking your health; reach for that vinegar already in your home. Generously apply vinegar to the goo or adhesive reside let it soak a good 15 minutes and then wipe away clean.

Microwave Cleaning –

Scrubbing your microwave for what seems to be forever, just become a thing of the past. Saving you time and elbow grease vinegar will melt away all that splattered food debris. With this assignment grab a small glass or microwave safe bowl, fill a half cup or so of vinegar, nuke on high for five minutes. In the five minutes that you can be filling your dishwasher, that vinegar has been reducing that hard crusty debris to a now easy wipe down!

Fabric Re-Freshener –

A widely unheard of approach to fabric re-freshening is done with vinegar. Vinegar neutralizes odors. To create your own mix one part vinegar to three parts water in spray bottle. If the vinegar smell isn’t high on your preferences to appealing fragrances add lemon juice or your favorite essential oil to perfume your blend to your liking.

Softener –

Another tidbit is vinegar can soften and eradicate lint from clothes. Using vinegar in the washer in lieu of fabric softener will help reduce lint, and make your clothes softer. Even if you don’t have any dryer sheets on hand, this useful tip will also cut down on static as well.

Odor Remover –

The cool volcano science experiment your child is doing can now be done anytime you start to detect odors coming from your kitchen sink. Food and mildew that builds up over time can really make the kitchen smell awful. With this vinegar benefit you won’t have to wonder how to remove the odor, and the volcanic show is entertaining. Pour a generous amount of baking soda in the drain, follow immediately with vinegar. The mixture will bubble up creating the volcano effect eating away at food debris and destroying odors.

Cleaning the coffee maker –

Vinegar will keep your machine running smoothly and your coffee tasting fresher. Instead of water run your machine with vinegar. Follow that with a few runs of water to ensure the vinegar has been thoroughly removed.

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These are just some of the useful ideas and life hacks using vinegar. For those whose lives are too busy, or a physical restriction is keeping you from your household duties, call Nadia’s House cleaning. We have the experience and dedication to get your home sparkling clean.

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