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Whether you are moving into a new rental, or simply wanting to get your cleaning deposit back on the old rental unit, Nadia’s House Cleaning Service would like to offer you helpful tips and advice on getting the place cleaned and sanitized. If you are moving into a new rental situation, you feel better cleaning the place. It will bring a peace of mind that things are cleaned and it will also provide a sense of ownership and pride. There are several places in your rental that you will want to give thorough attention to.

Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to stress the places that need cleaning the most.

Cleaning Tips for Bathroom Floors, Showers & Fixtures

The bathroom in our opinion probably deserves the most attention. Where the kitchen could be argued the first place on your list to devote to, being the heart of any home, the bathroom is probably the most intimate place you become a part of. Bathing, showering, relieving yourself, brushing teeth and preparing your face and hair for the oncoming day. It is also the last place you visit before retiring for the evening. There is a lot to consider when preparing this room for your day to day living.
1. Soap scum and hard water stains found on the shower and tub should be spray with vinegar, and wiped away.
2. Pour 1 cup of vinegar in toilet bowl and allow to set over night, come the morning you can scrub.
3. Mildew stains are easily dealt with baking soda. Sprinkle to the mildew and with an old toothbrush, brush clean.
4. Showerhead: Unscrew the head and allow to soak in a container of vinegar over night, rinse thoroughly while using the old toothbrush to gently scrub. If the head doesn’t unscrew, simply wrap a baggy filled with vinegar, and secure it over the showerhead with a rubber band.
5. CLR works well with removing rust ring stains. Squirt the area down and gently rub a pumice stone to lift out the stain. Be gently to not scratch the surface with the stone.

Cleaning Tips for Kitchen Countertops, Sinks & Appliances

The kitchen needs much tender love and care. As mentioned before it is the heart of your home. Meals are prepared, bonding over crafts and goodies, helping with homework, and other activity you do your kitchen. The kitchen needs attention. Bringing a great chance to determine where things are places, and familiarize your storage space.
1.Grease build up left behind on the stove is easy to clean and slightly entertaining. Generously spray the surface with vinegar, and sprinkle baking soda and after the bubbly shows, wipe clean.
2. Garbage disposal needs to be attended monthly. Throw some ice in there while it is on to safely sharpen the blade, and either orange or lemon grinds to freshen it up.
3. Run the dishwasher empty using lemonade powder for a clean and deodorizing treatment for the citrus acid in the mix.

Cleaning Tips for Closets and Other Storage Spaces

These places are often over looked when previous tenants move out, and rarely get cleaned regularly while being lived in. Discovering the storage space for your treasures is always a fun way to learn about the place you will be calling home.
– Walls. Unless the landlord insisted on repainting the walls, chances are years of dust, fingerprints, and anything else little ones might leave behind. There could be quite of few layers that need cleaning. Be sure to dust the ceilings, and sanitize the outlets and light switches. Practice caution while cleaning anything so close to an electrical current.
– Baseboards, Doors and Trim. Doors rarely receive fresh paint, they need good attention. Giving the baseboards, doors, and trims a good clean before moving in your belongings is a great idea0.

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Cleaning the rental before or after you move out, requires a lot of time and hard work. If you lack the time, physical capability, or just don’t have the motivation, Nadia’s House Cleaning Service can get the place looking like new with our many services and trained professionals. Call us today!

During a Thanksgiving Feast, it always seems to be the case that you are cooking for just one more person. Whether you are usually cooking for 4 and it’s doubled or tripled, or whatever the number of extra mouths you are not used to, the kitchen, without fail, becomes a danger zone that looks like it got hit by a tornado.

Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to offer some tips for cleaning your kitchen and keeping the damage to a minimum.

1. A few days before the big day it is best to clear away the clutter. Temporary put away the knick knacks, remove all the paper stacks and pies of nonsense and give yourself the extra cooking room. Clean out the fridge and pantry so everything is easily found. Organize the fridge accordingly to your methods.
2. Cook the dishes easily premade a day in advance to cut down on time and mess the day of the big feast. Rolls, pies, appetizer and side dishes could be prepared and frozen if necessary and then thawed the day of. Cooking ahead of time can help deter a bigger mess, and make cooking less overwhelming on Thanksgiving Day.
3. It is always way more gratifying to enjoy home cooking, but if you are doing all the cooking solo, it may be more time efficient to buy some grocery store ready rolls, or side dishes to help alleviate the mess and obligations. No one will know the difference unless you reveal your secret.
4. There are quite a few disposal able dishes that are still esthetically pleasing on the table and later can be easily tossed out and remove another chore off your list.
5. Clean as you cook. By keeping the dishes under control, you eliminate a bigger headache later. The dishes that can’t be tended to right away, soak in hot, soapy water to help make washing easier when have the time.
6. Encourage the little ones to help prepare and clean up. It teaches the kids good habits and gives them pride and ownership to know they helped with a big event. It will help train them down the line to take on bigger tasks and help you in the long run with preparation and clean up.

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If you have an overwhelming mess to deal with, after the guests have left that even expand past the kitchen, give Nadia’s House Cleaning a call to help get the chaos under control!

Preparing your home properly for the holidays usually includes festive décor, cinnamon scented candles and lights strung throughout the house. If you have been chosen to host the family Thanksgiving or Christmas get together this year, then you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to providing ample sleeping space, enough food and a comfortable setting for everyone to enjoy. Hosting family from out of town is always fun, but can also become very stressful as well. As the host, you want to make sure that everyone is as happy and comfortable as they can possible be so you can call your holiday parties a success.

Hosting Holiday Parties in a Clean Home

One aspect of opening up your home this holiday season and playing host to family and friends is making sure that your home is clean and presentable for all to enjoy. This may get set on the back burner of your mind as you are more concerned with dinner menus and gift giving. Certain areas of your home can become a major turn off to guests if they are not properly cleaned. A dirty bathroom or dusty bedroom will not make one feel welcomed or festive at all. In fact it may do just the opposite and have your guests wondering if a cockroach may crawl across them while sleeping.

Benefits of Vacuuming Daily

There are certain steps you should take when preparing your home for the holidays and everything that comes with hosting family and friends. One of the most important cleaning steps to take is vacuuming every day. Dust, dirt and grime can quickly collect on the surface of your carpet and create a layer of filth. If you do not vacuum regularly, this dust and dirt will spread to other areas of your home like the kitchen and bathroom. Keeping your carpet clean will greatly assist in keeping other areas of your home clean as well.

Clean Bathroom, Bathtubs & Showers

One of the more important areas to make sure is clean for your guest is the bathroom. No one wants to have to use a bathroom that is full of dirt, dust, mold and filth. A clean bathroom will give your guests the impression that you take pride in the cleanliness of your home and make their stay feel much more comfortable.

Professional House Cleaning, Holiday & Special Event Preparation & After Party Clean Up in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Lexington & Milton Massachusetts

The best way to prepare your home for the holidays is hiring a professional cleaning service. Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today to get your home spotless this holiday season.

With so many options of cleaner on the shelf today, it’s hard to know what it is better suited for each cleaning project. We want to use the best for our homes. We need to use what is safe, effective and cost efficient. Nothing is more frustrating than investing in cleaning products that claim to take care of the problem, only to leave a bigger mess in their wake.

Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to take the time to discuss pros and cons of different cleaners.


Pros and Cons of Chlorine Bleach to Clean & Remove Mildew

Pros of bleach mildew products:
– Most bleach products are strong enough to remove mildew.
– Bleach cleans and disinfects. In so doing, all traces of mildew are gone, and only resurfaces after long periods of time if neglected.
– Removal of mildew stains and soap scum.
– Bleach can be used to clean near anything.
– Bleach is powerful enough that elbow grease isn’t always necessary. In so doing, time can be used elsewhere while bleach sets on the stain, and removes the majority of it while you are tending to other cleaning needs.
Cons of bleach mildew products:
– Bleach odors are very strong and can be harmful to breathe. With toxic fumes emanating, it is strongly recommended that rubber gloves are used and breathing masks worn. If your eyes are sensitive, safety goggles are a good choice. Always keep the room ventilated.
– Unsafe to use around kids and pets due to the strong fumes.

Benefits & Disadvantages of Vinegar for Cleaning

Pros of cleaning with vinegar:
– Vinegar is economical. Mixing your own cleaning solutions with vinegar tends to be cheaper than commercially pre-made cleaners.
– Safe to use around pets and children.
– Useable on a variety surfaces.
– Can be used as a substitute for fabric softener.
– Easily obtained.
– Will not ruin any fabrics in case of an accidental spill.
Cons of cleaning with vinegar:
– The odor isn’t pleasing.
– Unable to cut through grease.

Pros and Cons of Liquid Laundry Detergents

Pros of liquid laundry detergent:
– Detergent is already dissolved.
– It can be used as a pre-wash to remove stains before being cleaned through a machine cycle.
– It is easily mixed in cold water, saving energy.
Cons of liquid laundry detergent:
– They are typically more expensive.
– Only packaged in plastic containers; not very earth-friendly.

Pros and Cons of Powder Laundry Detergents

Pros of powder laundry detergent:
– Generally less expensive than liquid detergents.
– More earth-friendly packaging in cardboard.
– Surfactants (the cleaning agent) are more efficient in powder forms.
– Have a longer shelf life.
Cons of powder laundry detergent:
– Unregulated quantities can leave behind soap residue.
– Many brands require warm water cycles for the powder to properly dissolve, leading to more energy use and cost.
– Powder detergents often use sodium sulphate as a filler and can be harmful to septic tanks.

Professional House Cleaning Solutions in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Lexington & Milton Massachusetts

There are many different products as mentioned earlier. Taking the time to find the right one for each job, each budget and according to each safety precaution requires the patience of a monk, but we hope this was helpful in your search. For any house cleaning services, Nadia’s House Cleaning can get any job thoroughly. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your home or business cleaning.

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