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If you want to have a clean kitchen you know you have to work on it several times a day in order to keep it that way. The kitchen is the room that is used most often because there are at least three meals a day that are prepared and made in this room. Most of the time the dishes are used, the counters are dirty and the floors are covered in crumbs. If you have ever gotten finished with cleaning your kitchen or gone in to get it cleaned only to realize that it is not as organized as you like you can do something about it. No matter how many or few cabinets you have, everyone seems to struggle with some of the same organizational issues. There are some things that you can do to get your kitchen more functional and in turn easier to clean!

Nadia’s House Cleaning has a lists ways you can get your kitchen more organized.

Storage of Tupperware, Pots & Pans: These are the cabinets in any kitchen that you open and realize there seems to be no good way to organize the different sizes and shapes of pots, pans and lids. Have ever gone in to search for lid to make your favorite dish and you end up emptying out the entire cabinet to find out what you need? That is the worst, so having an idea on how to take care of the lids is a great way to make the cabinet easier to manage. You can use a curtain rod that can be hung up in the back of the cabinet to hang all the lids on. When they are hung up and off the shelf they can be seen and can be accessed easier. You can also use adhesive hooks on the front inside of the door to attach the lids to while they are not in use.
Organizing Measuring Spoons: When you are ready to bake a cake or a dessert, you are going to need to be able to find your measuring cups and spoons. They are usually scattered through the drawers and you have to search until you find the ones that you need. Instead of putting them in a drawer to house them, you can put a hook in the inside of the door to attach them and keep them all together.
Spice Cupboard Organization: If you want to free up some space in a cupboard, you can remove all the spices. You obviously need to have them put somewhere, so go to a home store and purchase spice jars and a rack that you can put out not only as a decoration, but your usable spices to cook and bake with. You now have more room in the cupboard so that you can add other items that you want out of sight.

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One of the areas of life that seems to never end is the endless amount of house cleaning that needs to be done on a regular basis. Many people have a list of things that they do depending on the day of the week. No matter the work that has to be done it is never really finished. The next day or next week it will need to be done again. Many people want tips and ideas on how to lessen the amount of time that it takes to do chores. They also want to save money on the cleaning supplies they are using. One of the ways that you can do that is to make some of your own cleaners. Not only will you know that the cleaners are safe because of the amount of each product you are putting in them but you can save money by making a larger batch and saving it for a longer period of time. You can purchase a reusable spray bottle from most stores that you can fill and label with the product you are making.

Nadia’s House Cleaning lists household cleaners that you can make and use to clean your kitchen and bathroom.

Homemade Kitchen Sink Cleaner: Once you have washed all the dishes and cleaned off the counters, most people do a once over on the inside of the sink. The dirt and food that is left behind from the dishes can still be stuck on the sinks surface and that can cause odor and the sink to look dirty. You can make a scrub that you can use at the end of the dishes to clean the sink out. Take two cups of baking soda, a few drops of lemon oil, and some standard dish soap. You can mix this up and use it to scrub out the sink leaving it looking and smelling great.
Granite Counter Cleaner: One of the areas that needs to be cleaned off after the end of each night is the counter tops. Many counters are made out of granite and the surface can be hard to get clean. Using a cleaner that is specifically made to clean it can become expensive but you can make your own. You can use one and half cups of water, a teaspoon of soap and three tablespoons of rubbing alcohol. This is a great way to clean the surface and to leave it looking great without water spots.

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These products are cheaper to make on your own and can be used in kitchens and bathrooms to clean the sinks and counters. Contact us today for all your house cleaning and janitorial needs!

While moving can be so exciting and exhilarating for some, it often times is quite stressful for others. When moving day comes, there is always a long list of ‘to dos’ and not a lot of time to actually do them.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Sheds Some Light on the Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaners to Clean Your Old & New Home When Moving


Professional House Cleaners Provide a Thorough Deep Cleaning

When moving out of a space, it can feel tedious to clean the space you are leaving behind. There is often times a security deposit that hinders on the condition of the property when you leave. By hiring a professional house cleaner you can count on a deep cleaning and a happy landlord. Professional cleaners like Nadia’s House Cleaning pay attention to the smallest details. We can clean the appliances inside and out, make sure there are no cobwebs left in the corners, pay close attention to windows and give the bathrooms the attention that they need. We can meet all your cleaning needs and are able to ensure all the cracks and corners are left spotless!

Reduce the Stress of Moving by Calling a House Cleaning Company to Clean for You

Whether you are moving into a new space, out of an old space or both; your attention is pulled in many different directions. There are belongings that need to be organized and packed up or unpacked and put in their rightful place. Taking away the stress of making sure the cleaning of your new or old space is done right can be a game changer!

Hiring a House Cleaner Gives You A Clean Start

Whether you are moving into an older home or a house that has just been built, you can benefit from hiring a professional to clean your space. Older homes can always use a good scrubbing. There are corners that haven’t had the attention they need for far too long, and baseboards that may have been neglected over the years. Nadia’s House Cleaning can help get that older home ready for your arrival. If you are moving into a house that has just been built there is probably a layer of dust on a lot of the surfaces in the home. Let a professional get rid of those fingerprints the construction workers left behind and leave it sparkling for your first night there.

Deep Cleaning Gets Rid of Allergens & Pollutants

People who suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues can definitely appreciate a good cleaning before moving into a new home. Professional cleaners can get rid of allergens such as dust, pollen and traces of harsh cleaners that were used before by using eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Thus, improving the indoor air quality of your new home.

Cleaning Benefits for Landlords & Property Managers

As landlords, the state of the home when a tenant moves out can be pretty horrible if they were not responsible. You can use some of their security deposit to get a thorough cleaning which can help to retain good tenants in the future. Nadia’s House Cleaning can help your rental property look like new.

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Are you getting ready to move into a new home? Are you moving out and hoping to get back most or all of your security deposit back? If so, Nadia’s House Cleaning can help you attain these goals and make the space you are moving into all that you dreamed it would be. Contact us for all your cleaning needs!

House cleaning is something that should be done on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean it actually does of course. Sometimes schedules or just plain exhaustion takes hold and cleaning might be left to do the next the day. Where some fine cleaning enjoyable and almost therapeutic, others find it tedious and a major inconvenience. No matter which category fits you, or even somewhere in between, the cleaning must go on. Whether you have the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, biyearly, or yearly cleaning regiments, there are some myths that have been floating around as fact in methods in house cleaning.

Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to set the facts straight and dismiss some common cleaning myths.
Myth: Using wet newspapers to clean windows.
Fact: Not exactly, using wet newspapers to clean windows not only tear, leaving residue particles on the glass, but it can also transfer the ink form the printing onto you trim, leaving an even bigger mess than the one you started with. Instead, use microfiber cloths to clean your windows, or a good quality squeegee.
Myth: Coca-cola is desirable for pouring into toilets to clean them.
Fact: The acidic nature of coca-cola is an effective hard water stain remover, however, coca-cola has a high sugar content that promotes bacteria, and the dark caramel dyes can stain the bowl. Instead use your preferred toilet bowl cleaner, or a white vinegar mixture if you opt to use home remedy solutions.
Myth: Coffee grounds deodorize garbage disposals.
Fact: The coffee grounds are an exceptional choice for the abrasiveness in dislodging and removing gunk from the blades, but do nothing to counteract the pungent odors. Baking soda does both. Using baking soda is abrasive enough to remove the buildup and neutralize the offensive smells it could emit.
Myth: Washing dishes by hand VS dishwasher.
Fact: Dishwashers over 10 years old might not be up to par, and in that case, the dishes washed by hand are more thorough. The modern dishwashers are more energy efficient, and more up to the task of washing dishes thoroughly. With water temperature rising up over 140 degrees, the dishes are also sanitized.
Myth: Hairspray removes the ink mess ball point pens can create.
Truth: Hairspray containing excessive amounts of alcohol is excellent to remove the ink, because it’s the rubbing alcohol doing the trick. But keep in mind the alcohol content of hairsprays was much higher back in the day. Current hairspray formulas have little no hair spray and have holding agents which will set the stain of ink. For superior removal, reach for rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to remove the ink.
Myth: Bleach or vinegar can clean anything.
Fact: Bleach can lighten stains and kill bacteria, but doesn’t remove soil, making it more efficient at sanitizing. Vinegar is fairly acidic. It is very good for removing dirt and such, but should be diluted accordingly, and some surfaces, like natural and some stone surfaces, along with other materials, vinegar can cause damage.

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There are quite a few cleaning myths floating around the world that needs attention, but we will continue to share some down the line. Meanwhile, for your cleaning needs call Nadia’s House Cleaning, our professionals are both trained and experienced to handle all your cleaning needs. Call us today!

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