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Medical facilities require extra attention and first impressions count. There are no do-overs or second chances when taking account of your health. Negative first reactions can lose patients or future referrals from that patient. The fact is that 77% of people say they would not return to a healthcare facility if bathrooms were dirty!

Keeping a Hospital Patient Room & Health Facility Clean

A recent “Cleaning Industry Insights” survey conducted from P&G Professional states that products used to get the job done the first time and work quickly, in addition to simpler cleaning routines, were reported as the most helpful elements when it comes to performing cleaning services in four industries, including healthcare. Keeping this in mind, implementing a smart and effective cleaning plan will maximize the cleaning program in healthcare facility. To make cleaning a healthcare facility effective and efficient, there are things that need to done. This includes cleaning, disinfecting and infection control. Keeping a healthcare facility clean and safe can be challenging. Having the correct processes in place provides a hygienic facility for patients, staff and visitors.

Healthcare Facility Cleaning Supplies

When cleaning in the healthcare area, goggles, latex gloves and protective clothing are everyday basics along with disinfectants and thick garbage bags. The balance occurs in using proper disinfecting techniques while being cautious in medical environments. Hospital grade disinfectants should be used and vacuums should have a HEPA filtration to avoid dust and the spreading of germs. Special cleaning cloths will increase the amount of germs and dirt collected.

Smart Ways to Promote Effective Cleaning

Common areas in healthcare facilities that will require cleaning are the examination room, the doctor’s personal office, bathrooms and the waiting room. The doctor’s personal office and the waiting room will need to be vacuumed, dusted and wiped down with a disinfectant. The floors will also need to be swept and mopped with a disinfectant. These steps will need to done with the tables, windows, telephones and door knobs to name a few. The easiest and most cost efficient disinfectant is bleach diluted with water.

Public Restroom & Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

The bathrooms need to have disinfectant sprayed around the toilets, sinks and countertops, stall walls and doors. Allow the solution to sit for five minutes to completely disinfect. Wipe down soap and paper towel dispensers with disinfectant cloths. Mirrors and windows can be cleaned with a vinegar solution. The floors can be moped with a disinfectant.

Examination Room Cleaning Checklist

Medical disposal bags will need to be used for patient gowns, towels, used linens, etc. and placed in an area for collection by the laundry service. Anywhere patients may have touched will have to be wiped down with a disinfectant. This means the exam table, counters, doors and door handles, sinks and any chairs and furniture. Trash cans need to emptied into medical disposal bags and floors are to be swept and mopped with disinfectant.

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Healthcare cleaning services need to kill and eliminate germs that can lead to odors and infections and be able to create an environment that is clean and smells great. Hiring the right company is imperative for your medical practice. Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning Today.

Dirt and dust collect in a hurry if you don’t have the right tools to stay on top of it. This can especially be true for your floors. Having the right vacuum for your home is crucial. There are different types of vacuums on the market and each of them have different strengths. You need to decide which one is best for your needs. Nadia’s House Cleaning is here to help you decide which vacuum is best for you to keep your home clean and comfortable.

Vaccuming Carpet Correctly

When selecting your next vacuum, the first thing you need to consider is what type of flooring will this vacuum be cleaning. Flooring is a huge determining factor when choosing your vacuum. If the flooring in your home consists of wall to wall carpeting, you want a vacuum that is made for it. Upright vacuums are great for cleaning carpet. You should pick a vacuum with an adjustable height brush, because you want it to be able to clean all different carpet pile heights. Another great choice for carpeting is a canister with motorized power head. If you have a large space, you may want to go with the upright vacuum cleaner.

Hard Surface Floor Vacuum

Just because you don’t have carpet on your floors, doesn’t mean you don’t need a vacuum. You will still want to remove the dust and other debris that accumulate on flooring surfaces. Make sure when you choose a vacuum for your hard flooring, that you can turn of the brush bar. When you don’t have that option, your vacuum will end up spitting out dirt and debris rather than sucking it up.

Vacuuming Stairs With Carpet

Vacuuming stairs can be dreadful if you have a heavy vacuum. Look for a vacuum that is easy to pick up and carry up and down your stairs. If you don’t have a lightweight vacuum, you may want to consider a battery powered handheld vacuum. They can easily be carried up and down stairs and do a good job of cleaning all the corners and edges of your stairs.

Vacuum Cleaners For Pets

Most vacuums can pick up pet hair from your flooring surfaces. There are some, however, that come with special attachments that get the job done even better. Attachments that have a rotating brush make it easier and more effective to get rid of pet hair on your upholstery surfaces as well as your floor.

Vacuums for Allergy Sufferers

If you or someone in your home suffer from allergies, you want to invest in a vacuum that includes a HEPA filter. This will keep 99.9% of dust, mold, and dander from leaving the vacuum when it blows exhaust air out.

What About Robotic Vacuum Cleaners?

Robotic vacuums are great if you don’t have the time to vacuum your flooring every day. They aren’t as powerful, but they do map out your home to make sure they don’t miss a single spot. This shouldn’t completely replace your traditional vacuum, because it isn’t the most powerful suction. They can also be quite a bit pricier that other vacuum options.

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Keeping your home clean can be time consuming and a lot of work. If you find you are unable to stay on top of it and need some assistance, Nadia’s House Cleaning can make your home shine. Don’t hesitate to call for any of your cleaning needs.

Whether you use a housekeeper or not, the majority of the everyday chores are done by the homeowner on a daily basis. The household chores are usually cleaning a bathroom, washing laundry and vacuuming the carpets. These have to be done regularly to be sure that the home remains clean and livable for the people that reside there. Although these cleaning needs to be done regularly there are many chores that are not done on a regular basis by the homeowner but still need to be done. These are the kinds of chores that you can hire a cleaning company to do. We can take care of any and all cleaning that you need but it is always a great idea to have a list of chores that you know you are not going to get to.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Lists Chores You Might Consider Asking Your Housekeeper to Take Care of on their Regular Visit

Clean the Ceiling Fans: The ceiling fans in your house are often going nonstop in the summer time and will take a break in the winter. If they are moving or standing still they are going to collect dust. Believe it or not there is dust floating in the air as we speak. The dust are small particles that are constantly around and will eventually come to settle on something. The dust will stop on the fan blades at the top and leave a terrible mess. Ask the cleaning service to take care of the fans while they are there.
Wash the Walls: The walls around your home are getting little grimy hand prints and other dirt all day long. Each time someone touches the wall in passing or bumps their shoe into the wall, the walls are getting dirty. The dirt will build up and can become quiet thick. It is hard to take the time to wash away all the walls in the house so it is a great chore to have the cleaning crew do while they are there.
Dust Off Picture Frames & Trinkets: Just like the dust on the fan blades, the same dust is also getting on other surfaces. Many of the surfaces can be dusted easily are done by the homeowner. The other items such as picture frames and trinkets take a little more time and can be left for the cleaning crew.
Clean Out Appliances: Another chore that can be left for the cleaning crew is cleaning the appliances such as the microwave and the oven. These both collect dirt and food particles as you use them so it is best to clean them on a regular basis and have those deep cleaned when the cleaning crew comes out.

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Nadia’s House Cleaning offers expert residential and commercial cleaning services. Call us today to make your life easier, less stressful and more enjoyable!

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