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For those who suffer from OCD, you may not be able to stand all those streaks on your window, mirrors, and other glass fixtures. It doesn’t matter how much elbow grease you put forth, it seems in the right light, there are still a bunch of streaks, right? Nadia’s House Cleaning will cover the different ways and tips you can do to clean your glass fixtures, streak free.

Glass Cleaner Dilution Ratio

To start, when diluting your glass cleaners, the common mistake everyone does is mixing it with tap water. This is a mistake because tap water contains minerals. The minerals in tap water are what cause hard water buildup. When you add it to your cleaners you put those minerals on your glass. This is what causes streak on mirrors and window most often. To avoid this, use distilled water to dilute the cleaners. You will find this will help in preventing those pesky streaks to appear.

Vinegar All Purpose Window Cleaner

Vinegar is one of those all-purpose cleaners that no one should be without. Create a mixture of 50% water (distilled) and another 50% of vinegar. You can spray it on and wipe it off like any other cleaner. It is cheap and works great. The vinegar smell will linger for a short while but will dissipate over time. If you don’t want the smell inside the house, this is still a great option for your outdoor windows.

Alcohol & Water to Clean Windows

Regular alcohol works great to give your glass a fresh clean look and keep it streak free. If you have a lot of build up from moisture and such, alcohol breaks it down and cleans the glass really well. It might take more than once to remove all the build up that can accumulate over time.

Clean Windows Without Paper Towels

Many cleaning professionasl will advise you to get rid of the paper towel when it comes to your glass cleaning routine. Paper towels leave tiny streaks regardless as to what cleaning solution you use. Instead use a micro-fiber cloth, or squeegee to wipe the cleaners away.

Dryer Sheet to Clean Shower Doors

Another surprisingly good tip for cleaning the glass in your bathrooms like mirrors, shower doors and the like is to use a dryer sheet. It’s great for removing hard water and soap scum from your bathroom’s glass fixtures.

Buffing your Glass

After cleaning the glass with your cleaning solution of choice and you still see unsightly streaks, use a dry micro-fiber cloth or a regular cloth. Both work well and will buff those streaks out of existence. Once it dries and you start to buff it, you will see the streaks disappear.

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Cleaning glass is one of those pesky tasks no one wants to do. Most of us get tired of fighting those annoying streaks and give it up for lost. But there are ways to be streak free and calm your so called OCD. Nadia’s House Cleaning wants you to consider these simple tips and see if you can keep your glass streak free and have that beautiful clean home you desire. Contact us for all your house cleaning and janitorial needs!

It happens to the best of us, the longer we live in a home, the subtle stains that we thought were getting cleaned with our regular maintenance will one day suddenly look like you never cleaned them a day in your life. The bathtub ring will suddenly yell at you the moment you walk in, the toilet ring that doesn’t seem to come out with vigorous scrubbing that should itself overnight merely taunts you with your pathetic attempts, the thick residue of film that is dulling your tile, and the “oh no what’s that?” on the grout is a common problem.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Share Some Tips on Trying to Remove Some Stubborn Bathroom Stains

Cleaning Tough Toilet Stains: With yellow rings near the rim, and brownish stains at the bottom, the toilet is more often adorned with stains that don’t seem to want to budge. Mineral deposits from the hard water are often the contributing factor, but here is how we can get that toilet to sparkle. Shut of the water valve, flush the toilet, and if there is any lingering water, use a plunger to push it down the drain. Spray the entire bowl with your favorite all-purpose cleaner and start scrubbing with a hard-nylon bristled brush, wire will scratch the porcelain. Once the stains are scraped away, turn the water back and perform a courtesy flush to rinse it out. To keep it clean, be sure to conduct a weekly cleaning, and for more optimal results, a quick brush every day can keep the stains away.
Clean Stains from Floor Tiles: Soap scum, mildew and mold can buildup and cause some staining. Avoiding serious elbow grease, keep up on the tile cleaning on a weekly basis. A quick wipe of the shower and backsplash areas after use can also help significantly. In the case of stubborn stains, find a grout and tile cleaning formula designed to cut through mildew and mold, also be sure that cleaner’s label shows you what your specific tile material is safely used. Follow directions on cleaning usage.
Removing Bathtub Stains: Bathtubs, including the faucets and fixtures are just as susceptible to hard water mineral deposit stains, as well the additional stains often discovered around the tub. Faucets and fixtures need to be treated with solvent solutions formulated to remove the buildup of lime deposits. Scrub with an exclusive cleaning toothbrush to get in the small crevices. Bathtub rings are also needed to be treated by the material used to construct your tub. Porcelain tubs need a generous sprinkling of an abrasive cleaner and scrub with a nylon brush. Enamel tubs need to be cleaned with a cleaner not containing bleach; bathroom surface cleaners are usually adequate. Acrylic tubs require a bit more cleaning maintenance than other materials, frequent cleaning is essential for a superior clean. Use a mild dish soap and hot water with a nylon scrub brush.

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If the bathroom stains are overwhelming, enlist the aid of professionals care. Nadia’s House Cleaning professionals are skilled, trained experts that can assist you with even the toughest stains. Call us today to get started!

Having a nice clean home is a great way to keep it from smelling bad but if you want the house to smell good you have to go one more step. The cleaner that is used to actually clean the house has a smell that is associated with clean but it does not actually have a pleasant smell. You can use a professional cleaning company to get your home clean and have it looking its very best. That is a great start but after they leave you want to take the next step to have the odors in the home from everyday living removed and something fresh in its place.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Lists Ways To Get Your Home Smelling Great After Professional Home Cleaning.

Essential Oil Diffuser: One of the latest and greatest ways to add some nice scents to your home is to use an oil diffuser. This is a unit that you can purchase and plug into an outlet. You simply add a few drops of oil to the bowl that heats up. When the light bulbs heats the oil it lets off a nice smell that can go throughout the house. You can buy a plethora of oils in many different scents to make it fit what you like the best.
Fabric Softener Sheets: If you feel like your clothes are starting to smell dingy you want to add something to the dresser drawers to balance out the smell. You can use a dryer sheet that is usually scented and is what most people want their clothes to smell like anyway. Clothes can lose that just laundered smell over time after sitting in your drawers so you can slip a dryer sheet on the drawer bottom to add that smell that you love to associate with clean clothes.
Fragrant Candles: This is a great way to add a nice smell in your home. The candle business is huge and you can get all kinds of candle smells, shapes and sizes. They give off a nice potent smell that you can smell throughout the house when they are lit. The great thing is that you can control the smell by just lighting it when you want. The negative is that you have an open flame in your home that you want to be careful of and when you blow it out you will have that burning smell for a few minutes.
Make The Stove Top Simmer: You can use the stove top to make your own homemade potpourri in a pot. You can get out a pot and add some cinnamon sticks, oranges and cranberries to some water and set the burner on low. The water will start to simmer and when it heats up the smells from the pot emit from it and fill the house with that lovely holiday smell that we all adore.

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