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Mopping the floors of your home is a great way to keep the bathroom, kitchen or entry way looking nice and clean. Cleaning tile is really not that big of a deal and doesn’t take a serious amount of time. There are some tiles such as natural stone that you should use care when cleaning so you don’t cause damage to them but in the end they are not a seriously hard job. The issue is when you look close and you pay attention to those nasty little lines that run in between. These are called grout lines and unless you are on your hands and knees every day wiping them out, they are going to get dirty. The problem is that they are lower than the tile and that means that they are going to collect the dirt that is being pushed around by the broom and the mop. The grout has to be cleaned separate from the tile and if you want the grout back to the color it was originally, you should hire a professional. There are some people that want to give grout cleaning a try so here are a few tips you can try before calling a professional cleaning company out!

Nadia’s House Cleaning Lists Some Amazing Tips to Help You Get Your Grout Lines Nice & Clean.

Use Lemons For A Natural Grout Cleaner: If you want to use a natural cleaning element you can go to the store and pick up some lemons. Lemons are acidic and that acidity will help to eat away at the discoloration that ends up on the grout lines. You can cut them and use the juice on the grout and allow it to sit on the grout for about ten minutes. Once it has had time to sit you can wipe it away with a clean rag. A great addition to cleaning with lemons is that you have that nice citrus fragrance as well.
Vinegar & Water Grout Cleaner: If the lemons are not working or you are worried that the acid in the lemons are too much for your tile you can use vinegar. This is a substance that is used on stone tiles as a replacement for cleaning solutions so it should be safe for grout as well. You can dilute the vinegar with some water and spray it on the grout to allow it to sit there. Once it has set for about ten minutes you can use a soft bristle brush such as a toothbrush to scrub in circular motions.
Grout Cleaner Recipe With Vinegar & Baking Soda: This is not a mixture for a science project although it seems to be. The mixture is a great way to get a little more action from your cleaning product. You can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to react together to treat stains in the grout. Allow the mixture to work for several minutes before you wipe it away.

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If all else fails and you need some help cleaning your tile and grout call a professional cleaning company. Nadia’s House Cleaning can come out and clean the house as well as the tile professionally for you.

The problem with cleaning your house is that you are usually getting it clean enough so that you can just live there. You may skip a bathroom day here and there and let the dust building up on the shelves. Then the holiday season is upon us and now you are having family over and friends that could be stopping by announced for a visit. Your house is clean enough for you but are you ready for company? The house cleaning will need to take a step up to make sure that it is ready for your scheduled holiday events and impromptu entertaining. Now you may realize that you need to devise a plan to ensure that it is all done. You should never wait for the last minute to get the house cleaning started. Having a plan is a great way to get all the work done and the house ready for your holiday guests.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Presents A Day By Day Plan For Getting Your House Clean For The Holidays

Day One Cleaning Inspection: The first day you want to take time to go through the house and look at it as if you were a guest that was visiting your home. Walk through the main areas of your home and make a list of anything that sticks out to you like plants that look sad, scuff marks that you might otherwise ignore, build ups of dust etc. Get everyone who lives there to do the same to ensure that everything is looked at and you know what needs to be done.
Day Two Housekeeping Schedule: This is a great day to do some of the chores that will last a few days without needing a touchup. You can wash all the baseboards around the house with a damp cloth to remove the dust that settles on them all the time. Also go through and clean the windows inside and out as well as any curtain or blinds that needs to be cleaned.
Day Three Bathroom Disinfecting: This is the bathroom day! You need to get in the bathrooms of your home especially the ones that your guests will be using and get them cleaned really well. Wash all the rugs, towels and floors as well as everything else. Fill soap dispensers and be sure that the cabinets are stocked appropriately. Also go through guest bedrooms and remove any clutter that you had been meaning to get rid of anyway.
Day Four Closet Clutter Removal: Clean out the closets especially coat closets so that you have a spot for your guests to store their coats and also their bags so that you don’t have a pile in the middle of the room. You can move some of your stuff to storage or in the garage during the party to make your guests stay more comfortable. This day can also be used to get rugs cleaned and outdoor patio swept off.
Day Five Kitchen Sanitizing: This is the day for the kitchen. When you are throwing a holiday get to together you are sure to have a lot of activity in the kitchen. Whether it is cooking or eating you need to work on the kitchen. Don’t skip the counters, stove, oven and refrigerator.

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If this is a list that you are not sure you can finish you can always hire a professional cleaner that will be able to come out and do it for you. It can be done in a day by a Nadia’s House Cleaning that has the experience, time and tools to do it efficiently.

When cleaning your house, most cleaners are filled with toxic chemicals that have been said to cause health issues. The problem is, everyone wants to have a clean house and are in need of a way to get that grime off the many surfaces in a home. Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to talk about the many uses of lemons, and how they can help you have a cleaner house.

Homemade Cleaning Solutions With Lemons

Lemons are full of natural acid that makes them a great cleaning aid. You may not realize that not only does their natural acid cut through some serious grime, but it has many anti-bacterial properties in it that will disinfect surfaces as well. The best part, is most people have lemons hanging around their house, and if they don’t, this amazing fruit is easy to find and cheap to buy. Here are some ways you can utilize this fruit as a natural cleaner throughout your house.

Lemons Dissolve Soap Residue

Soap scum can be a difficult mess to clean up; even with the most powerful chemicals on the market. Take several lemons (at least six) and juice them. Once they have been juiced, use a squirt bottle to spritz the inside of your bathtub and shower. You will easily be able to wash away soap scum. And your shower and bathtub will get disinfected in the process.

How to Clean a Microwave With Lemon

Microwaves are filled with horrible smells when food has splattered and made a mess inside of them. They are also a breeding ground for bacteria. The trick is to slice lemons and put them in a microwave safe bowl of water. Cook on high for one minute and not only will your microwave smell better, but the splatters of food will easily and effortlessly wipe away.

Lemons Sanitize Plastic & Wooden Cutting Boards

There are many things that you chop or cut up on a cutting board. Some of those things can leave behind some serious disease causing bacteria. To get rid of this bacteria, squeeze lemon juice on the surface of your cutting board and let stand for 10 minutes. This is great for wood cutting boards because they will absorb the lemon juice and get disinfected while doing it. Plastic cutting boards can benefit from this as well. The lemon juice sanitizes and also help remove stains left behind by foods.

Can You Use Lemon Juice on White & Colored Clothes?

Have you noticed that no matter how many times you wash certain articles of clothing or rags and towels, they still don’t smell fresh? We may have the answer you have been looking for. Squirt some lemon juice in with your detergent and it will freshen any load of laundry safely, without damaging clothing or towels. All it takes is one teaspoon of this amazing fruit juice to remove odors from your laundry and leave it smelling fresh and sweet.

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Who knew there was so much you can do with lemons. These are just a few of the many uses for lemons in your household. Nadia’s House Cleaning offers biweekly, monthly, or even one-time housekeeping to help your home stay neat and clean. Call us today!

Now that fall has arrived, we start thinking about holiday parties. It’s exciting to have a party at your home and we all want to impress our guests with a clean house. Preparing for the party may leave you exhausted afterwards with cleanup being the last thing you’ll want to do. As you plan the days leading up to the party, add a cleaning task to each day too. Dividing the work into small chunks will help reduce stress levels as you prepare for your party.

Party Planning & Cleaning Checklist Countdown

– Five days before the party is the time to come up with a list of all the areas that need to be cleaned and the order they should be done in. Many areas in our homes are overlooked, so act like a guest in your home and look around at areas that may need some extra cleaning. Look for cobwebs, dust bunnies and smudges on glass. Put chores together that will allow you to complete one room at a time and divide the chores between family members.
– Four days before the party you can make sure the windows and entryway are clean. Doing this will brighten your whole house and will make sure the glass shines and will glow in candlelight. Vacuum the window screens and clean your front door if it has glass and consider throwing drapes in the wash to freshen the house. They’ll look great with your clean window too!
– Three days before the party is time to disinfect the bathrooms. Scrub the toilets and get rid of clutter on the countertops. Clean the mirror and shower or tub and because people can be nosy, you should store away any items that you may want to keep private.
– Two days before the party is when you can get guest areas ready. Put fragile items away and clear clutter from areas that your guests will be hanging out. Any items that won’t be needed till after the party should be put away. Make sure all the floors are clean and party spaces are dusted. Sweep your entryway, throw rugs in the wash to freshen them up and add any decorations for the occasion.
– One day before the party is when it’s time to clean the kitchen! The kitchen needs to be ready for the party as you’ll be serving food out if it. Clean out your fridge to make room for party food. Wipe down all the counters and clean the stove or oven. Clean the floor and put small appliances away to make more space.
– It’s almost party time. Give your home a quick look to make sure all is ready. All the hard work has already been done so this should be a breeze. Check the bathrooms for water spots, add fresh towels and fill soap dispensers. Use a damp cloth to give the floors a quick clean. Vacuum and fluff throw pillows and get rid of trash in containers throughout the house.

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If you don’t have the time, ability or inclination, a professional house cleaning company like Nadia’s House Cleaning are the best one’s to call to get your home ready and give you more time to focus on food you will be serving and decorations you will be displaying. And once the party is over, you’re tired and your clean house isn’t so clean anymore. If your party was on the wild side, it may need a little extra TLC. Relax and give Nadia’s House Cleaning a call to make it shine!

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