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There are some places in a home that often get overlooked during your home’s routine cleanings; and some of these places are the dirtiest! You may not be too concerned … however this is a mistake. The dirtiest room in a house isn’t the bathroom. It’s actually the kitchen! Your drain, counter tops, refrigerators and appliances have all been cross-contaminated with germs and bacteria from food. The dirtiest item in your home isn’t a toilet; it’s your kitchen sponge! Many of these unlikely places and items left dirty lead to colds, flu and other illnesses that could be avoided if attended to properly. Nadia’s House Cleaning will share some other places that you may have overlooked during your routine house cleaning.

Cleaning Germs & Bacteria on Door Knobs, Cabinet Handles & Handrails

To start with, door knobs, light switches, cabinet handles, and stair railings often get overlooked if not cleaned. However these places come in contact with many hands that have been in contact with who knows what. You may be surprised on how many germs are found on knobs, switches, handles and railings. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have determined that many of the illnesses that cause flu and colds come from contact with these surfaces. They should be wiped down with a disinfectant cleaner and especially during cold and flu seasons to reduce your chances of contracting an illness.

Prevent Bringing Fertilizer & Waste into Your Home

Next on our list are door mats, rugs and even the floor at the entry points of your home that aren’t cleaned often enough. Most of the problems come from your shoes. You and the other members of your household bring in many types of muck into your home. That is why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends you take your shoes off at the door and step on the mat to avoid bringing toxic fertilizers from your lawn, fecal matter that could be carrying diseases that will affect you or even your household pets. You can even bring in small amounts of lead that will also make you and your family ill. Keeping a machine washable mat or rubber mat that can be bleached is strongly recommended. Keep in mind this will need to be added to your regular cleaning routine as well to prevent the outside muck from dirtying up your home.

Clean Your Fridge & Freezer Before it Smells

Your refrigerator and freezer all too often get overlooked for regular cleaning. Most of the time our fridges and freezers only get cleaned when a spill or mess occurs. However this is the place where you keep your food and you want it to look desirable. It’s been proven that messy fridges turns off a person’s appetite and that can lead to more wasteful foods. In worse case, food rots because it’s gone unnoticed due to the mess around it. Monthly cleaning of your fridges and freezers are strongly recommended to prevent food waste and keep harmful bacteria out of your fridge and off your food.

Cleaning Flatware & Silverware Trays

One that may never get cleaned or maybe once every few years is the flatware and silverware tray. Yep, your tray needs regular cleaning too. Everything your flatware and silverware and hands comes in contact with, so does your tray. Now this is on a microscopic scale mind you, but you could be allowing germs and bacteria to grow around and on your tableware. You may think this is a germaphobe problem but in fact it does pose a problem to one’s health, especially those with weak immune systems like young children and the elderly. You should empty your silverware tray once a month. Soak it in water with either dish soap or even bleach for the extremist.

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These are some of the most neglected areas of a home that should have its own regular cleaning. The great news is that most cleaning services know and attend to these places and many more. If you’re in need of any cleaning assistance, Nadia’s House Cleaning is available to come and help you maintain a perfectly clean home. Contact us to see what we can do to help make your home the safe haven you deserve.

With so much to do and so little time to get it done this holiday season, finding the time to get everything accomplished might seem a bit overwhelming. Now remind yourself to find a schedule for some cleaning and you might have to have a meltdown. But try to resist the urge, and take a deep breath. Today we at Nadia’s House Cleaning have compiled a list of useful tips to help you tackle the chores while getting your home ready for Christmas.

Start Christmas Cleaning Early

Getting a head start is easy. Start by grabbing a box and go through a room of the house, tossing in miscellaneous decor that isn’t needed for the holidays to give you space for the holiday decorations. It can be made into a fun game by finding maybe 5 to 20 things per room to get the younger kids involved. The same activity can be applied with clutter. Make it a game to run around picking things up. Getting a head start is usually all it takes to get the ball rolling and motivated to get more done.

Break Holiday Clean Up into Parts

If you procrastinate Christmas cleaning, you’ll be frustrated and overwhelmed waiting until the last minute trying to get it done all at once. An alternative approach is to focus on one or two rooms a week or every 3 days or so depending on your time restraints. De-clutter the room; toss it, sell it, or donate it. A good rule to follow is if you haven’t used in 12 months you aren’t going to. Obviously this doesn’t apply to treasures with sentimental value. Clean the room from top to bottom, dusting, polishing, and cleaning until you have accomplished every room in the house.

Importance of House Keeping Maintenance

After getting rooms cleaned and polished, it might be easy to forget them while your focus is on other rooms or other projects and duties. Remember how hard you worked. Tidying up day to day will help keep the rooms in spit spot condition, especially if there are little ones in the home. With a little maintenance you can keep your home in stunning conditioning. For an added bonus, lighting a scented candle or something similar that has a Christmas fragrance can help get your home into the holiday spirit.

Reward Yourself After Cleaning Duties Are Complete

Now that all the cleaning and organizing is done, put out the decorations. It is time to reward yourself with your favorite aspect of Christmas. If it is decorating, baking, crafting, or shopping, do it! You have earned it.

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If you find yourself in need of assistance with cleaning due to time restrictions, physical capabilities, or simply lack the ambition, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning. We have trained experts that can help get your home clean, sanitized, and deodorized to prepare your home for the holiday fun, parties, and gatherings along with the unexpected visits. Call us today to get started!

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