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If you are have never hired a cleaning service or you want to get the most out of your current service you should know the protocol. The cleaning company has a routine that they will follow but each house is different and the needs of that house will differ from another. When you hire a cleaning company to do some of the work for you it is to save you the time. It can alleviate the chores that otherwise would have taken you all week to get to. A regular cleaning service is a great way to do all the hard chores while you can focus on general cleaning. The work is done professionally and the house will look great. With that said some people are not sure what types of chores the cleaning company can do and what you should have them do.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Lists Chores You Can Ask the Cleaning Company To Do For You

Clean Kitchen Appliances: When you start to look at the appliances in your kitchen and you think about the last time they were actually cleaned you may be surprised. The appliances should be cleaned often to ensure they are clean and able to function properly. The appliances often are expensive and most people don’t want to replace them prematurely. The best way to ensure they last is to keep them maintained and also cleaned. This is a great reason to keep these chores for the professional cleaning service. We are able to get deep in them and clean them properly.
Wash Down Walls: The walls in your home are often overlooked. How often do you actually take a cloth and wash the walls down. Some people don’t even think about cleaning the walls and the baseboards but they definitely need to be cleaned. When you walk around the home especially when children walk around the home they touch the walls. Even if your hands are only a little bit dirty the dirt can be left behind on the walls. Over time that can build up in high traffic areas making the paint look dirty. The baseboards are another story because dust tends to land on the baseboards leaving a dark film. The cleaning company will be able to clean the walls for you which will make a large impact on the home.
Clean & Scrub Bathrooms: Deep cleaning the bathrooms seems to be a chore that most people want to put off. It always takes a lot of time and it is normally used the most of all the rooms in the house. Scrubbing toilets, washing out sinks and cleaning the shower are great chores to leave to the professional. It makes the upkeep easier for the homeowner in between professional work. You can do some minor cleaning like wiping down the counter and taking out the trash and leave the main scrubbing to the professionals.

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Surface cleaning is essential to maintaining the fresh clean appearance of your home as well as healthy living. The same should be said of those interior items, especially your appliances. The spotlight today will be shined on your kitchen appliances. Nadia’s House Cleaning will share the best methods on how to properly clean your refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher so they will not just look clean but will reduce the amount of contaminants that could affect your food, dishes and cooking equipment.

How to Clean a Refrigerator with Baking Soda

Cleaning your refrigerator can be a major pain that no one wants to do. However with these few steps, you can easily clean your refrigerator and reduce the amount of contaminants that may be lurking inside.
Step 1. Remove all food that may have expired or has gone bad and throw it away. Remove everything else out of the refrigerator.
Step 2. You will want to clean and sanitize the inside and the shelving of the refrigerator. Take out all removable shelve and drawers. Scrub them with warm soapy water. Liquid dish soap kills bacteria and cleans well. For super stubborn spots, use a little baking soda along with the soapy water. You can also use the soapy water and baking soda if necessary on the interior of the refrigerator as well.
Step 3. Give your refrigerator a fresh clean smell. Take a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of vanilla extract. Spray the refrigerator and wipe it down to give it an authentic vanilla scent.
Step 4. You can now refill your refrigerator of its contents.
Step 5. We encourage you to clean the coils behind the refrigerator as well, to improve efficiency. Do this by vacuuming the outside of the coils and wipe down the grille with a dryer sheet.

How to Clean an Oven Range Quickly

Your oven often gets spilled food and other cooking materials left behind. This can change the taste of your food and some of it can eventually contaminate your food. To prevent this, here are some simple steps to clean your range ovens.
Step 1. Most modern ovens come with a self clean mode. Run the self clean mode as directed by the manufacturer. This is where most people stop. However there is more to cleaning your oven then just this.
Step 2. Often after the self cleaning has completed its cycle, it will leave behind some debris on the bottom. After the oven has cooled down, vacuum up the debris.
Step 1. If your oven doesn’t come with a self cleaning mode, you can wipe down the interior with a damp cloth. For stubborn food that may be caked on, use a few drops of lemon juice with the water while wiping it down. Set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and let everything set for one hour.
Step 2. Once again allow it to cool down and vacuum up any of the debris that may be left on the bottom.
Step 3. The stove top can be cleaned with liquid dish soap and baking soda

How to Clean a Dishwasher Without Vinegar

Cleaning your dishwasher is more important than most people realize. It is not self cleaning like most people assume. Of course it’s also one of those appliances that don’t require a lot of cleaning either. When the time does come, here are a few simple steps.
Step 1. Mix together 2 tablespoons of baking soda with about 2 cups of water and microwave the solution for 2 minutes to heat it up. Use a spray bottle to disperse the solution.
Step 2. Put vinegar into the dispenser and run a cycle with the highest heat possible. This will help break down the water build up, and break down the other contents inside the washing machine.

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When you want to host a party or a nice family dinner there are a few things on the to do list. One of the most obvious is what are you going to make. The food and shopping is something that most people can deal with and take care of with little difficulty. Another step that should be taken is to be sure that the house is clean and ready. This is best accomplished by calling a professional cleaning company. We can come out and take care of all the general and deep cleaning in your home. This will free you up to worry about the guest list, food and set up. The guest bathroom will be freshly cleaned and ready as well as the kitchen so you are ready to start your food prep. Now that you have a nice clean home and your dinner is in the oven it is time to start setting up the table. Most people have no idea how to set up a proper place setting at the table. This is a great way to make your guests feel like they are at an extravagant dinner party.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Outlines Steps to Properly Set a Place Setting at Your Kitchen Table

Plates & Bowls Go First: This part of the process will require four pieces of your plates and bowls. The largest plate is the first to put down and should be directly center of the chair. You can also use your thumb as a guide for how far back away from the edge the plate should be. You want to have the place settings on either side to be exactly opposite. The plate should have a smaller plate that is called the salad plate that lays directly on top of it. Then place the bowl that is normally used for soup and finally place the bread plate on the upper left side of the dinner plate.
Silverware Placement Etiquette: This next step is the one that really throws not only people that are setting the table, but those using them for a loop. There seems to be too many pieces of silverware for the food that you are going to eat. Most people know that a formal setting means that you use the outer most utensil first and keep working towards the center. When setting up the place you want to work from inside out so you can get the amount of space right. On the left of the plate goes the forks. The smallest fork is the dessert fork and goes next to the plate. The dinner fork goes next then the salad fork on the outside. The right side of the plate will have spoons and knives. The knife will be the first piece that is placed and you want to be sure that the cutting edge is facing the side of the dinner plate. Then two spoons will follow which is the table spoon and lastly the soup spoon on the outside.
Where Are Glasses Placed: The glass that you are placing as the water glass should be set up just above the knife and the wine glass of your choice is to just to the upper right of the water glass.

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Of all the house cleaning projects in our home, the one we think less about that probably needs the most cleaning is our electronics. Our home has TVs, computers, blue-ray players to gaming consoles, but we take little thought in cleaning them properly. Most technological failure is through neglect and low maintenance — or worse — improper cleaning. It is important to take the time to clean our electronics and do it properly. Nadias House Cleaning will share the proper cleaning methods for the common electronics found in the modern household.

Cleaning LED Flat TV Screens

More and more today’s TVs are LED. These screens are very delicate and of course you don’t want to press down hard on them. You can burn out the pixels if you’re not careful. When you begin to clean an LED TV, make sure it is turned off. This makes it easier to find the dirty areas. Start by using a micro fiber cloth. For serious cleaning, you can use water mixed with white wine vinegar. It is also recommended to use distilled water verses tap water. Tap water more often than not will leave white spots on the screen. Make sure to use a micro fiber cloth paper towel. Avoid fabrics that can leave scratches on the screen. Remember not to press hard on the screen.

Computer/Keyboards/Mouse Cleaning

Computers are comprised of many components that require a specific cleaning method. Computers often collect dust inside the casing. This spells bad news for your computer. The inside is very delicate and must be cleaned as often as dust accumulates. When you clean, you should never directly touch the inside components and parts. You will want to use an air compressor or can of air to remove the dust from out of your computer. Moisture of any kind will damage the inside components. Keyboards also require their own method of cleaning and should be cleaned often. For quick and regular cleaning of your keyboard, you to can use a can of air or an air compressor to blow the dirt out from in between the keys. For deeper cleaning of the surface of the key board, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove the dirt, grease and grime from off your keyboard. If you need to clean underneath the keys, you can remove the keys themselves and also use rubbing alcohol to clean your keyboard. The mouse to the computer shouldn’t be cleaned on the inside but only on the outside and if it is a laser verses a ball read mouse, make sure the laser is kept well cleaned for better performance. You can use the vinegar water mixture or even the rubbing alcohol will work well on the outside. Don’t over saturate the mouse or it could seep into the mouse and break the electrical components.

Cleaning Handheld Devices

Tablets, Ipads and phones screens always have finger smudge marks all over them. You can clean then with a micro fiber cloth and lightly use either the vinegar water solution or rubbing alcohol to clean the screen of these devices.

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There are some electrical devices we use on a daily basis in our homes. We should clean them often to keep them functioning properly and lasting longer. Nadias House Cleaning is here to help keep your home, business, and other commercial buildings clean. Contact us today. We are glad to provide our services to you.

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