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Moving into a previously owned home or rental can be quite the experience. With so many interesting finds left behind, it can be a challenge as to where to even begin. But for those who are nonsmokers, coming into a home where the smell of smoking habits is overwhelming and will make removing the odors your first priority. Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share some advice on how you can neutralize the cigarette odors in your home.

Cigarette Smoke Odor Air Purifier Tips

Air Cleanse: Freshening up the air in the building is already a tremendous help. Open up all the windows. The fresh air will immediately start to flow. White vinegar is a major contributor to deodorizing. In every room, place a bowl of white vinegar in the center. Keep in mind the pets and children; keep the bowls out of their reach. Adding a purifier in rooms will speed the process up as well. Believe it or not, orange or lemon peels fight odors and adds a lovely fresh smelling citrus fragrance. Boil the peelings for resonated freshness. Most importantly, replace the filters to the HVAC system.
Surface Cleaning: Start at the walls and ceilings with a warm soapy water mixture after you have dusted off the cobwebs and dust. Tackle the windows, window frame, window sills and their screens, along with the light fixtures, ceiling fans and vents. Follow up by performing a surface clean of the hard floors as appropriate. A bleach and water formula is ideal to eliminate odors wherever the surface is applicable; do a test patch on each location in an inconspicuous places to ensure the colors and materials won’t be compromised. If after the area cleaned still wreak of cigarette smell you may have to do a paint job on the ceiling and walls. Be sure to use a sealant before painting to prevent the odor from seeping through over time.
Floor Cleaning: Carpets are likely to absorb cigarette odors. You may ultimately have to rely on a professional to effectively neutralize the odors depending on the severity. In the mean time, try using an odor removing detergent first on the carpets with a rented shampooer, again, might be a better investment to go directly to the professional. Follow label directions after performing a patch test to ensure it is safe, perform the patch test. Once dry vacuum well. Be mindful of the wood. If there are hardwood floors, clean them with a good wood-friendly cleaner. Don’t forget to the cupboards to neutralize the odors.
Blinds & Drapes Cleaning: If any blinds or drapes linger, they also absorb cigarette smells and are often overlooked. A hot water and vinegar mixture is most beneficial for removing odors. Do not soak overly long as vinegar has the potential and capability to lighten the colors. Rinse with warm water after 5-10 minutes.

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Cigarette odors stick to fabric, wood and cellulose materials; keep that in mind when performing the cigarette odor neutralizing project. If you need assistance cleaning the house and neutralizing the cigarette odors, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning.

When you have kids at home you know that trying to keep a clean house is a losing battle. Whether you have young kids or older kids they all seem to make messes that require parents to clean up. The issue is that many of the messes that are made are things that need to be cleaned with some innovation. They are not the standard picking up dirty clothes or putting the dishes in the sink. You need to know what you can do to keep your home clean from some of the messes that may occur. These tips are a great way to keep your home clean so that people don’t even recognize the kids are there.

Nadia’s House Cleaning List Tips on How to Clean Up After Some Kid Messes

Cleaning Arts & Craft Messes: One of the many ways that kids seem to keep themselves busy is by doing arts and crafts. The problem is that now you are going to have to do some cleaning up after the mess has been made. They often times use paper scraps, glue, glitter and other art supplies to make the project they intended. Nothing is worse than trying to clean up glitter! A great tip you can use to clean it up is to get out your lint roller. Use a fresh piece to grab up the glitter and any small paper bits as well. Then always follow up with running the vacuum in the area to remove any leftover messes.
Extracting Carpet Spills: Without fail it seems that the kids will spill as soon as they leave the tile floor where a spill is easier to clean. They end up with juice spills, dinner plates dropped and mud tracked in the house. When someone spills on the carpet the real tip is to get to it right away. The faster you can start to clean it the better your odds are of getting it all the way out. You can have a standard cleaning solution that you have already spot tested in your home. A good one is to use a spray bottle with two tablespoons of detergent, one cup of vinegar and the rest full of water. You can use the spray on any stain that you get in the carpet.
Get Rid of Fingerprints: There’s a poem that talks about how a mother will someday miss all the little fingerprints when their child is grown. As much as that might be true no one wants them all over the house! They seem to drag their dirty little hands down the hallways and around every corner. That can lead to messy and dingy looking walls. A great tip that you can use to remove these little hand and fingerprints is to get a hold of a pack of magic erasers. They are a great tool that can be wiped down on many surfaces such as painted walls, baseboards and doors.

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Often life gets busy and household cleaning takes a back seat to other activities and commitments. If you need help keeping your home clean, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning. Nadia’s House Cleaning offers expert residential and commercial cleaning and are standing by to clean your premises!

There comes a time in a hoarder’s life where they decide to make some changes. When that time comes to change habits, and clean house, it may seem a bit overwhelming and even difficult to rid yourself over your unneeded possessions. You may even be an elected family member who is assisting in cleaning the home of a hoarder. Either way it helps to receive a few tips on how to begin to clean up after hoarding. Nadia’s House Cleaning provides cleaning services that assist in cleaning up after hoarders. We also have a few tips to help guide you during this major clean up.

Create a Recycling Area When Cleaning a Hoarder’s House

It is hard to know where to begin. First is to understand what is trash and what could be kept or either recycled or donated. Most people who begin to hoard items believe that every one of them may have a use later on. Therefore, they hold on to everything. It is common for some hoarders to hang on to cardboard boxes, paper towels or toilet paper rolls, magazines and other similar items. Paper and cardboard items as well as tin cans, glass, plastic and metal items can all be recycled and be useful. Recycling doesn’t just help keep your home clean and safer, it also benefits the environment. When you begin cleaning up after hoarding, create a recycle area for the different materials that can be recycled.

Donate Usable Items When Cleaning & Organizing a Hoard

As you continue to clean, you now have a recycle pile for unneeded items that can truly be used. However you will also want to create another pile for donations. Once again, some items still have use, but who will truly benefit from those goods? Outdated items like clothes, shoes and others that can be used by those in need might serve a better purpose than sitting around your home taking up space and collecting dust. So as you go through the home you now can create two piles one for recycling and the other for donations. As you separate your items, you might find it is easier to box them both donations and recycle items for easier transportation. Be sure to label and or stack them in two separate sections to make it easier to identify which pile of boxes goes where.

Dispose of Garbage When Cleaning Up After a Hoarder

Now when it comes to disposing the trash, you may require a dumpster. However a dumpster proves useful only in severe hoarding scenarios. Actually throwing away an item can become the most challenging for the collector. Remember those items that are a health risk, that are broken and unusable, should be discarded and thrown away. Even so, remember to recycle what can be recycled for this truly is a great benefit for the environment.

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The key element to cleaning a home after hoarding is trash, donate and recycle all items that haven’t been used or seen in over a year. It is said if you haven’t used an item in over a year you never will. Keepsakes, of course, are different. They hold dear and precious memories. These types of items should be displayed or properly and safely stored. If you find that time or you lack the ability or willpower, or should you require assistance in cleaning up your home or a loved ones home after hoarding, Nadia’s House Cleaning can help you during this ordeal. Contact Nadia’s House Cleaning for all your cleaning services today.

When you are in your home and you spend hours and hours of cleaning and it never seems to look that clean, you may be doing it wrong. There are always those friends that you have that say they don’t do much cleaning as they sit in their neatly and clean looking house. There are some reasons that they have a clean looking home and you don’t. When you choose to change the way you clean and how you look at the items in your home you can start to have the clean looking home you envy as well. This is a great substitute while you are waiting for your house cleaning service to show up. The house cleaning services will do all the dirty work like washing down walls, scrubbing bathrooms and mopping the tile. When we leave it looks great until the kids get home from school or you make dinner. The best thing you can learn is how to make the home look clean without actually having to do a lot of hard time consuming cleaning.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Lists Some Great Tips on How to Keep Your Home Looking Clean Without Actually Having to Deep Clean

Tidy Common Areas: This is a great rule that everyone who wants their home to look clean should really follow. You need to resist the urge to head to the dirtiest area of the house or start in your bedroom closets. No one that comes for a visit is going to see if you made your bed or cleaned out your closet. They are going to see the areas that are common. The common area or the area that you see is what is important and what you need to focus on. It may be hard to stay on task but work in the living room, kitchen or entry way so that when someone arrives you feel good about how clean the house looks.
Finish Cleaning Jobs You Start: One area that makes a home look messy and dirty is when you start a cleaning project and decide you’re done and you don’t actually finish it. This will include cleaning the laundry then leaving the clean clothes in a pile on the couch or in a basket. Another is when you wash all the dishes and leave them on the counter to dry. These jobs that start should be finished in full to keep the house looking clean. Be sure to put the dishes away and the laundry in the closet to make the house look clean. These small unfinished projects are the last step and only take a small amount of work to complete.
What Does Cleaning Really Mean?: You may think that cleaning means long hours of scrubbing and washing but it doesn’t always mean that. When you think of every single chore as cleaning, you can become overwhelmed like many people and decide that you just don’t want to do it. The best thing is to assign yourself quick ways to straighten up each day that don’t take too much effort. This makes it feel less like cleaning and more like a task similar to brushing your teeth or doing your hair.

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