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There are few who find cleaning enjoyable. Some like the structure, routine, and the calming feeling it delivers in keeping busy, yet productive. But the rest of us, find cleaning tedious. It is often difficult to find the motivation to get the ball rolling. But with these tips we at Nadia’s House Cleaning have shared, hopefully something here helps you.

How to Get Motivated to Clean & Organise

1) Recruit a cleaning buddy. With a promise some wine and pizza, your friend might be eager to come over and assist in the chores. Enjoying the company, chatting, and laughing while cleaning out your closet not only helps pass the time, but getting a second opinion can help avoid hoarding habits.
2) Admit your weakness. For many, laundry is the weakness, at least getting it put away after it has been washed or briefly worn. As it stacks up in a disturbing pile, it makes the rest of the room look messy. Acknowledging your weakness and finding a solution can help you keep the laundry better maintained.
3) Try a new cleaning product. In comparison to getting a new kitchen accessory that motivates you to cook or bake, investing in a new cleaner or device might help you look forward to cleaning.
4) Use a habit trigger. A habit trigger is an action that spurs a result. For example, if you always load the dishwasher after you have your cup of coffee; it will soon become automatic behavior.
5) Invite people over. A very strong motivator is inviting people over; nothing gets you more motivated than keeping your usual cleaning habits a secret.
6) Play favorite music while cleaning. Music plays a role in many daily life activities, just as it helps motivate workouts, and the same can be said motivating you to cleaning. Create a minimum of a 20-minute-long playlist and get cleaning, agree to yourself you will stay cleaning at least until it is over.
7) Use a timer to clean house. Like the playlist tip, only you set a timer for a short length of time; 20 minutes always seems manageable. Like the pact with the music, don’t stop until the clock expires.
8) Put one thing in its proper spot. Instead of noticing the empty glass and walking past, take a few extra seconds to stick it in the dishwasher instead of letting it just sit there. It will help minimize the pile up of messes and you accomplish your goal of completing a small task at a time.
9) Rewards. Treat yourself to the pedicure or day at the salon. This way you are motivated to get the job done because there is a reward waiting for you. Additionally it is also much easier to relax without the weight of the chores weighing on your mind.
10) Tackle one cleaning task a day. It is okay to spread out your cleaning tasks over the course of the week. With fast paced life styles, you can’t expect to get all your chores done in one day.

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It seems as if the cleaning that is necessary will change depending in the season. The activities that you are doing in the summer are different than the ones you are doing in the winter. That means that the amount of chores can change but surely the gravity of them does. The summer is the time of year that you might be off on vacation for a week. You might be swimming or playing sports. Whatever your activities are they are after different during these hot summer days. The best way to keep a house clean during any particular season is to know what the real struggles are in that particular time of year. The entire house is used more during the summer because kids are out of school. They have all the hours in the day to make a mess.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Outlines Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Clean in the Hot Summer Months

Floors Will Be Messy: The summer means more and more time outdoors. It also means you and your family are going in and out of the house more often as well. The problem is that the kids have been playing outside in the grass, dirt and swimming in the pool. These are all ways that debris will easily be brought in the house and especially on the floors. You may be able to get away with cleaning the floors every few days other times of the year but in the summer that will not fly. Depending on the activity you will need to do a daily cleaning on the floors to keep them looking presentable. You can use mats around the doors to help keep some of the mess down.
Watch For Musty House Odors & Smells: The trash in your kitchen is usually no big deal. You can take it out as needed or after a really messy type of meal but it doesn’t affect the smell in your house. The problem in the summer is that the temperature rises and the heat will make foods and trash smell terrible. Another problem is that homes eat more and more produce in the summer to stay away from heating up their home cooking. The means your trash can be a huge pile of compost and smell like it too. Be prepared in the summer to take out the kitchen trash more often than you normally would.
Laundry is Never Ending: The laundry in a house with a family seems to always be piling up. The problem in the summer is the kids are changing more frequently. They are going from playing outdoors, to swimming and then back to the park. This can be three changes in clothes for one child every single day! On top of that you are dealing with wet and musty towels and swim gear. You need to be prepared to hang dry some of the items until you are ready to run a load through the wash. The laundry will build up so it is a great idea to wash each day to help stay on top of it.

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Mold can potentially be thriving in any home without homeowners even being aware. Where many families discover mold, usually after it is late in the game, the questions are frequently asked. Today, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to answer some of those most commonly asked questions concerning mold.
Q: What does mold need to grow?
A: Mold needs certain elements to grow. These include the following:
1) Moisture: Mold requires humidity levels of 50% or higher to grow well. Leaking or dripping pipes or faucets, or a water intrusion caused by flooding are more than enough to get mold growing.
2) Food: Mold, like most organisms, needs substance. Mold will feed on paper, leather, dirt, dust, and wood. Drywall is a perfect source with the paper coating it offers the mold spores and if the other conditions are favorable, sheets of drywall can be consumed quickly.
3) Temperature: Temperatures ranging from 70 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit are preferable to mold, but can still flourish in temperatures just above freezing and as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
4) Time: Mold doesn’t need a lot of time to take root and develop. Depending the conditions, mold can grow rapidly in as less as 24 hours to 10 days.
5) Stagnant Air: Insufficient air circulation and ventilation can increase moisture buildup, giving mold more opportunity to gain strength.
Q: How does mold get in my house?
A: Mold is naturally found outdoors, but with varying circumstances it can grow inside. There are actually a number of ways mold gets into buildings, a few examples are:
– Severe storms or overflowing surface waters, like rivers, causing flooding that spills inside your home or business. The water supplies the moisture and current can bring in the spores.
– Damaged roof components; shingles, ice dams, or even blocked gutters causing roof leaks.
– Rain waters gaining entry through windows or doors.
– Sewer backups, leaking pipes, or malfunctioning appliances.
– Basements or crawl spaces continually dampened due to a high water volume or poorly managed rainwater drainage.
– Condensation
Q: Are there ways I can prevent mold from growing?
A: You can definitely minimize the risk by controlling the excessive moisture or condensation buildup. Keeping every nook and cranny of your home or business clean and dry can prevent mold from taking root, even if a mold spore is brought in. Ensuring you have proper ventilation and humidity control can help your efforts.
Q: Is mold exposure harmful to my health?
A: Mold has many species, and some can be hazardous. Mold spores produce metabolites or mycotoxins and in built in environments it is capable of tripling the helical glucan. Usually after prolonged exposure, mold has been linked to some ill effects, but studies and tests are still underway to determine more facts concerning the extent of harm it can or cannot do.
Q: What are the health risks of mold in my house?
A: Small quantities, like the mildew in the shower that can be easily treated with household cleaners are not a major concern. Just make sure you treat these small offenses quickly before it gets out of hand. If you should discover major outbreaks, however, it can be a health risk, and getting professional medical care and mold removing experts should be top priority.
Q: What are the effects of mold exposure?
A: There are quite a few people that have common allergies to mold, producing the typical allergy symptoms is normal. Flu-like symptoms and rashes may also occur, as well as induce asthma attacks for those who have a history of asthma.
Q: Is everyone impacted by mold exposure?
A: Everyone can be influenced by mold exposure, but infants, children, elderly, pregnant women, people who suffer from allergies, asthma, or respiratory problems, and those with weak immune systems have a tendency to experience the most challenging effects.

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If you are want to make sure that an object or a surface is safe from germs, bacteria and debris you most likely want to clean it, disinfect it or even sanitize it. These are all different ways to get something cleaned and they each are good for particular circumstances. If you are concerned about the healthiness of your home you should know what they each are.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Explains the Difference Between Sanitizing, Disinfecting, Sterilizing & Cleaning

Cleaning Definition: Cleaning is what is done most often when you are wiping down surfaces. You likely grab a wash cloth and use water and soap to remove visible debris. The debris that you are cleaning may not cause any concern for bacteria growth but the underlying microbes can be an issue. The problem is that cleaning with a detergent is not going to kill any viruses or bacteria that may be on the surface. That means that if you were hoping to keep the surface safe to prepare food or touch; cleaning is not the option that is going to be the most effective.
Disinfecting Example: When you talk about disinfecting there is a difference between it and sanitizing. Disinfecting is a process that uses a chemical agent that will kill germs, viruses and bacteria. The majority of the time the disinfectants that are used will need to be applied to the area and left to sit for about ten minutes. The great thing about using a disinfectant is that it will kill off all the germs but the downfall is that it needs some time to allow it to work. If you check the ingredients in your cleaning supplies make sure that if it has the claim to disinfect you give it the proper amount of time to start to work.
What is Sanitizing Quizlet: Sanitizing is a way to get rid of the majority of the germs that can cause viruses and bacteria to spread very quickly. The sanitizing chemical is made to work very fast and will kill off the germs in about 30 seconds. When you are working to clean a surface or area that you will be using to prepare food it is best to treat it with a sanitizing agent so that you can work fast. The other area that many people use sanitizing for is to clean your hands before ingesting food or working with another person.
Sterilization Process: Sterilizing removes all of the bacteria or other living microorganisms and their spores. Sterilization is the most drastic method that utilizes concentrated toxic chemicals such as chlorine at very high temperature or via intense radiation. A sterilized item cannot support life in any form. This level of clean is typically reserved for medical facilities and environments.

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If you want to have your home cleaned and sanitized you should call a professional cleaning service. You can talk to them about your concerns and ask if they are using a sanitizing or disinfecting agent to clean the surfaces especially in your kitchens and bathrooms. The cleaning service will be able to clean the house and treat for any areas of concern that you may have. Nadia’s House Cleaning can meet all your cleaning needs and we work according to your requests and specifications. Contact us to make an appointment today!

After you have been at work all day you don’t want to come home to a messy house. The house cleaning and chores are tasks that are never ending and have to be done often. Most people have a full schedule that leave little time to add tasks such as doing the chores. There is work, school, sports and other activities that all seem to need your attention. If you choose to forgo the house cleaning your home will in a very short amount of time become very dirty. A dirty home not only is hard to live in but you can’t enjoy your time home either. It has also been found that a messy house is stressful and can lead to a lack of motivation. The best thing you can do is to have your home cleaned as often as you can. You also want to try and do all that you can to relieve the amount of stress that comes with house cleaning. The problem is that it can start to become overwhelming which turns to not knowing where to even start.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Lists Ways To Do House Cleaning Without So Much Stress

Don’t Procrastinate Cleaning: Many people seem to procrastinate when it comes to cleaning and even just generally picking up. This is a huge problem because the more you wait the more there is to do. That means that you are stuck with a much bigger mess when you procrastinate which turns to stress. The best thing to do is to clean up as you go. Instead of dropping your dirty clothes on the ground have an accessible basket to leave your clothes in. When you make a meal or prepare food don’t wait until your done to pick up. You can put ingredients back as you can and rinse off the dishes. You are then left with a much smaller mess at the end of the day. You can use a cleaning spray in your showers and bathrooms that help to reduce the hard water spots. Use it after each shower to leave the bathroom looking much cleaner.
Play Upbeat Music When House Cleaning: One of the best things you can do to get motivated and enjoy yourself while doing a task that you don’t love is to listen to music. When you are ready to start doing some of your household chores get your music and turn it on. Make sure you can hear it in the room that you are planning on working in. This can give you the boost you need to get moving.
Home Cleaning Plan: You can’t come home to a messy house and just start grabbing things. This will never end up with a room actually cleaned. You want to be sure that you have a plan of action. Have a list of what you want to accomplish on each day and how long you are going to work. Start with an area that you are going to see often so that you can feel some sense of accomplishment.

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