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In an effort to organize the budget, many commercial business management teams will forgo professional janitorial services in lieu of in sourcing all the various tasks among current employees. But the biggest problem is that the chores rarely get done with the efficiency of a professional and the cross contamination is highly likely. For example, professional janitorial services routinely treat each environment separately to avoid cross-contamination. By emptying trash, sanitizing bathrooms, and cleaning the floors studies prove that employees are far more productive and more positive in a safe and clean environment offered janitorial services. With that in mind, Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to discuss the janitorial services effectiveness and avoiding cross contamination to ensure employees and customers’ health as well stabilizing the environment.

Cross Contamination Prevention

Cross contamination is essential to avoid as it can cause sickness or even injuries; spreading germs effect health, and mixing the wrong chemicals that can easily create toxic fumes can harm individuals. Untrained persons using different cleaning products in the wrong applications is more likely to inflict property damage and with the ineffectiveness of destroying viruses, germs, and bacteria, causes these microbes to spread. Trained and educated on preventing cross-contamination and practice specific procedures, professional janitorial service experts perform the specific tasks to ensure optimal levels of clean as well as sanitation without integrating the wrong chemicals.

Germs & Bacteria Found in Bathrooms & Restrooms

Additionally, janitorial professionals prevent cross contamination, for example, by localizing the cleaning paraphernalia. For example, restrooms are the largest non-medical area where cross contamination is likely, as such when performing the bathroom cleaning materials such as towels, rags, and mops are exclusively used in the restrooms and nowhere else, as it is with other localized area to prevent cross-contamination.

Types & Examples of Cross Contamination

Other examples include the following listed below.
Medical Facilities: By following proper protocol conducted by medical staff, the surfaces and tools are routinely cleaned and sanitized. However, the medical staff typically does not handle other janitorial cleaning like full floor cleaning, trash removal, and common areas, which should be outfitted by janitorial services. To prevent cross-contamination and to avoid the spreading of bacteria and viruses custom to medical facilities, janitorial companies complete the necessary tasks in a specific order and according to protocol.
Glass: Janitorial services clean the interior and exterior glass where smudges, dirt, dust, fingerprints, layers of outdoor pollutants, and chemical residues accumulate on the glass surfaces without contaminating other areas.
Trash Removal: Cross-contamination is a common occurrence with over flowing trash cans, and on top of being unsightly and unsanitary, pests are ultimately attracted to the unpleasant odors that emit from the bins. The biggest difference in the sight and smell of any office is easily accomplished as well as avoiding any cross-contamination with routine and systematic replacing of trash can liners and disposing of garbage.
Floors: Commercial flooring consists of carpeting, tile, VCT, or hardwood and janitorial professionals will apply the correct products to keep the sanitation and overall cleanliness lasting longer and staying safe from any chemical interaction and cross-contamination.
Kitchens: To prevent food related illnesses and the spread of disease, a clean space is important in the kitchen areas as it can be the main attraction for pests as well as cross-contaminating. Janitorial cleaning ensures all surfaces and appliances get sanitized and cleaned without cross-contaminating the germs from other areas as well as combining in appropriate cleaners.

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Many people desire a clean home; from straightened cushions, polished furniture and down to the vacuum lines and for those that lack the time, physical capability, or even motivation to do it themselves, hiring a professional cleaning service is ideal. But as the cleaning day approaches, many people are left to wonder what condition their home is to be expected to be in when the professional arrives. Well, the bottom line is, you get what you pay for and more often than not, homeowners would prefer the professional to focus their time on the deep cleaning they don’t normally have time for. We at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to relay some tips and advice how to prep for when the professional house cleaner is on their way.

Tidying & Decluttering Before the House Cleaning Maids Arrive

Some advise to prep the home as if you knew the in-laws were 10 minutes from the house and you want a quick pickup. Consider what you want the professional team to clean. If price is of no concern than there is no need to fuss, but most solicit the aid of the professional to focus their time on scrubbing down the bathroom, revitalizing the kitchen and ensuring the cobwebs are removed. Having them focus on the areas you really don’t have time for is how you prep and they can’t focus on the nitty-gritty if they have de-clutter and tidy first.
1) Grab a bin. Only allot yourself 10 minutes and with your bin in tow, start at one end of the home and toss everything in it that doesn’t belong in that particular room and redistribute the treasures as you go.
2) Declutter. Even if you want assistance picking up before the scrubbing, the professionals are clueless where the stack of seemingly important bills is to be organized or where the specific toys go. Go through the home and take care of the personal items that need to be tidied to make the space for the professional to wash down the area they occupy. If you don’t have the time for this, a helpful tip is to place an empty laundry basket in the center of the home and tell the experts that any rogue items can simply be placed there and you will get to it later.
3) Maintain. For those that have a professional scheduled once every week or 2, it is a lot easier to keep the home picked up in between visits. Let the experts take care of the vacuuming, disinfecting, and polishing, but in between visits, stay organized and tidy to avoid any need for prepping for the experts. Keeping everything in its place will avoid slowing them down and your home is still clean and fresh at the conclusion of their session.

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All in all your professional can break down the cost and time, along with the specific duties you have in mind for them. Once you understand the pricing you can dictate how much prep work you put into the home before the experts arrive. If you are looking for professional cleaning crew to clean your home, call the experts of Nadia’s House Cleaning and let our professionals take care of your home.

With school back in session, it means that germs are back in full force. Like most parents, you are most likely looking for any way to keep away the onslaught of illnesses brought on by all of these germs. Cleaning your home properly as well as some simple hygiene habits go a long way in preventing illness in your home. Nadia’s House Cleaning is here to share some tips to help your home be healthier this school year.

Importance of Proper Hand Washing Steps

You have heard it most likely since you were very small, wash your hands! There is a reason this is taught at such a young age. Most germs are contracted by touching dirty things and then rubbing your eyes or eating, which allows those germs to make their way into your body. Using a moisturizing soap will help your hands not feel so dry from frequent washing.

Stock Up on Disinfecting Supplies

Using a disinfecting wipe to wipe down frequently touched, germy surfaces will help keep the germs at bay this school year. You should use them especially when someone in the home is suffering from sickness. Wiping down the remote control, door knobs, light switches, computers, refrigerator handles and any other surface that is frequently touched will get rid of sickness quickly.

Doing Laundry

When someone is sick in your home, you need to launder all of the blankets and pillows to get rid of it. Washing blankets, pillow and bedding on the highest heat setting possible will effectively kill any germs. Make sure you follow the laundering instructions for the items you are washing to avoid damaging them.

Clean or Replace Toothbrushes

Even when you are sick you need to brush your teeth. To get rid of any sickness lingering in your home, replace the toothbrushes of those that had the illness. At the very least, clean it with hot water and peroxide before using it after getting well.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Bleach

During the winter, bleach should be your best friend. Nothing will kill germs like bleach will. When using bleach to clean the surfaces in your home, be aware that it can ruin your clothing. Depending on the surface that you are cleaning, you may find that diluting it will be helpful. Dilute it with hot water when using it to clean delicate materials; bleach is a very powerful cleaning aid.

Don’t Share When Sick

Try your hardest to avoid sharing things like cups, utensils and towels, even with family members. This is a sure way to spread germs.

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Keeping your family healthy once the kids are back in school can seem like a huge challenge at times. If you find that you don’t have time to disinfect and clean your home like you want to, the professionals at Nadia’s House Cleaning can help. It is a proven fact that a cleaner home is less likely to be a sick home. Call us today!

Nothing entices a busy shopper than a quick fix. Whether it is a fully prepared dinner you can throw in the oven or a nifty device that makes mopping a cinch, they all call to us. The problem is that some of these options are not explored very well and can potentially not do what you want; and is some cases even cause damage. There are always the good side to each item as well as the bad so you can decide if that product is okay for you. A product that seems to be a fix all for messes that are normally hard to clean is the Magic Eraser. They also come in generic brands and other names but they are made from melamine. The product is a sponge type material that when it is soaked in warm water will expand. The fibers make the space that allows the sponge to pick up messes much better than your regular kitchen sponge. That is why they are used so often but you should know the pros and cons before you start using them in your house to clean.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Outlines Some Pro’s & Con’s Of Using A Magic Eraser to Clean Your House

Pros Of Using a Magic Eraser: There are lots of reasons that people choose to use a Magic Eraser. One of the top reasons is the convenience that they offer but that is not all. Another great thing about using them is that they can be put away and used again. They are not a single use cloth and they can used on many applications. They are also great for cleaning many types of surfaces and messes. Many people will use them to clean their bathroom shower stall which can be covered in buildup and hard water spots. You can use them to clean walls that are covered with scuffs and crayon marks. Are you sick of your tile looking old and dirty? Well a magic eraser is a great option. They are used to clean the grout and even the tile in your house. Magic erasers are also great at cleaning stainless steel when used gently. A benefit of using them is that you are using a safe cleaning supply. There is not any chemicals that are bad for your home and family in the sponge. Lastly they are a good cleaning source. When the sponge is wet you can get a good deep clean on the surfaces that might need it the most.
Cons Of Using A Magic Eraser: They are a product that can be reused several times but they don’t last too long. The more you use them the faster they will start to break down. The material that the sponge is made from is not toxic when it is thrown out. The problem is that they are also not biodegradable so if you want to be greener they might not be for you. Just like any product that you use once or a few times you have to buy them often. That can be a waste of money if you are finding yourself buying them too often. They have also been known to pull the paint off the walls and damage the surfaces of wood so you need to use them with care.

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Cleaning your home is a part of life. From dusting, to tending to the floors and everything in between; keeping your home clean helps keep your environment healthy, prolongs the life of the various materials in your home, and emphasizes the pristine appearance. But what often gets neglected, is the tools and equipment’s maintenance. Like everything we own, routine maintenance ensured efficiency, keeps everything in optimal condition, and often extend the longevity; true is said of your vacuum. Today, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share how the beg-less vacuum should be cleaned once a month.
1) Collect the following items to clean your vacuum:
– New filter
– Dust cloth
– Toothbrush designated for cleaning
– Vacuum’s manual
– Screwdriver (Compatible with your vacuum)
– Scissors
– Sink filled with warm soapy water
– Can of compressed air
2) Break down the vacuum to clean parts:
Pull off the detachable parts of the vacuum accordingly. All the removable components of your vacuum cleaner that can come off include; all attachment accessories, HEPA post-motor filter, the secondary cyclone piece, the dust bin, the pre-motor filter, roller, and any other parts specific to your vacuum.
3) Wash and dry the detachable vacuum components:
To ensure none of the pieces will be compromised review your vacuum’s manual before submerging any pieces in the soapy water. Typically the following parts can be safely soaked in the soapy water; extension wands, the vacuum’s dust bin, secondary cyclone, and pre-motor filter. The components that are not water friendly need to be wiped clean with a dust cloth. Manufactures recommend that the vacuum’s HEPA filter be replaced every 6 months in addition to monthly cleanings. Allow the washed pieces to air dry over night, or if need be longer, just make certain all parts are completely dry before reassembly.
4) Rotating floor brush cleaning:
Remove the rotating floor brush; you will have to use the screwdriver to unscrew the casing. After you have freed the cylinder, remove the debris; use the scissors to cut loose the tangling of strings and hair from the rotating brush, and grip the debris with your fingers. Wipe it down with a damp cloth if it is not able to be scrubbed in the soapy water. Wait until the cylinder is clean and dry before you reattach it and screw the casing back together.
5) Clean the vacuum interior:
The dust bin doesn’t completely seal in bag-less causing, resulting in the interior of the vacuum collecting dust. If you have allergies, wear a face mask. Use the can of compact air outside to clear out the dust; be sure to do this outside or somewhere that the dust can spread out as the dust will explode off the vacuums surface.
6) Clear out any vacuum obstructions:
Use a toothbrush designated for cleaning to ensure the path is free from obstruction where the primary passageway of the suction path for dirt and debris is a small circular air passageway just behind the floor brush. Be sure to clean the hose out of any existing clogs.
7) Put the vacuum back together:
When all the parts are completely dry and you are satisfied with the vacuum’s cleanliness, install the new post-motor filter at this time and put the vacuum back together. Wipe down the entire exterior of the vacuum once you have it all put together.

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