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Taking care of your home takes a great deal of time and effort leaving you with very few opportunities to spend time with family and friends relaxing and enjoying their company. Vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors, and scrubbing the bathroom are many of the household chores which need to be completed on a regular basis. You may be surprised to learn that one of the most neglected areas within the home are your window sills and window tracks. Even if you take the time to clean your windows, your guests won’t notice if your window sills are covered with dust and dirt.

How to Clean Window Sills Easily

Your baseboards have a tendency to attract a large amount of dust and unfortunately your windowsills pretty much do the same thing. Along with the dust and grime that collects on your window sills there is also a good chance that they will become covered with their fair share of fingerprints and smudges as well. Cleaning your window sills takes a little bit of time and requires a few items that you probably already have in your home such as a spray bottle, clean microfiber cloth, and dish washing liquid. Begin by wiping down your windowsills with a clean dry microfiber cloth to remove any dust buildup. To remove sticky residue, mix a few drops of dish washing liquid with warm water in a spray bottle before spraying onto a microfiber cloth until it is damp. Never spray the solution directly onto your window sill, doing so can damage the paint and cause the wood to become warped. Take your dampened cloth and wipe down the windowsill and frame applying light pressure to remove any finger prints or smudges. Dust on a regular basis to keep them free of dirt.

Window Track Cleaning

Even if you keep your windows closed, it is impossible to stop the buildup of dust, dirt and insects that somehow find their way into your window tracks. For loose dust and dirt, use a crevice tool attachment to keep them clean. For a deeper clean you will need a plastic putty knife, disposable wipes, and a clean microfiber cloth. Begin by vacuuming the window track with a crevice tool to clean out any loose dirt, dust and insects. To remove dirt and debris from the center of your window tracks use a disposable wipe wrapped around a plastic putty knife to clean the corners and crevices. Wipe the entire track down with a clean microfiber cloth.

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Make sure that your windows, window sills and window tracks are in tip-top condition from top to bottom by scheduling your professional house cleaning services with the experts at Nadia’s House Cleaning today. Not only will you have a spotlessly clean home or business you will also have time to spend with family and friends. To learn more about residential house cleaning and professional janitorial services in Greater Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding areas, contact the knowledgeable experts at Nadia’s House Cleaning today.

There are areas in the home that often get overlooked during regular cleaning or should be cleaned much more often. Cleaning the home isn’t just for appearance, it is also to improve the safety of the home and make it a healthier environment. Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share some of the most overlooked places that should be cleaned more often to improve your home safety and healthier living.

Areas that Should Be Cleaned More Often

Door Handles – Door knobs get touched every single day. As you and other household member come and go, they bring back germs and other microorganisms that lead to many flu bugs and other illness. To eliminate the contamination in your home, remember to clean door knobs with a sanitizer.
Yellowed Light Switches – Like door knobs, light switches harbor germs and other bacteria that cause illnesses as well. Especially for those with low immunity systems, cleaning light switches, door knobs, and cabinet and drawer handles will help eliminate germs in your home.
Greasy Ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans help circulate air in your home. However, dust often accumulates on the fan blades, which as the fans rotate, dust will continue to spread. Don’t only do ceiling fans affect indoor air quality; they constantly spread dust making it impossible to keep your home clean.
House Floor Mats – Floor mats–especially bath room mats–are the prefect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and fungus. As mold develops it releases mold spores into the air, creating a hazardous living environment. It is recommended to wash fabric mats every 2 weeks and bleach rubber mats.
Kitchen & Laundry Appliances – Most people assume wash machines and dishwashers self clean as they wash your laundry or dishes. While most of the filth is washed away and drained, mineral deposits remain in both a dishwasher and laundry washing machine. Both of these appliances often develop bad odors. It is recommended that you clean these appliances every 2 to 3 weeks. Luckily, cleaning these two appliances is super simple. For the washing machine, use a cup of white vinegar and run the washing machine through a warm cycle. Do the same for the dish washer. Place a regular cup or mug on the top rack of the dish washer and run a full cycle on the hottest setting. The vinegar will remove the mineral deposits and help remove bad odors. Another appliance that can prove to be a safety hazard is the dryer. Make sure at least once a month you clean out the dryer vents. Remember to also clean the lint trap before every use to minimize lint from building up inside the dryer vent. When dryer vents don’t get cleaned, they become a major fire hazard. Simply use a vacuum to suck out the excess lint.
Sinks – Sinks are full of nasty stuff. Mold, mildew, yeast, and other organisms are found inside sinks and drains. When a drain gets clogged, often water backs up and brings a lot of these contaminates up with it. Maintain clean sinks and drains by cleaning them out regularly. Sinks should be cleaned monthly. You can use a commercial drain cleaner or use a home made cleaner. Just pour a half cup of baking soda in the drain followed by a half cup of vinegar with a few drops of lemon juice. Let the mixture sit in the drain. Afterward, boil a few cups of water and pour boiling water down the drain.

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It is important to clean everywhere in your home, especially those areas that can prove to be hazardous to your home’s safety and your health. If you need help from a professional house cleaning service, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today.

Sometimes when a loved one has officially stepped into the realms of hoarding, you may need to step in and help them clean their home. Cleaning the home or property isn’t the hardest part. The hardest part is convincing them that they need to clean and part with their “treasures.” Hoarding isn’t the case of someone being lazy and who just allows the clutter to build up around them. Hoarders believe everything is useful or a treasure, even if you see it as trash. For those who are undergoing the task of assisting hoarders with cleaning their home, Nadia’s House Cleaning has a few tips that can help hoarders part with their belongings and achieve a clean and healthy environment.

How to Help a Hoarder Declutter & Organize

The first step to help hoarders clean up is to understand their thinking. They believe everything is useful in some way. Throwing everything away usually will send a hoarder into heart failure. Your best chance of helping a hoarder clean up is to assure them that everything will be either donated or recycled. Most hoarders will be somewhat surprised as to what can be recycled or donated. Plastic, cardboard, paper, glass, metals–and depending on your area–some places will recycle odd electronics and appliances. Do some local searches online and see all the recycling options your community has. Donating unused items such as clothing, dishes, furniture and old outdated electronics to local donation centers is another option. Some donation centers vary on what items they will accept. Make sure you check on what they will or will not accept. Items that can’t be donated, but are still in good condition and your dear hoarder doesn’t need them, convince them to do a garage sale. The first two piles you can begin creating when cleaning up is one for recycling and one for donation or garage sale items. Recycling or donating is one of the easiest ways to convince hoarders to part with their items as they believe everything is useful. Agree with them and show them how their items can be put to good use without causing a health hazard around their home. You might need to make several trips to the donations center or recycling center. Make sure you have plenty of boxes on hand as you collect the various items for donation or recycling. However there will be some items that are just trash or can’t be sold, donated, or recycled. These items will need to be disposed of. Depending on the severity of the hoarding that has taken place over the months or years, you may require a dumpster. Only in some of the worst case scenarios is a dumpster needed. Nonetheless, it may just be the case. Remind your loved one– who may disagree with you—what is trash and that you are disposing of it as it poses a health hazard.

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It isn’t ever easy clean up after a hoarder, and remember it is not easy for the one who believes everything has a use or is of value to them. It is very difficult for them to part with their items. Some items may even have sentimental value to the person. Cleaning up after a hoarder is actually a delicate process. For those who may need help, Nadia’s House Cleaning assists in cleaning after hoarding and has experience with these situations. For Residential and commercial cleaning, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today!

The glass shower is a modern luxury that aesthetically, makes any bathroom look classy and elegant. But when the glass looks spotted, smudged, cloudy, and plain dirty, the beauty drops considerably and the filthy glass makes the once luxurious bathroom look dingy and something to avoid. With that in mind, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share some tips for keeping glass surrounding your shower looking clean, clear, and crisp to magnify the shine and cleanliness of your bathroom.

Best Way to Clean Glass Shower Doors & Tiles

1) Tools for Multi-Use: The right tools can really contribute to a well cleaned shower. A toothbrush, designated only for cleaning, can be used for scrubbing the metal frame around your shower door. To help remove the gunk where the metal meets the shower or door, a paint scraper can get the job done efficiently. Finally a razor, when carefully applied, can make scraping the mineral spots off flat glass a breeze.
2) Squeegee: Preventative maintenance is ideal, by keeping a squeegee in a convenient spot and
using it to squeegee the door after each use you can avoid the hard-water deposits from building up, minimizing the scrubbing for serious cleaning tasks.
3) Daily Shower Spray: Additional preventative treatment is daily applications on the glass of a DIY formula that you can easily spray on the glass surface on daily bases can also prevent a lot of the shower residues from accumulating, while allowing you to skip the constant harsh chemical treatments.
Ina spray bottle, combine 1 cup water, 1/2 cup vinegar, a tsp of mild liquid dish soap, and 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil (optional). Be sure to keep the mixture in the shower, and spray the glass door down after you squeegee. Note – if you have a stone-tile shower, do not add the vinegar in the solution.
4) Contain the Buildup: When it comes to scrubbing away the soap scum residue on the glass door, many recommend uses lukewarm distilled vinegar (do NOT use if you have stone tile as it can be damaged) mixed with grease cutting liquid dish soap in equal portions. Sponge the mixture on the glass and use a non-scratch pad to clean off the layers.
5) Multitask: The warm water has already loosed up the grime, plus you don’t have to worry about getting messy or wet, lightly clean the shower at the tail end of your your shower. Use a sponge or foam cleaning pad to quickly wipe the glass door.
6) Citrus Solutions: Cut a lemon in half and dip one side in baking soda; use it to rub down the glass and rinse for a citrus clean. Additionally, using a very light sheen of lemon oil after cleaning the glass will repel any water, preventing it from getting spotty after a cleaning.

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Keeping the glass clean is ideal, but when it gets scratched or sustains other damage, call the experts of Nadia’s House Cleaning and our specialists will repair or replace the glass in your shower.

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