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Homeowners across the county take pride in keeping their homes clean and tidy so it often comes as a surprise when they learn that some of the cleaning practices they have been using for years could actually be making their homes dirty. According to the knowledgeable experts at Nadia’s House Cleaning some of the most common cleaning blunders could even be making you sick.

Common Problems in Housekeeping

• Washing your chopping board with washing up liquid: Even if you give your chopping board a good scrub after cutting meat or chicken you are not necessarily removing the harmful bacteria that left to its own devices could be making you sick. Instead soak them in a solution of bleach and water to make sure they are spotlessly clean and free of germs.
• Making your bed everyday: Making your bed as soon as you get up certainly keeps your bedroom looking neat and tidy but you are also trapping dust mites, bacteria, and dampness under the covers creating the perfect petri dish to encourage germs to multiple. Instead leave your covers thrown back and allow your sheets and bed covers to completely air out before making the bed.
• Flushing the toilet with the lid up: Did you know that flushing your toilet with the lid up can spray water as high as six feet into the air? The last thing you want after cleaning and disinfecting the rest of your bathroom is to run the risk of spreading germs by flushing the toilet.
• A wet toilet brush: Your toilet brush is a breeding ground for bacteria and needs time to dry out before you put it away in its storage holder. Try this tip – place the handle of the toilet brush between the toilet seat and the base with the brush hanging over the bowl. Let it hang for 10 to 20 minutes until completely dry before returning it to its holder.
• Spraying cleaning solution directly onto a dirty surface: While this cleaning method works well on dirty surfaces that need to be soaked down it shouldn’t be used every day. Spraying directly on surfaces often leaves a sticky buildup especially on wooden surfaces. Try spraying cleaning solutions onto a clean microfiber cloth. Not only will you get a better clean, you will also use less cleaning product which results in more saving to you for a happier and healthier wallet.
• Cleaning without gloves: Cleaning solutions and powder cleansers are renowned for drying out the skin on your hands, but what you may not think about is the fact that the skin on your hands is also very absorbent putting you at risk for exposure to strong chemicals and fragrances. Instead select a pair of gloves with a cotton interior to use during your regular cleaning regime; they will give you a comfortable and protective barrier that can help you get even the toughest clean jobs taken care of quickly and safely.

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There are aisles of pre-made cleaners that claim to perform miracles with your cleaning. Some deliver, but with consequences, where others fall short and turn out to be a waste of money. Even some DIY cleaners require some basic household chemical ingredients to be effective. Where books can be written about the pros and cons of each individual household cleaner on the market today, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning have taken a few of the most common to list some of the pros and cons regarding their use.

Common Household Cleaners

Pros of Bleach Mildew Maintenance Products: Generally, most bleach based products have the strength to cut through the mildew growth and effectively remove the microbes, a definite advantage. Bleach has the properties to disinfect, destroying the majority of germs and bacteria, ensuring the traces of mildew are gone. However, if neglected under the right conditions, mildew can still return. Mildew leaves stains, and most bleach based products have the active ingredients to effectively remove the stains as well as the soap scum buildup. Another beneficial gain to bleach based products is that they often cuts through most layers of accumulated residues and stains, sparing you some sweat and elbow grease. More often than not, these products can be applied and left to sit and when you return to wipe up the cleaner’s residues, the stains are nearly or completely removed.
Cons of Bleach Household Cleaners: But even bleach based products have their disadvantages. The intense smells can be excessively strong and harmful to even breathe. The strong and potentially toxic fumes are not recommended to be exposed around children and pets. The strength of the chemical can be especially difficult to use for those with sensitivity. When using, it is recommended that you wear protective gloves as well as a disposable mask and even goggles if your eyes are sensitive to the fumes. Bleach has the ability to dissolve color pigments, and can permanently lighten and alter color on different materials.
Pros of Cleaning with Vinegar: Vinegar has plenty of pros for its use, one is it economical. Being so cost effective, many homeowners keep it in their homes as a staple and use it concentrated, diluted, or in other DIY cleaning hacks. It is particularly in expensive and many products can be derived from vinegar. Vinegar is safe around pets and kids, usable on many different surfaces, ideally used as a substitute fabric softener. Vinegar is readily available at most department stores, and there are no chemical agents that can stain or discolor fabrics.
Disadvantages of Vinegar: There are just a few cons to using vinegar and those include the inability to cut through grease and many find the smell of vinegar unpleasant.
Liquid Laundry Detergent: Liquid laundry detergent is preferred among quite a few consumers. The benefits are plentiful that include the detergent is instantly dissolved. The formula can be used as a pre-wash treatment to help remove stains before it is cleaned through the machine’s cycle, and the mixtures blends in well with cold water, allowing people save on energy costs. Additionally, many of the liquid detergents can be added to DIY formulas for more uses. The cons include the more expensive cost compared to the alternative methods and packaging in plastic containers is not eco-friendly.
Powder Laundry Detergents: More cost effective in comparison to liquid detergents and are packaged in more eco-friendly cardboard container. The cleaning agents, known as surfactants, are more potent in powder form and it allows for a longer shelf life. The downside to the powder detergents is that there is a potential for soapy residues. More energy, and cost, is required due to most formulas requiring warm machine cycles to effectively dissolve the powder. Finally, the powder detergents can be a detriment to homes with a septic tank as the filler sodium sulphate, can cause problems.

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No matter which products you prefer to use in your home, it is important to always read the label and warnings, as many chemicals should never be mixed together for example as well to ensure the maximum results. Nadia’s House Cleaning offers many cleaning services for your convenience. Whether you are looking for assistance to maintain a clean home with a scheduled routine, need help getting your home ready for special events, or simply need professional services to help move in or move out of a home, our specialists are ready to accommodate your needs. Call us today to get started!

When you are running an office that has employees, customers and other patrons that are visiting on a regular basis it is important to keep it up. This means that any areas that need to have repairs made done in a timely manner. It also means that the supplies that are needed in the office for work and retail are purchased and placed out so that they are usable. A lot goes into caring for an office or commercial building and cleaning is a huge task. Most people choose to outsource their janitorial services for a more efficient clean. When you use a janitorial service they should ensure that are aspects of the business are clean. There are some areas that need to be taken care of every time the office is clean. Another aspect of having the office clean is to keep the place looking good but also keeping the people that will be in the building healthy. That is why these areas are of utmost importance when the office is cleaned.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Outlines Some Important Areas to Keep Clean in Your Office or Commercial Space

Sanitizing Door Handles: When you go to a business to enter the first place that you see and touch is the front doors. The doors need to look clean in order to attract the customers that you want to have in your establishment. When the doors are dirty and messy in any way it can deter people from wanting to come back. The other aspect about the doors that can be overlooked is the amount of germs that can be found on them. As people come and go in the building they are going to touch the door and the handles throughout the building. You hope that people have washed their hands and only coughed in their elbow but we all know that is not true. The germs that can be left on the handles and door can easily be spread to your customers as well as your employees making them sick. That is why you want to make sure that the doors and handles are cleaned well.
Cleaning Office Desks & Phones: The next area that people are using and touching and even getting close to their face are the phones and the desk. You want to make sure that these are cleaned and also sanitized to keep germs from being able to spread. If these are not taken care of, the germs and bacteria are left to fester. Then the people that come across it can easily get sick. When your staff is sick they are not able to contribute to the business as well, sending your productivity down.
Break Room Cleanliness: There is also a shared area of the business that people use to prepare and eat their food. The crumbs that can be left behind are an attractant for bugs and other pests. This can not only cause an infestation to your business but some pests cause damage while others spread disease.

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Nothing is worse than spending hours cleaning your home just for it to smell bad when you’re finished. You may try to mask the smell with cleaners and other air fresheners; however that doesn’t eliminate the source of the odor. There can be multiple sources for the bad odors in your home that could be the cause of the foul smell. Nadias House Cleaning will share some places to look and how to deal with bad odors in your home.

How to Detect & Pinpoint Musty Odor Smells in Your House

Your first step is to locate the source of the bad odor. It could be a problem in every room, so it is ideal to go through each room in the home and determine where or if there is bad odor emitting from each room.
Kitchen – Kitchens can potentially be filled will bad odors. Let’s start with the dishwasher. If the dishwasher has a bad smell empty it and then put about two cups of vinegar in a mug and run the machine through a cycle. Next, let’s treat the garbage disposal. Use a lemon, lime, or orange and cut into slices. Feed it into the garbage disposal then run it for a few minutes. Follow up with a cup of vinegar to eliminate any odors that are in the garbage disposal. Lastly, look at the refrigerator. If your fridge has bad odors, first clean out both refrigerator and freezer. After you have cleaned them, throw out any spoiled food put a box of baking soda inside. Another trick to removing odors in a kitchen is to put a pot with a cupful of vinegar on the stove to boil. The vapor will help eliminate the odors in the air.
Laundry Rooms – Laundry rooms often hold in odors form dirty laundry that needs cleaning. However, that’s not the only source of bad odors. Washing machines can accrue bad odors from mold. To treat mold in a mashing machine, run the washing machine through a cycle using hot water and two cups of bleach. Leave the washing machine’s door open for awhile to air it out and fully dry after the cycle is finished. Sometimes mold and mildew can develop underneath washing machine and dryers. Pull out and clean underneath all laundry room appliances at least once a year.
Bedrooms – Unless there are food stains or spoiled food hidden somewhere, most bad odors in a bedroom comes from laundry. If a bedroom has a bad odor, make sure there isn’t any food that needs to be removed and maintain a regular laundry routine. The last source for bad odor in bedrooms would be the mattress. Mattresses can hold sweat, urine, and other human excretions that can cause bad odors. You will want to have the mattress vacuumed about every three months and deep cleaned once a year and don’t forget to wash bedding weekly.
Living Rooms – Furniture and carpet usually are the main causes for bad odors in the living room. Carpet and fabric furniture require deep cleaning and should be done yearly or even every six months depending on your home environment.

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These are some of the basic causes for bad odors in a home. There of course others, such as cigarette smoke, litter boxes and general pet odors. Each cause has a remedy. It is important to locate the cause and treat the problem directly. If you need help cleaning your home and treating those nasty odors, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning. We can clean your home and target those bad odors. For all of your professional commercial and residential cleaning needs, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today.

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