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Many homeowners are taking advantage of the affordable installation and low maintenance of vinyl flooring. Commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, vinyl floor has come a long way and is offered in many faux textures and colors to add style to any room. Known for its durability, vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned with a quick sweeping to remove the dirt and debris and brief mopping to remove any spots or sticky residues. However, on the occasions stains prove to be challenging to the scuffs need removing, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share some tips and advice on how to deep clean your vinyl flooring.

How to Remove Scuff Marks from vinyl Floors

You can remove the scuff marks and stains with a few simple and readily available tools and products and a little elbow grease to give the vinyl flooring a deep cleaning. Below you will find the equipment you should grab to get the project started.
– Baking soda
– Broom or vacuum
– Bucket
– Commercial cleaner or vinegar
– Dish soap
– Microfiber cloths
– Microfiber mop
– Putty knife
– Rags
– Water
Thoroughly sweep or vacuum your vinyl floors, making sure you get the sides and corners. If you opt to use the vacuum ensure it is on the bare floor setting to avoid the beater bar from rotating and causing scratches. After the vacuuming is completed, grab a microfiber cloth and dampen with water to buff out scuffs that are blemishing the vinyl. After the scuffs are removed, take the putty knife to clear away any bulky residues, like gum, dried gum, or even paint. Be sure to do so gently and cautiously so you do not gouge the vinyl surface. Any compacted substance that is clumped above the floor should come off fairly easy with a little muscle and putty knife.

How to Remove Water & Other Stains from Vinyl Floors

Tough stains such as juice, tomato sauce, ketchup, lipstick, ink, and so on can be eliminated with a baking soda paste. Add a little water at a time to baking soda to create a thick paste, consider how much you need and go from there. Use a soft rag to work the paste into spot and you will see it fade until it is gone. Once the thick clumpy debris cleared and the stains are worked out, mop the entire floor for a deep disinfecting and removal of lingering residues. If you use a commercial cleaner specific for vinyl flooring, follow the directions on the label. If you prefer homemade concoctions combine 1 cup of white vinegar with one gallon of hot water and two or three drops of mild liquid dish soap. Use your microfiber mop to mop the floor with the solution. Avoid over saturation by wringing out the mop well before scrubbing and once you have finished mopping, follow up immediately with a clean dry towel to dry the lingering moisture. Leaving the excess water on the vinyl could cause it to warp, so drying it is very important.

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If you need help cleaning your vinyl flooring or any other aspects to your house, call Nadia’s House Cleaning and let our experts do the rest.

Many enjoy the sleek look of the glass–top stove and not having to clean or replace drip pans or burner grates is especially beneficial. However, one of the disadvantages is that cleaning the stove is more important, especially since the spills and splatters are noticeable. With that in mind, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share some tips on how to clean the glass-top stove.

Glass Cooktop Cleaner Tips

The basics of cleaning of the glass-top stove are as follows:
1) Clean the stove when the top is only cool, do not attempt while it is hot.
2) Avoid the abrasive or harsh chemicals to clean the glass stovetop or you can scratch the surface and never over use cleaners that leave behind residues. To ensure your warranty is valid, consult the manual to ensure specific cleaners are not required.
3) To prevent unwanted scratches, do not use scouring pads and scrub brushed. Only make use of microfiber spongers or cloths. A razorblade can be used in the appropriate manner providing that any tough substances require more extreme measures.

Daily Cleaning of Glass-top Stoves

Collect a few microfiber cloths ready for cleaning, and some distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle.
1) To prevent the buildup of grease, dust, and debris; wipe down the stove after each use after it has cooled.
2) Including the knobs and burners, spray the entire surface with the vinegar
3) Clean away the moisture with one microfiber cloth.
4) Buff out any remaining streaks with a separate microfiber cloth.

Deep Cleaning Glass-top Stoves

A deeper clean is recommended ever 2-4 weeks, depending how often you cook. Gather together a spray bottle filled with distilled white vinegar, a clean towel, a few microfiber cloths.
1) Ensure the stovetop is cool before getting started and liberally spray down the surface with the vinegar, baking soda, and kitchen sink filled with hot water
2) Generously sprinkle the baking soda on top of the vinegar still soaking on the surface.
3) Use the hot water bath to submerge your towel, after you pull it from the bath, wring out the excess fluid and place it on top of the layers on the stove and let it set 15 minutes.
4) After you remove the towel, take the microfiber cloth to wipe up the layers.
5) Repeat the vinegar spray and wipe it again.
6) Buff away the streaks and dry with a separate microfiber cloth.
7) Repeat these steps if any residues linger if necessary.

how to Clean a Glass Top Stove with Burnt on Food

Charring spilled food on the stove is fairly likely, especially since you need to wait until it is cool before wiping it down. When the crust requires more attention than a spray and a wipe, you may need a razorblade. Collect a razorblade loaded in a razor blade holder, a squirt bottle filled with distilled white vinegar, and a few microfiber cloths.
1) To keep you warranty valid, consult your manual and if it advises against razorblades, do not use them and find alternative methods.
2) The stove needs to be cool and soak the burnt areas with vinegar.
3) To hold the razor correctly and avoid damaging surface, use the corners of the blade can etch your stovetop by holding the cutting edge at a very slight angle from the top of the stove. Scrape away the crust spots lightly.
4) With a microfiber cloth, wipe the residues away.
5) Repeat as necessary.

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Odors can sometimes become dominating in the bathroom and no matter what you try to do to mask it, it continues to assault your nasal passages. Whether you recently moved into a new place or have lived there a while, the sources of the odors can buildup before you realize you have any, despite your cleaning diligence. When these odors start to creep outside the bathroom, or just become to potent to bear, you need to do a deeper clean in the bathroom and we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share some suggestions on doing just that.

Bathroom Odor Eliminator Solutions

1) Inspect bathroom. Lingering odors in the bathroom are often from mildew and mold which is born from stagnant water festering in areas with the humid conditions. Inspect the fixtures and pipes, walls and floors, as well as around tubs and/or showers, toilets, and sinks I both obvious and not so obvious places for any signs of water damage or mold growth. Check the shower curtain folds as well. Should you find places where there are leaks, make the necessary repairs and contact a professional for proper removal and treatment of mold should that be discovered. If the shower curtain is the source, replace it.
2) Disinfect & clean bathroom. To neutralize the smells, you will have to do a deeper clean in the bathroom that your normal routine. If you are sensitive to cleaning products, wear protective gloves and if necessary, ventilation masks and goggles. Kick on the ventilation fan while cleaning too. Pour the toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl and let that sit. Use your disinfectant cleaner to clean the exterior from the tank, to the handle, to the lid, outside the bowl and around the floor. Be sure to get into the little crevices and then scrub the bowls inside and flush. To clean the shower/tub as well as the sink and counter tops, use an approved bacteria fighting agent. Use some elbow grease and ensure the mildew is sufficiently scrubbed clean. Wipe down all the bottles in the shower and around the sink as well. If any are heavily consumed with mold, toss them. Wash the exterior and interior of the trash can, after you removed the garbage, with hot soapy water. After it is completely dry place a fabric softener sheet at the bottom before replacing the liner. Garbage cans should be washed out every month or so. With a safe antibacterial detergent to kill and avoid mildew scrub the floors after they have been swept.
3) Take out garbage. The trash is commonly forgotten about in the bathrooms. Take it out once a week and wipe down the exterior and replace dryer sheet.
4) Wash fabrics. The bathroom is the most moist/humid place in your home. The moisture can create different odors, not only those derived from mold and mildew. It is important to clean the different fabric oriented objects every week or so to avoid odors. Follow the labels directions and wash Bath rugs, shower curtains, towels, wash clothes and other such items. If there aren’t any instructions, consider the following method. With the washer settings set to the hottest water setting, on a normal cycle mode, add ½ cup vinegar to your normal detergent to wash these items. Ensure they are completely dry before re-hanging or folding them.
5) Keep shower curtains dry. The folds of the shower curtain collect water and if it can’t thoroughly dry, mold can grow there. Keep the shower curtain closed to allow proper circulation and during and after every shower or bath, use the exhaust fan remove the excess moisture.

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Bathroom odors can be tough to defeat if they have been building over time. If after these tips the bathroom still has strong odors, call in the professionals of Nadia’s House Cleaning and let our professionals assess the situation and present an optimal solution.

Cleaning your house is just a way of life. The rooms in your home need attention such as the bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms. Most people have a plan to get their home clean with a cleaning schedule so that each area is taken care of. Your home has to be cleaned constantly and that means that knowing the best way to clean each area will help save you time. Time is one of the hardest things in life to find because most people are busy with work and other activities. Saving time is such a big deal that many people make it as part of their resolutions. One area of the house that might get overlooked is the gym. The gym is the area that you go when you want to get in shape and work out right before you start or end your day. It is not the room that you hold family time, host events or have your friends over for a visit. That is why it is not cleaned as often as it should. Having a great plan on how to clean the gym will help get it clean and save you time as well.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Outlines the Best Ways to Clean Your Home Gym & Fitness Equipment

Get Rid of Dust Floating in the Air: One of the constant problems in every room in your home including the gym happens to be dust. It is an endless cycle of dusting and those nasty little particles landing back on the same surfaces. The best way to get started in your home gym is to start with dusting all the surfaces that is around the entire area.
Wipe Down Fitness Equipment: Dust is not the only thing that you need to worry about when you are trying to clean a home gym. The gym will be full of other debris and bacteria that is best cleaned with a cleaning spray. You can use a disinfectant wipe to go over any areas that you have to touch on a regular basis. This might be the treadmill, dumb bells and or other equipment that you might have. Use a spray that is safe on the surfaces that you are going to wipe down and be sure that you allow the moisture to dry before you use the area again.
Change Out Gym Towels: When you work out most people have a towel to help wipe off the sweat after you use the equipment. The towel is a great idea to clean off quickly after you are done but that towel can easily to holding on to bacteria and mold. That is due to the moisture that is often left on the towel when you leave the gym. You want to be sure that you change out the towels with freshly laundered ones regularly.
Clean Working Out Mirrors: Lastly to make the room look cleaner you can wash off the mirrors that are on the walls. These mirrors are great to check your progress but also to ensure that you are doing the exercise correctly. Use a cloth that does not leave any fibers behind for a nice streak free shine.

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