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There are many people that choose to live in an apartment. This can be for many reasons and for the benefits that come when you live in an apartment. The apartment that you choose can come with many amenities that allow you the use of them without the need to upkeep and make repairs such as pools, gyms and more. You also can have access to a community that is within your area where everyone is living quite near one another. Other people choose to live in an apartment as a way to start out and get established before they have children or more responsibility. Whatever the reason is to move into an apartment you want to make sure that you have the new home cleaned. It usually has been lived in by a previous tenant and you want to make sure that you are in a clean and sanitized atmosphere.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Lists Tips for Cleaning an Apartment Before You Move In

Clean Apartment from Top to Bottom: You want to make sure that you look through the apartment and start at the top of the space. This can be wiping down the walls and cleaning the ceiling fans as well. You want to let the dirt and dust settle which will be lower in the rooms. That is why starting at the top is the best way to start off cleaning the apartment. This will let you get the space clean before you move any of your things in. The walls are important to wipe off in case the previous tenant had dogs or cats that have left hair, fur and dander on the walls. If you move your things in the house before you clean the walls it will all land on your personal belongings.
Clean Appliances Inside & Outside: When you move in you are using the refrigerator, washer, dryer, microwave and any other appliances that are left to use. You want to make sure they are cleaned out well and sanitized. This is to ensure that any debris that was left behind are removed before you start to make your own dinners or store your food.
Disinfect & Sanitize Bathrooms: One area of the apartment that you will spend time in each and every day happens to be the bathroom. This is where you are going to go to get clean, get ready for the day and to relax. You want to make sure that the toilets, sinks and showers are not only cleaned but that they are sanitized as well. This will remove any bacteria that often can be found living in areas that are warm and moist such as a bathroom. You may even want to consider replacing the toilet seat in a bathroom in an apartment that you are renting.
Cleaning Out Closet: An area of any home or apartment that is not usually cleaned well once you move in is the closet. Not many people get in the corners and the shelves in a closet. It is a good idea to clean them well before you move your things in to get the dust and debris that is left by the last tenant.

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Office settings often demand professional cleaning or janitorial services. Offices can become a breeding ground for flus and colds. Germs easily spread throughout the office. Dust and clutter can also make the workplace less productive and distracting for some. There are a number of benefits of having a professional janitorial service help maintain and keep the office clean. Nadia’s House Cleaning will share a few of the many benefits of having an ongoing janitorial service.

A Clean Office is a Healthier Workplace for Staff

Flus, cold and other illnesses often spread throughout the office. One person can bring in a virus and spread it all over the office. Everything that person touches is now harboring germs, bacteria and the virus. To help prevent the entire work place from catching a flu or cold bug it is important that the entire area is disinfected. When you have a professional janitorial service the entire office is disinfected with a quality surface cleaner that kills most bacteria, germs and viruses.

Cleaner Air in Office

Some office workers are prone to allergies and even though the office may be indoors, that doesn’t stop allergies. There are many sources of allergies and that can be found indoors. Dust is a major source of indoor allergies. Mainly they come from the dust mites living and feeding within the office. Much of the dust found indoors is made up of dead skin that naturally falls off throughout the day. The dust mites feed on the skin. As they feed they leave behind their own skin flakes and feces. The remnants left behind by dust mites are a major contributor to indoor allergies. Additionally pollen and other outdoor sources often make its way indoors. Janitorial cleaning services make sure the office is properly dusted and vacuumed to reduce indoor contaminates that cause indoor allergies.

Clean Workspace Employee Productivity

When the office is maintained your staff won’t feel the effects of indoor allergies. This reduces the number of employees getting sick. In addition, by maintaining a clean office it helps the office workers to remain more productive. Office equipment can be easily found and kept organized. A well-organized office ensures a more productive environment.

Clean Office Environment Improves Business

Office settings that receive clients and customers need a well maintained and clean office, which gives a good impression. When an office is dusty and in disarray, it tells clients and customers that you and your staff have no attention to detail. It tells them that office management doesn’t have the care or means to maintain their facility. You want all of you clients and customer to have a good impression of your business and have complete confidence in your staff.

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A janitorial service can help maintain the office and provide a number of benefits, including flexibility. The janitorial service can come and clean during off hours and as often as requested. You can schedule janitorial service once or twice a week or even daily. Depending on the nature of the office setting will determine how often you need cleaning services. If you are seeking professional janitorial services, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today.

There are many households that have all kinds of flooring options. You can see homes that have carpet and others that have hardwood while some have tile. The more interesting thing is that most of the homes that you will come across have a variety of floors that include two or more different types. When you talk about the best way to keep the floors cleaned there are some tips on carpets while the tips on hardwood might be different. Floors are a huge part of your house and if they look messy your house will look messy as well. There is a debate on the best way to keep your hard surface floors cleaned. Some people choose to use a vacuum to clean them while the other half choose to use a broom. You want to make sure that you know what the benefits are of each are.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Outlines Why Some People Sweep Instead of Vacuum

Types of Hard Flooring: The way that you treat your floors depends on the type of floors that you have. When you have carpet most people know that you need to run your vacuum regularly and that you need to have them cleaned professionally to remove all the excess dirt and stains. Hard floors are a different story. Hard floors can be anything that makes up a hard surface. Some of the most common types of hard floors are hardwood, tile, stone, ceramic and concrete. You want to make sure that you use the right method to clean them and that includes choosing to vacuum or sweep them.
Benefits Of Using the Vacuum on Tile or Hardwood Floors: The first thing you need to confirm before you use your vacuum is if it has a setting that should be used on hard or bare floors. This will allow the vacuum to work without causing damage to the floor underneath. The benefits are many when you choose the vacuum that include it is a faster method. You can run it without stopping until the floors are clean. The other great benefit is that you can use the attachments on the vacuum to get in the small and hard to reach areas such as corners. The other benefit that people enjoy is that they can use their vacuum to do the hard floors and go right into cleaning the rest of the floors.
Benefits of Sweeping Hard Floors: Sweeping has been the number one way to clean your hard floors because vacuums were not an option. Now that they are the sweeping is still a great option. The first benefit that you have with a broom is that they are quick to grab and start using. The other benefit is that a broom is easy to keep and there is not upkeep to make sure they are working. You can replace the broom with a very small cost and it is easy to fit in a small gap or closet.

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