If you are like many Americans, you have people in your home that suffer from allergies and/or asthma. Dealing with these issues are no fun and most people will do what they can to reduce the things that cause the allergies and asthma to flare up. You may think that most of the allergens are outdoors and that when you are in your house you are safe from them. That is just not true! There are many allergens that are floating around and home and can be more of an annoyance than those found outside. The problem is that you are in a closed in space and the allergens are closer to the people causing the flare ups.

Nadia’s House Cleaning lists ways to reduce the amount of allergens in your home.

The Laundry Room Allergies: The laundry and the appliances that are in there can cause a serious amount of allergens. One way you can reduce the amount of allergens is to use only liquid detergents to stop the dust from powdered cleaners to float up in the air. Never overload the washing machine and be sure that you wash all new clothes before you wear them. You also want to be sure that you pull out the lint trap and clean it out on a regular basis. This will not only dry your clothes faster since there is less lint to get through but will also keep more allergens caught in the trap itself and less in the air.
Allergens in Carpets & Rugs: The carpets in your home are host to many kinds of allergens. There is dirt and dust that is in the air and as it starts to settle, the carpet is normally where it lands. As you walk past the carpet and through a room the allergens are then back in the air causing allergies to flare up. There is also dead skins cells and bug carcasses on the carpeting as well which adds to the allergens. You want to be sure that you vacuum your carpets often at least once a day to ensure that all the allergens are removed. Then you want to empty the bag or canister outside. Also take care to vacuum the rugs in the home as well since they also have the same allergens as the carpet.
Change Out The Air Filters: The filters are in the return air on your home. They are part of the air conditioning system in your home that heats and cools your home. The filter is there to catch the allergens and dust that is found in the air. If you forget to change out the filters on a regular basis you are allowing the allergens to float back in the house. You want to be sure that you change them out as recommended by an air conditioning technician.

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