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Checklist for Cleaning Your Boston, MA House for Guests; Clean Stains, Disinfect Knobs & More

When you know you have a guest that is coming over to your house for a visit whether it is short or long term, most people take time to clean the house. You want to make sure that when your guests arrive you don’t look like a big mess. Many people will straighten up the house and wipe down some of the surfaces. This is a great start but you might be skipping some of things that most guests actually see. Most guests are grossed out by some very specific things when they show up for a visit or to stay with family and friends. If you want them to have a good stay and feel comfortable so they want to come back it is important to know what those things are so that you can take care of them. When you clean them you can help keep your friends and family happy.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Lists What Messes Guests Notice Most About Your Home

Clean Food Marks & Grease Stains: When you have guests that come over to your home to stay or visit they are sure to hang around your kitchen. This is a space that everyone spends time and when there are certain types of messes in the kitchen they can stand out to a guest. There can be spots from food that has spattered on the walls and other surfaces. These can be overlooked by you and your family but there are guests that are sure to notice them. This can make them think that the space is messy even if the counters are wiped down and the dishes are put away. Other things that your guest will see is when there are grease spots around the kitchen as well. You want to make sure that you have a clean stove, rugs and rags that are hanging in the space.
Disinfect Dirty Door Knobs & Switches: Your guests will be opening and closing doors in your house maybe more than you and your own family. Guests will want some privacy and doors that otherwise would be left open will be closed. The door handles can become dirty and grimy over some time and that is why you want to make sure that you keep them washed. The knobs can also hold onto germs that could be making your guests sick. You also want to keep an eye on the switches where you turn on lights. These need to be cleaned before your guests arrive as well.
Get Rid of Pet Odor & Hair: Everyone loves their pet and want to have them around. You likely get used to any odors that they bring in the house as a normal smell. They also tend to leave hair on surfaces that you and your guests will be using. This can be gross to some people that do not have pets of are not used to this type of mess around a house. You need to make sure you have the home deep cleaned and the air filters changed out.
Sanitize Toilet & Bathroom Messes: Your bathroom mess may be acceptable to you but your guests want a nice clean space to clean up after a long day. The bathroom is a huge place that needs some major attention before you have guests arrive. It is worth the time and effort to give your guests a nice comfortable place to use while they are there to visit.

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