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Hacks for How to Clean Horizontal Window Blinds Without Taking Them Down in Melrose, MA

When it comes to cleaning a home or business, the blinds are often overlooked. As a result of their neglect, they accumulate layers of dust and debris that hinder the indoor air quality and can be what is contributing to chronic allergy symptoms or frequent asthma attacks. Though it may seem subtle, it is actually noticed more by visitors than you may think. Treating the blinds with a feather duster once or twice a week can help manage the dust accumulation, however, cleaning them well is something that should be done periodically. Below are some tips and suggestions that we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share to keep your home or business’s window blinds clean and well cared for.

Tips for Cleaning Blinds

Cleaning and maintenance for your blinds is simple and when applied to routine cleaning, are easily managed, no matter if they are made from wood, vinyl, metal, or fabric.
1) To clear the light layers of dust off the blinds, use a lamb’s wool duster for maximum results and avoid using the cheap plastic duster as they have a tendency to smear the dust. Be sure use the duster according the direction of the blind’s design.
2) Equipped with the brush upholstery attachment on the hose, use a vacuum to run across the blinds in conjunction with the way they are designed. For example, if the blinds are made vertically, clean them from top to bottom, and horizontal blinds, from side to side.
3) You can unhook the blinds or even cause damage by not dusting or vacuuming in the correct direction.
4) To firmly wipe away the dust from the fabric and vinyl blinds, a rubber sponge, also known as a dry sponge, works effectively.
5) Do not spray any cleaner directly on the blinds; instead wipe the area for your spot cleaning needs with a micro-fiber cloth that was treated with the all-purpose cleaner.
6) Like the fabric and vinyl blinds, the wood blinds can be cleaned in a similar fashion, however, do not expose them to moisture, if spots need to be removed, use a damp cloth and immediately follow it with a dry one to ensure the wood kept dry.
as fabric and vinyl blinds are, just never allow them to be wet, as moisture could warp the wood.
7) Should the fabric blinds become spotted or stained, invest in a professional cleaning to ensure they are done correctly.
8) The blinds should never be disassembled or soaked in any kind of cleaner or water and should be cleaned or spot cleaned as mentioned in the steps above.
9) Should vinyl or metal blinds require a more intensive cleaning, remove the blind as a unit and lay it across a hard, surface that can be exposed to water, such as the driveway or patio. In a large bucket of water, combine a few drops of liquid dish soap. Gently scrub the blinds clean by sponging the mixture to them. Flip it over and repeat the washing method. Be sure to use a hose to thoroughly rinse the soapy residues away. Squeegee each individual strip to prevent the water drop spots from developing. Be sure to hang them on the fence or other suspended area to dry before rehanging.

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