When it comes to cleaning your home you have to use different cleaning solutions and tools to get the job done. Whether you are cleaning the walls, floors, bathrooms or windows, you need to use the right techniques and solutions to be sure that the job is done right. It can seem like a daunting task to get the house clean but when you hire a professional you can be sure that each area is done correctly and with the right cleaning solutions.

Nadia’s House Cleaning outlines the best ways to clean the flooring in your home from tile to laminate to hardwood.

Best Way to Clean Tile Floors: Tile floors are found most often in kitchens or bathrooms and when they are laid down, contractors use grout to secure the tiles to the floor and each other. When the tile floors need to be cleaned, it is a two part process. The tile is the first part and needs to be treated with a cloth mop that you can dip in a cleaning solution. Ceramic tile is not too sensitive so you can use a standard cleaner. The second part of the cleaning process is that the grout needs to be cleaned. This requires a bit more, including a small brush that can be used to scrub. When you hire a professional to do your home cleaning they will be able to clean the tiles the correct way and leave them clean and fresh.
Best cleaner for hardwood floors: Hardwood floors are a great addition to any home but you need to take good care of them if you want them to last for a long time. This is not only cleaning the floors appropriately but also doing it right so you don’t cause damage to the wood. Hardwood floors have to be swept and the dirt and debris moved off the floor. This is an important part of the process since dirt can work as an abrasive against the wood. You need to clean the floors with a soft cloth that works with the grain of the floor and a light cleaner so that residue is not left over.
How to Clean & Maintain Laminate Floors: This is the easiest of the three types of floors to clean because they are a single piece of flooring and you don’t have to deal with grout. Laminate floors are often found in place of tile floors in kitchens and bathrooms. You can use a mop and standard cleaner to take care of the floors.

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