Cleaning our homes is an ongoing chore. There are many who loathe the never ending story, but quite a few who enjoy the work and find it therapeutic. But what folks don’t know could be making their job unproductive and causing more work.

Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to offer some Dos and Don’ts to make your house work get executed smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t: Over use Furniture polish. Using excessive polish contributes to build up and causes a dust attraction.
Do: Apply furniture polish once a quarter and maybe twice a quarter for the dry climates. Also wipe away dust weekly or as needed with a clean microfiber duster or cloth.
Don’t: Clean your windows on a sunny day. Doing so on warm, sunny days doesn’t give the cleaner enough time to do its job before drying out; leaving grimy streaks.
Do: Wash your windows and cool, cloudy days.
Don’t: Skip the disinfectants. More often the not a spilled is quickly wiped away with nothing more than water when a busy day strikes.
Do: Apply your choice of cleaner will remove sticky residue left behind, and disinfect any lingering bacteria.
Don’t: Scrub carpets. When spills happen and cause stains, a natural response is to scrub at the stain.
Do: Blot up the moisture and use appropriate cleaners to handle the various stains.

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These are just a handful of the cleaning dos and don’ts, there are many more to cover another time. For a busier person, try tackling one or two rooms at a time instead of trying to fit everything in at one time. For those that lack the physical capability, can’t afford the time, or simply don’t have the motivation to get it done, hire Nadia’s House Cleaning to lighten the load and get your home cleaned efficiently.