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House Cleaning Myths in Medford, MA; Best Way to Clean Windows, Deodorize Garbage Disposal & More

Cleaning is frequently done on a daily basis, though some may not be as diligent as others. Some people find cleaning therapeutic, and enjoyable; others detest it or simply have busy lifestyles. When it comes to the various tasks and cleaning schedules, there are those that take many cleaning myths to heart. Today, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share a few of these myths and get some facts straight.

Myth: Cleaning windows with wet newspaper

Fact: Wet newspapers is not the best options, as they easily tear and leave behind residual particles and potentially transfer ink print onto the trim, ultimately leaving a bigger mess behind. To clean the windows, invest in a good quality squeegee and microfiber cloths instead.

Myth: Coca cola is useful for cleaning toilet

Fact: Though Coca-Cola is an effective hard water stain remover due to the acidic nature, the high sugar content that promotes bacteria and the bowl can be stained from the dark caramel dyes. A better alternative is either white vinegar or preferred toilet bowl cleaner.

Myth: Coffee grounds deodorize the garbage disposal best

Fact: Coffee grounds do not do much to neutralize the odors, though they may be an optimal abrasive to dislodge dislodging gunk from the blades. Baking soda, however, will do both. It is abrasive enough to remove the gunk and designed to neutralize the offensive smells.

Myth: The dishwasher isn’t nearly as effective as washing dishes by hand

Fact: The dishes washed by hand are more thorough than dishwashers that might be over 10-15 years old. However, modern dishwashers have advanced, making them more energy and water efficient while rising the water temperature up over 140 degrees, ensuring the dishes are not only cleaned, but sanitized as well.

Myth: The ink messes from ball point pens can be effectively removed with hairspray

Truth: Rubbing alcohol does the trick, so hairspray containing excessive amounts of alcohol is excellent backup to removing the ink. Current hairspray formulas though, have little to agents which will set the stain of ink as the alcohol content has significantly dwindled. Use a cotton swab treated with rubbing alcohol to remove any ink before you try any other method.

Myth: Bleach or vinegar cleans anything in the house

Fact: Bleach is efficiently ideal for sanitizing various surfaces and bleach lighten stains and kill bacteria, but it cannot cut through soil. Vinegar is acidic in nature and can be used to remove dirt, however, it needs to be diluted according to the surface. Natural stone surfaces and other related materials can actually cause damage.

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Be sure to use cleaning supplies according to the correct surface you are cleaning. These are just a few myths that can be rejected as truth and to ensure your home is effectively cleaned without causing damage. When you need the real experts to make sure the home is clean, fresh, and sanitized, call in the qualified experts of Nadia’s House Cleaning and let our experienced professionals take care of your home’s cleaning needs. Contact us today!

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