Investing time to clean our homes is a necessary duty, usually one that is merely expected and rarely thanked for. Nevertheless, we gird up our loins and commence to the task at hand. Often, the blinds go unclean, especially for those with tight schedules, not enough hours in the day and nowhere near enough hands. A thorough cleaning isn’t necessary every week, a simple feather dusting in between could suffice for those who can’t afford the time, but a good cleaning is still prudent as often as you can, especially for the allergy sufferer.

Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to offer you some tips and advice on giving your blinds a deeper clean than running a feather duster over the surface!

Best Ways to Clean your Metal, Vinyl and Fabric Window blinds

No matter the materials used for the construction of your blinds; cleaning and maintaining metal, wood, vinyl and any fabric window blinds can be integrated into your regular cleaning schedule.
– Using the handy brush attachment for your vacuum cleaning hose, vacuum the binds running side to side as opposed to up and down, unless designed otherwise.
– Avoid using a plastic duster. Lamb’s wool dusters are the better choice, use this handy tool to dust off the blinds in the same direction as designed.
– Brushing or dusting in an upward fashion could unhook the blinds.
– For fabric and vinyl blinds, apply a rubber sponge, also known as a dry sponge, and wipe the dust away firmly.
– For a quick spot cleaning, spray all-purpose surface cleaner onto a clean micro-fiber cloth and wipe the area. Do not spray any cleaner directly on the blinds.
– Wooden blinds are cleaned in the same manner, however never allow them to get wetter than needed, as excess moisture could warp the wood.
– If fabric blinds become stained and spotted, a dry cleaning professional can make easy work of the mess.
– Cleaning blinds should never include dis-assembly and then submerging of blind blades in any kind of cleaner.
– For vinyl or metal blinds, take the blind down as a unit and lie it across a surface that can be wetted down, such as a driveway or patio. In a large bucket of water mix a few drops of liquid dish soap. Using a car-wash brush is easiest, brush the blinds down with the mixture, and brush the blinds in the same direction as designed. Turn them over and repeat the brushing process. With a garden hose, with minimal pressure, rinse the blinds down thoroughly. To hinder the water drop stains from forming, squeegee the excess water one blind strip at a time. Hang over a fence or something similar to allow air flow to dry the blinds.

If cleaning your own blinds (or house in general) seems like a task that is too much to take on, call our expert team at Nadia’s House Cleaning in Boston, Brookline, Lexington, Cambridge, Suffolk, Middlesex, Norfolk County Massachusetts today to allow our house cleaners to clean your home or office for you!