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How Clean Should a Home Be for Open House or Real Estate Showing in Winthrop, MA?

An “Open House” event is a great tool for realtors to show case a home and sell a home. It allows a ton of people to come to the home and do a walk through, inspecting every inch of the home. An open house will mean that you will want the home looking its best. Whether the home is empty or has furniture, you will want to have the entire home clean and pristine. For a realtor that has an upcoming open house event, they may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service. Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share the benefits of a professional cleaning before an open house.

Clean House for Open House or Showing

When advertising for an Open House, the last thing any Realtor wants is to show case a dirty home. During an open house you want a flawless home for potential buyers to look at. Having a home with dust, mold, odors, and grime does not sell homes. A realtor never wants to try and sell a dirty home. It not only discourages buyers, it can stain your own reputation as well. Whenever a realtor has an upcoming open house planned, it is a good idea to schedule a thorough cleaning a day or two before the open house. A professional cleaning service will ensure the entire home is clean and ready for showing.

Having a Clean Home Will Calm You Down

An open house can be a very stressful time for a realtor. They need to know every feature of the home they are selling. The realtor must also be ready to answer any question about the home and its history. Needless to say, a realtor has a major task and most likely feels a bit stressed as the day arrives. The last thing a realtor needs on their mind is the quality and state of the home they need to sell. For a bit of peace of mind, a professional cleaning service will ensure your home is clean and ready.

Professional House Cleaners are Ready to Clean

When you need to have a home cleaned for an open house event, often these homes are empty and are not stocked with any cleaning materials. Whether the realtor plans on cleaning or you call up some friends to clean the home, you will need to buy and have cleaning materials ready. However, even then you may find you are not completely ready to get the home ready. Sometimes the carpet may need to be deep cleaned, tile might need to be polished and sealed and more intense cleaning tools or machines will be needed to get the home looking its best. A professional cleaning service has all of the tools and cleaning materials ready to do a thorough and deep cleaning.

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There are many benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service to prepare a home for an open house. For a realtor it makes perfect sense to have a clean and beautiful home to show case and hopefully make a sell. For a quality cleaning service that has experience preparing homes for an open house event, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning and schedule our services today.

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