There is a wide spectrum on a cleaning scale. Those who could care less about the filth around them, and those with the anal OCD that have a meltdown if they find someone didn’t properly put the cap on the toothpaste, as well as those in between. During the Christmas and other holidays being celebrated this time of year, the likelihood of having unexpected house guests, or planned parties or get-togethers, will be high on the agenda. But decorating for these special celebrations and traditions can include a mess. Or even safety hazards.

Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to help avert disaster and catastrophes while still maintaining a neatly kept, clean house.

Buying (and Cleaning Up After) the Perfect Tree. No doubt everyone expects to show off the best looking tree. Depending on taste, trees can be tall and fluffy, or narrow and rigid. No matter; if you are getting a live tree; conduct a quality test. Pull on a few needles randomly and if there is little to no resistance; that would be a red flag that it is not the best tree. Second, shake a few limbs and if they feel brittle, or an excessive amount of needles fall, take this as another red flag. Thirdly, check the bottom of the stump and if it isn’t coated with a sticky resin, that is the final flag it was tree cut down a while ago. Ensuring you have a fresh tree, hinders its flammability, and won’t make a ridiculous mess of needles all over your floor. If the tree passes your inspection, keep it away from fireplaces or heating vents. Cut trees are susceptible to catching on fire. If your tree is exposed to little, immature and curious fingers; avoid hanging the fragile ornaments on the bottom. Avoiding cuts and breaks. Invest in a Christmas tree stand that has a dish; not only will these keep your tree hydrated, it will help contain sap and needles and thereby avoid carpet stains.
Choosing (and Cleaning Up After) Candles. They can cause messes and be a safety hazard. Consider investing in electronic candles that have no mess, and more safety. If you are insistent on using traditional candles, keep them from easily flammable materials and away from windows to reduce a smoky film on your windows. If the candle drizzles excessive wax, place a small dish or something similar to keep the mess contained and easily cleaned. Keep them lit away from reach where they can be easily knocked over. Always extinguish flames before leaving your home or retiring to bed.
Keeping Cords Tidy For interior and exterior lights, keep the cords securely tucked away in the corners and floor, taping them down in a stylish manner. Keeps the eyesore, cord mess orderly, and help the naturally clumsy folks from finding extra means to trip over.

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For help getting your home professionally cleaned once the decorations set on display, in preparation for the Christmas entertaining and parties, hire Nadia’s House Cleaning to get your home thoroughly cleaned, fresh and spotless.