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How to Help a Hoarder Clean & Declutter in Boston, MA; Hoarding Cleaning Checklist & Tips

Sometimes when a loved one has officially stepped into the realms of hoarding, you may need to step in and help them clean their home. Cleaning the home or property isn’t the hardest part. The hardest part is convincing them that they need to clean and part with their “treasures.” Hoarding isn’t the case of someone being lazy and who just allows the clutter to build up around them. Hoarders believe everything is useful or a treasure, even if you see it as trash. For those who are undergoing the task of assisting hoarders with cleaning their home, Nadia’s House Cleaning has a few tips that can help hoarders part with their belongings and achieve a clean and healthy environment.

How to Help a Hoarder Declutter & Organize

The first step to help hoarders clean up is to understand their thinking. They believe everything is useful in some way. Throwing everything away usually will send a hoarder into heart failure. Your best chance of helping a hoarder clean up is to assure them that everything will be either donated or recycled. Most hoarders will be somewhat surprised as to what can be recycled or donated. Plastic, cardboard, paper, glass, metals–and depending on your area–some places will recycle odd electronics and appliances. Do some local searches online and see all the recycling options your community has. Donating unused items such as clothing, dishes, furniture and old outdated electronics to local donation centers is another option. Some donation centers vary on what items they will accept. Make sure you check on what they will or will not accept. Items that can’t be donated, but are still in good condition and your dear hoarder doesn’t need them, convince them to do a garage sale. The first two piles you can begin creating when cleaning up is one for recycling and one for donation or garage sale items. Recycling or donating is one of the easiest ways to convince hoarders to part with their items as they believe everything is useful. Agree with them and show them how their items can be put to good use without causing a health hazard around their home. You might need to make several trips to the donations center or recycling center. Make sure you have plenty of boxes on hand as you collect the various items for donation or recycling. However there will be some items that are just trash or can’t be sold, donated, or recycled. These items will need to be disposed of. Depending on the severity of the hoarding that has taken place over the months or years, you may require a dumpster. Only in some of the worst case scenarios is a dumpster needed. Nonetheless, it may just be the case. Remind your loved one– who may disagree with you—what is trash and that you are disposing of it as it poses a health hazard.

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It isn’t ever easy clean up after a hoarder, and remember it is not easy for the one who believes everything has a use or is of value to them. It is very difficult for them to part with their items. Some items may even have sentimental value to the person. Cleaning up after a hoarder is actually a delicate process. For those who may need help, Nadia’s House Cleaning assists in cleaning after hoarding and has experience with these situations. For Residential and commercial cleaning, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today!

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