Any parent knows the daily struggle of attempting to keep a happy home tidy, with a miniature version of you running around with waves of emotion attached to potent and concentrated energy levels, with only one goal in mind; to create chaos. While we love these little adorable monsters, they truly have the power to turn a recently deep cleaned room into something more reminiscent of a Hollywood rendering of a post apocalyptic scene. Both a clean abode and allowing a toddler to use their imagination and spend some energy are fairly important day to day.

Nadia’s House Cleaning shares some tips and advice on trying to achieve a tidy home while letting the kids play.

1. Convince yourself your version of tidy needs a new definition. Parents who love having a place for everything and everything in their place, along with freshly dusted and vacuumed homes, need to accept that living with a toddler means adjusting you mind set on “tidy”. Though there is nothing wrong with keeping floors clean, and dust at bay, you need to know toys won’t always be in their designated areas. A clever idea to help toys easier tidied is to create cute baskets. If an unexpected visitor stops by, you can easily make a fast sweep and toss the toys the little one has forgotten about into their basket or bins.
2. Toddlers are not maliciously destroying your organization. When the little ones start exploring, books are pulled from the shelf, folded laundry is flittered around, and it seems like they are trying to push your buttons by throwing all your methodically placed treasures in their nesting box. We promise the adorable adventure seekers are learning and are merely curious. Try placing the toy baskets in their reach, let them throw and strew the toys around within reason. After they are done with some toys, work together in putting them away, even on the days they are not cooperative. It teaches them to put away toys when they are done playing, and it will help keep the messes contained to better satisfy your desires to have a tidy dwelling.
3. Downsize the decorative accessories. With a toddler, the temptation to get into the knick knacks, coasters, throw pillows, candles, picture frames and other play pretties is too great. Consider storing a minimum amount within their reach. Cutting down on the clutter can improve the overall look of any room. Every so often you can cycle through the knick knacks, keeping your stuff safe, and giving your home a subtle change at the same time.
4. Containment Cleaning. Periodically making sweeps through the day to minimize the mess is a major contribution to avoid stepping on that sharp cornered lego or action figures that can bring you to your knees. At the end of the day, get the kids involved to put everything away. Cleaning up several small messes throughout the day will not only contribute to cleaner house, but it will help avoid having an overwhelming mess at the end of the day. After bedtime, enjoy the temporary clean and tidy state of your home.
5. Methodically organize. This will satisfy your tidy desires, and eliminate the urge for things to end up on the kitchen counter, community table or desk. Encourage your toddler to put things away from where they got it, even if requires you to help them.

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