Most folks that appreciate clean living conditions in their homes are accustomed to daily and weekly routines, along with adding the quarterly, biyearly, and house cleaning annual tasks. Ensuring the dishes are done, floors are cleaned, toilets scrubbed and beds made are generally done appropriately and regularly. But sometimes there are duties that get neglected, mostly because it doesn’t necessarily occur to one to undergo, that are equally as important as everything else in your home.

Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to expound on some of the cleaning chores around your home that are being neglected.

1. Cleaning Stainless Steel & Other Appliances. There are some things that involve appliances that often get overlooked. Generally, most people know that when fridges become over crowded or pungent odors are emanating; that it needs a cleaning or the inside of the oven needs a little tender love and care. But alas, there are other things a vast majority do not even consider when buzzing around the home completing chores. Not only can keeping your appliances clean be more appealing, but it can reduce hazardous instances, and enhance their efficiency.
Cleaning Dryer. Most people know to clean out the vent trap on their dryer. But, what often gets neglected is the dryer vent ducts. No matter if they are designed to blow the excess lint outside your home, or into specific areas, over time the duct work from the dryer to the exterior outlet can become clogged. A clogged vent system can contribute to electrical fires, or hinder the performance of your dryer, requiring multiple cycles to get loads thoroughly dried, in so doing causing more strain on the appliance and added cost on the utility bill. A professional is optimal for efficient and meticulous cleaning.
Cleaning Refrigerator. The inside of your fridge needs frequent attention, especially when there is a full house of occupants. But the coils located under or behind the refrigerator need cleaning as well. When the coils are overwhelmed with dust and dirt, it can make the temperatures hard to maintain inside your fridge. Make sure it is unplugged and vacuum the coils down with the hose on your vacuum cleaner.
Cleaning Dishwasher. Where many rationalize the dishwasher as a self cleaning appliance, it needs attention to maintain performance. Filters should be inspected and cleaned monthly, and build of soap and grease within the appliance should be cleaned appropriately as needed.
2. Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner. Another handy tool that goes neglected is the vacuum cleaner. Used to clean up the day to day filth, vacuum cleaners need their maintenance too. Filters and bins can be easily removed, cleaned, dried and reattached. For frequent vacuum use, clean the vacuum once a month.
3. Cleaning Under the Furniture. When vacuuming, sweeping or mopping, few pull out the moveable furnishings to ensure the floor below is getting cleaned. Where it can be time consuming to perform this chore every time you need to tend to the floors, it is recommended you do so once a week. Ensuring dust, hair and other particles that got settled under the furniture can help reduce allergies and help keep the rest of the floor cleaned in daily traffic.

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