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Move Out Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Lexington, MA; Packing After Clean Up & More

With many claiming this event is more stressful than other significant life events, such as getting a divorce, moving homes is an exciting process but not without challenges. Especially when it comes to cleaning, the demands of a move can mean you make some moving-out mistakes. Fortunately, there are steps to make the move-out cleaning process a breeze. Being aware of the common move-out cleaning mistakes can also help simplify the process. Today, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share these moving out cleaning mistakes to help you avoid them.

Cleaning the Space Before Packing

Packing can be even lower on this list while cleaning is not everyone’s idea of fun. When it comes to moving homes, the task can feel even more overwhelming since around 70% of Americans get stressed about packing to travel. Because you will end up having to clean again, do not clean before you pack, however. Moving items can reveal neglected cleaning spots and leave debris.

Delaying Move-Out Cleaning

Until the last minute, a common mistake is leaving the move-out cleaning process. It can lead to delays in moving as you attempt to leave the house in a presentable condition, however. You risk complaints and consequences with the new occupants. If you do not.

Packing Away Cleaning Supplies Early

When you set off to clean and disinfect the home, you may find that you cannot locate the cleaning supplies. You may realize that they are likely lost in the sea of boxes as you have packed your cleaning supplies. Unpack until you find it or buy new supplies are the only options you have.

Skipping Cleaning Air Vents, Ducts & Filters

As it means you can overlook cleaning them, some parts of the home remain out of sight, out of mind. It can have debilitating consequences as these spots will make themselves known at some point, however. This includes the air vents, ducts, and filters.

Neglecting Kitchen Appliance Cleaning

Especially if you cook regularly, kitchen devices can have lots of grime, food particles, and grease. Who will quickly notice any dirty kitchen appliances, do not leave this unpleasant gift for new occupants. Common kitchen parts people do not clean include the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and cabinet fronts.

Not Disinfecting All the Rooms

There are distinct differences between cleaning and disinfecting different rooms. Especially spaces such as the bathroom, it is essential to perform a more thorough clean that involves disinfecting as you move out. The dirt you cannot see, such as bacteria, will remain otherwise.

Leaving Trash & Food Behind

When they move, homeowners often forget to take the trash out or leave food in the refrigerator. Food quickly begins to rot, and waste leaves an unpleasant smell, however. Your home will look unpleasant for the new occupants since garbage can attract pests such as bugs and rodents.

Not Decluttering

The perfect time to declutter is moving homes. Clutter can cause many adverse physical and mental effects. To complete the move-out cleaning process, clutter also makes it harder.

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Ultimately, to have your home cleaned before moving out is better done with Nadia’s House Cleaning experts. Not only will the home have a comprehensive cleaning, but it will give you more time to focus on the move. Call us today to schedule your moving out cleaning service.

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