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  • Nadia's House Cleaning of Boston, MA
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Places You Forget to Clean in Your Brookline, MA Home; Handles, Knobs, Switches & More

When it comes to the cleaning of your home, most people have a tendency to follow a routine. Daily cleaning is more or less a quick clean up, weekly cleaning tends to be more in depth cleaning of the bases, and depending on your diligence, every 3,6, or 12 months an overall deep cleaning commences. But there are often places forgotten that should be cleaned more regularly. With that in mind, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to note the more commonly neglected chores and relate some advice on these specific areas of your home.

Forgotten House Chores

1) Handles, Knobs, Switches and Baseboards. For a brief moment stop and contemplate the volume of germs that are transferred from hands to surfaces such as the light switches, door knobs, and handles found around your home; that alone will give you pause and reach for the sanitizer. Unfortunately, these frequently fondled surfaces are often overlooked; along with the baseboards that generally collect large quantities of dust. Reach for your favorite disinfectant, squirt a generous amount on a clean cloth and do a thorough wipe down. To control the dust on the baseboards use a duster daily and for a deeper clean periodically grab the vacuum with the brush attachment and get a more thorough cleaning.
2) Bathroom Decor. This especially applies to people who are into to the extras like the baskets of bath essentials, the cutesy jars of cotton balls and q-tips, and other such bathroom décor that is left on countertops and walls. When you tend to the bathroom, don’t forget to wipe down all the extras along with the light fixtures and ceiling fans. The fluffy decorative towels that are only for looks and not practical use need to be washed every week or 2. Bacteria and foreign particles of debris will easily settle onto the surface area, and quite often get unnoticed, and unclean.
3) Washing Machine and Dishwasher. The washing machine is susceptible to bacteria, mildew and even mold. Cycle after cycle, the gross goo can build up and leave your clothes smelling pungent and unpleasant. Every so often, clean your washer and drier, monthly is ideal. To clean them, switch it on to the hottest setting of water run a cycle with equal parts of white vinegar and baking soda with an empty load. Dishwashers will get clogged over time with small particle of food debris, among other foreign matter and accumulate soap buildup, even your dishwasher needs cleaning from time to time. Start by cleaning the filter, you will be surprised of the nauseating collection of filth in the filter. If you are unsure where it is located, consult with your manual. Run a cycle using baking soda bombs or something similar without a load.
4) Kitchen and Bathroom Trash Cans. The trash cans are a haven, even with a liner, for bacteria and odors. Take the trashcans outside for a good hose down, if necessary use a spare toilet brush (that isn’t actually used in the toilet) to scrub it down with your favorite disinfectant, and rinse. If odors tend to be an issue, place fabric softener sheet or a car freshener at the bottom of the basket, and put the liner on top to collect the refuse.
5) Curtains and Upholstery. When cleaning curtains and upholstery, check the labels for proper cleaning, if you are uncertain, enlist the help of a professional. Curtains and upholster collect dust, pollen and any animal pet dander or fur can make them appear dingy and dull over time, vacuum the dust away at the least, and hire a pro to get them a detailed cleaning.

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