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  • Nadia's House Cleaning of Boston, MA
  • Nadia's House Cleaning of Boston, MA

Secrets for How to Keep Your Somerville, MA House Neat, Clean & Beautiful All the Time

The chores around a house are an endless array of laundry, dishes and dusting. There are messes that will pile up throughout the day and that is why most people spread the chores out over the week. You might hit them hard to clean areas like bathrooms and mopping floors for the weekend. The other straightening up work may need to be done each day. It all depends on the amount of people that are living in the home and also how many of those people are able to clean. The work is something that is never done because the house is lived in and has to be cleaned over and over. If you wait too long to do some of the work you may end up with chores that are hard to handle on your own. There are some people that struggle to keep their homes clean but there are some things that can help someone get their cleaning organized.

Nadias House Cleaning Lists Ways to Keep Your House Clean, Tidy & Organized

Best Vacuum Cleaner: One of the best things you can get someone that struggles with keeping their home clean is the right vacuum. Most people have a standard vacuum that they looked up and asked their friends about. The problem is that they may not be thinking about the ease of that particular vacuum. The first thing you can do is to have an automatic vacuum that you can set and let go. It will run through the home getting all those pieces and parts that are left behind by the kids and other family members. They can be set to run at night while you are in bed so when you wake up in the morning your carpet is clean. You can also get a vacuum that has more uses then just upright. It is a good idea to have a removable tank that can come off and you can carry with you. This will make getting to the stairs easier as well as vacuuming hard to reach areas.
Magic Eraser: Most people have a sponge and some wash clothes that they use with specific cleaners to get areas of the home clean. These are great and a necessity but a magic eraser will ease your burden and clean some of the areas that the standard sponge will not. The top of your range is a great place to use them. On the walls removing scuff marks and inside a bathroom on scum, the magic eraser is the way to go.
Organizers: Another area that will really help cleaning is to have ways to organize areas that are always in disarray. Then you can make sure that each thing has a place and cleaning and straightening up will be simpler. This can be Tupperware, or other plastic bins that have sections to keep things separated.

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Lastly call out a professional cleaning company to get you ahead of the game. Nadias House Cleaning can get your house looking its best so that you can keep it up throughout the week.

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