• Nadia's House Cleaning of Boston, MA
  • Nadia's House Cleaning of Boston, MA
  • Nadia's House Cleaning of Boston, MA

Cleaning Standards & Checklist in Schools; Classrooms, Offices, Restrooms & More

Nadia’s House Cleaning is a full service janitorial and cleaning company, supplying commercial businesses and residential homes of the Greater Boston, Massachusetts area. We are completely licensed and insured to deliver professional workmanship, along with delivering courteous and friendly customer service and upholding high moral standards and work ethics. At Nadia’s House Cleaning, our hard working technician’s have advanced training, years of experience, and exceptional skills that when coupled with premium quality products and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals we invest in, ensures our valued customers receive nothing less than maximum results.

Keeping School Environments Clean & Tidy

Nadia’s House Cleaning offers the great schools of Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding areas with our professional janitorial cleaning services. Ensuring educational facilities have a clean environment to apply their studies in is essential. Dirt, debris, allergens, germs, bacteria, and other contagions can distract from the learning process. And with many children in close proximity, colds, flu’s and other contagious illnesses are easily spread if surfaces aren’t disinfected accordingly. With Nadia’s House Cleaning, the surfaces areas in classrooms, offices, restrooms and other areas are all cleaned, disinfected, sanitized, and deodorized for a maximum level of clean. We offer customized cleaning to best meet your needs.

School Classroom & Restroom Cleaning Services

Nadia’s House Cleaning school cleaning service in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts area includes but is not limited to the following:
– Floors are appropriated cleaned and treated.
– Surface areas wiped and disinfected.
– Foyers, hallways, and administrative offices are tidied.
– Cafeterias are cleaned and sanitized.
– Trash is removed
– Bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned.
– And more.

Cleaning Standards & Checklist in Schools in Boston, Brookline, Lexington, Cambridge, Suffolk, Somerville, Middlesex, & Norfolk County Massachusetts

If your school facility is in need of cleaning in the Greater Massachusetts area, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today, our expert cleaning crew can get your school looking and staying immaculate with our routine maintenance cleaning.

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