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Tips for Cleaning & Removing Children’s Artwork on Interior Walls in South Boston, MA

It’s hard for toddlers to resist a big empty wall especially if they happen to have a crayon or marker in their hand! Time is not on your side when it comes to removing this artwork unless you want it to be permanent. There are lots of ideas on the internet, but a lot of these ideas can leave their own stain behind. These stains are often greasy and permanent. Some will work by reacting with the stain chemically and can change the chemistry of your wall’s paint. It can leave it discolored, tacky or faded. So yes, the artwork is gone but the wall may look different.

How to Remove Artwork from Walls

There are a few rules when it comes to removing artwork from walls:
• Work quickly so the wall can’t absorb the markings
• Know your paint and how it can be cleaned
• Test your cleaning solution on a hidden area before you start
• Always start with the mildest solution and work up to the harshest, if needed.

Dealing with Different Interior Wall Finishes

1. Matte or flat paints. These paints are great for hiding imperfection on the wall but are more stain absorbent and can be easier to damage when cleaned. Use the mildest solution you have and try to avoid any heavy scrubbing. Keep in mind that magic erase sponges have microscopic glass beads that can damage the paint surface. These paint finishes will usually need to be repainted after artwork has been removed.
2. Eggshell and satin paints. These paint finishes are a bit glossy and popular as they do a good job at hiding imperfections and don’t absorb stains or show damage after cleaning as much as matte or flat paints. Again, start gently but you can be a little more aggressive and less likely to need repainting.
3. Semi- or high-gloss paints. This is the best finish to have on your walls if your toddler has drawn a picture on them. Surfaces that are more likely to have this finish are the door frames and molding. These surfaces are least likely to absorb stains and can handle some serious scrubbing without damage.
4. Wallpaper. Most wallpaper is made with a vinyl or plastic-coating and can withstand gentle washing and scrubbing. It’s still best to start off with the mildest solution and avoid harsh ones, if possible. Smaller marks can be removed with an eraser, hairspray, nail polish remover or hand sanitizer. Always test your method on a hidden area first to avoid permanent damage, otherwise you might find yourself stripping wallpaper!

How to Stop Children from Drawing on Walls

To prevent a repeat offense, keep art supplies out of reach when they’re not being used and remind children that artwork is for paper only. If you decide that one wall or area is okay to draw on then cover it with lots of paper and remind them again that only the paper can be colored on!

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