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What is the Proper & Best Way to Remove Dust from your Boston MA Home; Besides Calling Nadia’s House Cleaning for Maid Services?

Dusting seems to be a never-ending job. As soon as you dust it may seem that a new layer has immediately started to settle. When you start to talk about dust and what it is made up of, it will most likely start to gross you out. The dust is made up of skin cells, hair, pollen and even dust mites and feces. The dust is built up among all the surfaces in your home and over time it can easily thicken. Before forced air, houses were less dusty than they are now. The air ducts will collect the dust and when the air turns on it will send the air into the rooms and cause the dust to distribute around the house.

Nadia’s House Cleaning has some great tips to remove the dust from your home.

Use the right kind of dusting cloth: If you go through your home with just any old wash rag you will start to notice that the dust just gets pushed around and not really removed very well. If you want to use the proper kind of rag, you should go with a micro fiber cloth. The micro fiber cloth is manufactured to pick up and keep the dust so that it is not just moved around. The rag only needs to be rinsed in water and it is ready to use. This makes it so that you do not need to use any cleaners.
Best Dusting Direction Technique: You want to be sure that you are dusting in the right direction. Why does the direction matter? Well if you go around the home and dust randomly or from bottom to top, you are letting the dust drop back down on the surfaces that you have already dusted. The best way to go is through the house from left to right and top to bottom. This will give you the best chance to remove more dust than if you did it any other way. It also makes it so that you are less likely to miss any areas. You are using a very specific pattern that will make it harder to skip spots.
Vacuum your House Often: Even if you use a good microfiber cloth and you go in the recommended direction, you are still going to be left with some residual dust that can be removed with a vacuum. Some people are not sure whether you should vacuum before you dust or after. The best time is to run the vacuum after you have dusted the entire house. The vacuum should have good suction and is best if it has clean filters. Lots of the thick dust lands on the ground so you want to run the vacuum after to eliminate having to vacuum again after the dusting is over.

If you need help getting your home or office dust free and clean, give us a call today and make an appointment for housekeeping and maid services in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Lexington & Milton Massachusetts.

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