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  • Nadia's House Cleaning of Boston, MA
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What Not to Spring Clean in Cambridge, MA; Scrubbing Walls, Steam Cleaning Carpets & More

This time of year you begin to hear things like spring cleaning, spring scrubbing, cleaning overhaul and get rid of winter dust. All of these sound like great and necessary ideas. They can also give you an overwhelming feeling, when you begin to think about all of the things that are on a spring cleaning check list. Washing curtains, scrubbing walls and beating rugs are cleaning chores that most of us are not too familiar with. There is a reason for that. Spring cleaning was a much more common activity back in the day when homes were heated by coal and wood furnaces. These furnaces left large amounts of dust all throughout homes, and grime build up on walls. This made scrubbing walls quite necessary and beating a rug just made sense, because there were actually layers and layers of dust sunken into the rugs from winter months; heating homes with those old furnaces. Now a days we are familiar with regular cleaning routines that include vacuuming, dusting and sweeping at least every other day. These common cleaning practices leave your home a thousand times cleaner than if you only scrubbed your home once a year. There are some spring cleaning checklist items that can be scratched off your list and your home will still fit the spring cleanliness standard.

Drapery Cleaning

Spring cleaners are quick to pull down every drape and curtain in the house and have it laundered, when they are totally fine the way they are. The only time a curtain really needs to be washed is if there has been food mistakenly splattered on it or a toddler has used it as an art medium. Don’t feel like your curtains are dirty when in reality they are perfectly clean.

Wall Washing

The thought of filling a bucket with warm soapy water and getting a hefty scrub brush to give your walls a bath is not the least bit appealing. The fact that you keep your home tidy all year long will ensure that your walls do not need to be scrubbed. There is not build-up on your walls from a coal burning furnace, so put your bucket and sponge away, because your walls are just fine.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming on a regular basis is the best treatment you can ever give your carpets and rugs. It is a simple and very effective chore that keeps dust from your home and gives your carpet long lasting effects. Steam cleaning your carpets only need to be done once a year. And you don’t have to do them yourself!

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If you feel there is an area of your home that requires a little extra care and cleansing, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning. We will not only take care of the routine dusting, vacuuming and sweeping housekeeping and maid services but we will take care of heavier cleaning needs as well. We will make sure your home is kept up to spring clean standards and save you from any unwanted grueling cleaning chores.

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