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How Do You Clean a Dental Clinic in Medford, MA? What a Cleaning Should Include & More

Every business owner needs to maintain their buildings and make sure they stay clean. A cleaning service ensures quality production as well as a safe and healthy environment. However, medical facilities such as a dental office, tends to need a different type of cleaning. A dental office needs to have a cleaning service that can follow all EPA guidelines. As dental offices need to be kept cleaned, Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share what every dental office owner should expect from a quality cleaning service.

What Should a Dental Office Cleaning Include?

Inside a dental office, the cleaning procedures utilizes a number of techniques to ensure the dental office is clean and maintains a proper standard. A dental office owner should seek a certified and trained cleaning service that knows proper cleaning methods and most importantly, where germs and bacteria may harbor. In a dental office you have a number of areas that need to be cleaned. There is the waiting area or lobby where patients will wait their turn. The lobby is a hot spot for germs, bacteria and viruses. To ensure that a dental office does not aid in the spread of harmful illnesses, the lobby is a site that requires dedicated cleaning. A quality cleaning service will spend a lot of time in the waiting area alone. Every surface will need to be wiped down and disinfected. Chairs, tables, door knobs, and other frequently touched surfaces are cleaned with specialized cleaning solutions. There are newer cleaning solutions that kill 99% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast. Not only do these cleaners kill germs and viruses, but they also provide an antimicrobial shield, which means they continue to protect surfaces inside your dental office. However, there is more to a dental office than just a lobby. A dental office will have bathrooms, rec areas, doctor offices, and patient rooms that also need to be cleaned. A dental office will need to have all of its fixtures cleaned and furniture needs to be dusted. All surfaces need to be disinfected, windows need to be wiped down and cleaned. Floor requires cleaning and are properly cared for. Bathrooms need to be cleaned and stocked at all times.

How Often Does a Dental Office Need Professional Cleaning?

A dental office receives patients every day they are open, which means that each day the dental office is open, at the end of the day the office should be cleaned. However, a dental office owner will need to determine how often they think they need cleaning services. Not only should a dental office owner determine how often but should even create their own personal cleaning check list. Cleaning services are like a well-oiled machine that follows all EPA guidelines for health care facilities. A cleaning service is more than willing to also follow personal requests from the dental office owner. A quality cleaning service will ensure the dental office gets the proper cleaning to ensure a clean and safe environment.

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