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How Do You Clean & Disinfect Your House After a Cold or Flu in South Boston, MA?

It is cold and flu season and when you or a family member gets sick, they spread germs and viruses all over the home. Unless you kill all of the germs, they will continue to threaten anyone who comes to your home and eventually get the rest of the household sick as well. When a person is sick within the home or has visited your home, it is time to clean to kill the germs and viruses. Nadia’s House Cleaning will share how to properly clean a home after it has been exposed to germs and viruses.

How Do You Disinfect a House After a Cold?

When you need to clean your home to get rid of a cold or flu virus, you will need to disinfect all of the surfaces that has been touched. Some of the best places to start is the kitchen and bathrooms as these are community areas and have the highest chance of contaminating others. You will want to use a disinfectant cleaner that kills germs and viruses. When disinfecting the surface of your home, make sure to think outside the normal surfaces. For example, you will want to clean door knobs, light switches, controllers, computer, gaming consoles, phones and other areas that a sick individual would have touched that normally does not get cleaned. Each person will have different habits and hobbies, so when they are sick you will want to make sure to clean everything they would have touched.

Disinfecting Bedding, Towels & Clothing

However, not all surfaces or materials can be sprayed off and wiped cleaned. There are other areas such as clothes and bedding that is teaming with germs and viruses. After you have taken the time to disinfectant all of the solid surfaces, you will want to take the time to wash the bedding, towels and clothing. To kill germs and viruses, you will want to wash them using hot water and dry them on the high heat setting. The hotter temperatures will help to kill the germs and viruses that are living inside the linens. If you want to make sure that the linens that have come in contact with the sick individual is disinfected, you can also use about 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil in the laundry to help kill the germs.

Sanitize & Disinfect Dishes

If you are concerned about the dishes and cookware that they may have contaminated, you can disinfect them with bleach. Fill up a dish pan or bucket with hot water, for every gallon of water use 1 tablespoon of bleach and soak your dishes and cookware. The bleach will make quick work of any viruses or germs that may be on your dishes, silverware, cups and other cookware. After you allow them to soak for 15 to 30 minutes, make sure to wash them thoroughly. Place them in the dishwasher and have them cleaned.

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Disinfecting after a person has been sick can be a difficult task. If you need help thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting your home, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning and schedule our services today.

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