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How Do You Deep Clean a House with Pets in Weymouth, MA? Vacuum Carpets & More

Dogs and cats are the most common pets inside the home. Our dogs and cats are not just pets but become part of our family. As our furry family members spend so much of the day at our side, they will leave behind their fur. One of the biggest challenges for pet owners is managing your pet’s fur. Fur can be found everywhere. It is on your floor, furniture, and on your clothes. When you are looking for ways to better control the pet hair in your home, Nadia‚Äôs House Cleaning will share a few tips to help manage excessive pet hair.

Groom Pets to Minimize Hair

To help keep hair down in your home, you will need to start at the source which is your pets. To help reduce the amount of hair that gets all over your home, you will need to groom your pets a lot! Depending on the breed of dog or cat you may have, how often you will bathe your pet will vary. You will want to bathe your pet as often as it is good for their coat. Over bathing can ruin the fur and even promote more shedding. However, what you can do every day is brush your pets. Whenever you have the chance, you should brush your pet. This will remove much of their loose hair and have less of it falling around your home.

Vacuum Carpet Weekly

For homes with pets, your best weapon against pet hair is your vacuum cleaner. You can remove hair from your carpets, rugs, hard surface floors and furniture. A vacuum is a great universal tool that can be used in many different ways. You can use the vacuum’s hose and attachments to clean upholstery and even your mattresses. If you allow your pets to sleep on your bed, you will need to also vacuum the mattress once a month. Hard surface floors can quickly and effectively be cleaned with a vacuum. However, rugs and carpets do pose a challenge. Where vacuuming carpets and rugs will remove most of the hair, it will not remove all of it. If you find your rugs and carpets still have pet hair on them after vacuuming, you can use a window squeegee and drag it across the carpet and rug. The rubber squeegee can often grab more of the hair that is stuck in the fibers.

Wash Bedding Weekly

For those who have pets on their beds and furniture, you will need to come up with a plan to reduce the amount of hair you need to clean. Bedding should be washed weekly for proper hygiene reasons. However, not only will your bed be cleaner but washing your bed will get the pet hair off of your bed. For your furniture, consider getting a cover. Couch and sofa covers that can be removed and washed is a great way to keep your furniture clean. Covers can also protect the furniture.

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One of the best ways to maintain a home is with regular cleanings. A professional cleaning service can be scheduled to come to your home as often as you need them. With professional cleaning the pet hair will be removed, ensuring you have a clean and hair free home. For professional house cleaning services and more, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today.

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