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What is the Proper Way to Clean a Restroom in Suffolk, MA to Get Rid of Odors & More?

When it comes to cleaning bathrooms and restrooms, it is a job that many people don’t enjoy doing. It can be very gross to clean around the toilet that somebody else has used. But restrooms need to be cleaned. No matter what kind of company you have you don’t want your employees or customers to walk into a bathroom that smells bad and is very gross and dirty. So why can a restroom become so disgusting? Nadia’s House Cleaning wants to help you understand why restrooms can get so gross and what you need to do to make them clean.

Get Rid of Poop & Urine Smells

If you walk into the restroom and there is a lingering odor then you know that your restroom is not cleaned properly. It may look clean on the surface but bacteria and grime can build up leaving that unpleasant smell. It is very important that you pay attention to detail when you are cleaning the restroom. It may look clean but behind the toilet or under the rim of the toilet can be hidden human waste, which leads to a bad smell. You may also have a leak that is dripping around the base which could contribute to the odor. While you might not be able to find the main reason why your restroom smells bad, cleaning it can help get rid of any unpleasant odors.

Toilets & Restrooms Need to Be Cleaned Regularly

If you do not have a strict cleaning routine schedule for your bathroom there is a good chance that it is not clean. Depending on how much traffic your restrooms get, you want to establish a cleaning routine schedule. The schedule should be done year-round. One thing you may want to consider is hiring a professional to come and clean your restrooms. This will relieve your staff of having to clean the restrooms on a regular basis and a professional can come daily, weekly, biweekly, or whatever you prefer to clean your restroom.

Include Bathroom Deep Clean

When you clean a restroom you need to clean more than just the surface. Yes, it is important to empty trash cans, wipe down the mirrors, and mop the floors and around the sinks. But restrooms can harbor dangerous pathogens. Because of this, deep cleaning is crucial when it comes to restrooms. When you clean the restroom, you need to clean all the grout, disinfect surfaces, clean behind and around the toilets, deep clean the urinals, and as crazy as it sounds, you need to wash the ceiling tiles. Deep cleaning the restrooms is the only way you can keep them truly clean.

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Now we know deep cleaning a restroom is not the most enjoyable thing. Most employees don’t enjoy it when they have to clean the restroom. Help your employees enjoy their job more and not have to clean the restroom. Hiring a professional company like Nadia’s House Cleaning to come and clean your restroom can save you a lot of time and worry that you have a gross, unclean restroom. If you are looking for someone to come help clean your premises then give Nadia’s House Cleaning a call today.

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