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What Part of the House is the Hardest to Keep Clean in Revere, MA; Baseboards, Grout & More

Maintaining a clean and organized home requires regular attention to various areas. While we often focus on cleaning the obvious spots like countertops, floors, and bathrooms, there are several overlooked areas that might be accumulating dust, grime, and germs. These neglected spots can affect the overall cleanliness and hygiene of your home. Today, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to point out the top areas you might be forgetting to clean.

What Areas Need to Be Cleaned in Your Home?

Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures: Ceiling fans and light fixtures are often out of sight, making them easy to overlook during cleaning sessions. However, they can accumulate a significant amount of dust over time. Regularly dusting and wiping down these fixtures will not only keep them looking pristine but also prevent dust particles from spreading throughout the room.
Behind and Under Furniture: While vacuuming the main living areas, it’s common to forget to clean behind and under heavy furniture pieces like sofas, beds, and cabinets. Dust and debris tend to collect in these hidden spaces, leading to potential allergens and pest problems. Move furniture periodically to thoroughly clean these concealed areas.
Baseboards and Moldings: Baseboards and crown moldings can accumulate dust and grime, especially in high-traffic areas. Wiping them down regularly with a damp cloth or using a crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner can help maintain a polished appearance.
Window Tracks and Blinds: Window tracks can trap dirt and dead insects, and blinds tend to gather dust and pet hair. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or a damp cloth to clean these areas effectively.
Kitchen Appliances: While the kitchen might be a focal point of regular cleaning, the areas behind and under kitchen appliances, such as the refrigerator and stove, are often ignored. These spaces can harbor food crumbs and spills, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and attracting pests. Pull out the appliances and clean the surrounding areas periodically.
Shower Curtains and Bathroom Grout: Shower curtains and the grout between tiles can accumulate soap scum, mold, and mildew. Machine wash or replace shower curtains as needed, and use a suitable cleaning agent to scrub the grout lines clean.
Inside Drawers and Cabinets: We may clean the exterior of drawers and cabinets, but the insides are often forgotten. Take the time to declutter and wipe down the interiors regularly to keep them tidy and free from accumulated dust.
Remote Controls and Light Switches: Remote controls and light switches are frequently touched but seldom cleaned. Use disinfectant wipes or a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol to sanitize these high-touch surfaces.
Trash Bins: Trash bins can become breeding grounds for bacteria and unpleasant odors. Rinse and disinfect them regularly to prevent the buildup of germs and keep your home smelling fresh.
Doorknobs and Handles: Like light switches, doorknobs and handles are touched multiple times a day by different people. Wipe them down with disinfectant regularly, especially during flu seasons or when someone in the household is sick.

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Remember, a thorough and regular cleaning routine should encompass not only the obvious areas but also these often forgotten spots in your home. By paying attention to these neglected areas, you can create a cleaner, healthier, and more inviting living space for yourself and your family. When you need
help keeping a clean home
, call Nadia’s House Cleaning to take care of the cleanliness on a routine basis.

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