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There never seems to be enough hours in a day to get all the things done that we need to. Most people are off to work, running errands and taking care of a family. That means that finding time to get your house clean can be a real stretch. There are some hacks and tips on keeping your house clean that take little time so you can fit them in during other necessary activities. This is a great way to keep your house looking clean all week so that it is not as overwhelming when you finally have time.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Offers Hacks & Tips On Keeping Your House Clean During the Week

Dryer Sheets to Clean Bathtub: When you are done folding a load of laundry that pesky dryer sheet seems to be sitting there. Most people grab it up and toss it in the nearest trash can. Although their original purpose has been used in the dryer they have a great cleaning aspect as well. Take a few of these used or new dryer sheets in the bathroom with you and after a shower use them to wash away hard water spots. They work great on shower doors, bathtubs, toilet rings, walls and even mirrors.
Cleaning Your Microwave: If you open your microwave and notice there are some crusty spots from heating up last night’s dinner you might just close it and come back to it later. The problem is that later can become never but there is a great tip to get it clean with ease. Get a microwave safe bowl and add a half cup of water and half cup of ammonia. You want to lay a wooden mixing spoon and the bowl in the microwave and allow it to go on high for about five minutes. Once you open it up use a wash cloth to quickly wipe off the surfaces and it will be clean as new.
Disinfect Kitchen Sponge: When you go to grab a sponge and do the washing up after dinner you might smell some funky mildew odor. The odor is coming from the sponge and no matter how hard you try it seems to always happen. The best thing you can do is to throw the sponge in with the dishwashing cycle. The cycle will sanitize the sponge and kill the germs that are causing bacteria to grow. If you are in a pinch you can also toss the sponge in a bowl and in the microwave for about five minutes.
Baking Soda Absorbs Odors in a Room: If you feel like you have a problem with odors that linger on your couches and carpets there is a quick fix. When you are ready to take on a five minute task grab baking soda and sprinkle it on the surface that you are concerned about. Then use the vacuum to pick up the baking soda that has been able to pull out the moisture that is actually the odor causing item.

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We all have chores that have to be done on a regular basis. If you skip your chores all week your home will show it. The mess that can accumulate over a few days is more than you might think. That is why having a good and reachable chore chart that you can follow is important. It will make your house cleaning a bit easier and your home will stay looking cleaner longer. When you go to start a chore you have to clear the area that you plan on cleaning and then go find all the tools that you need to do the job. If you are cleaning an area such as your bathroom or kitchen that supplies that are needed can be quite a bit. Collecting all these things and transporting them to your room to clean can be time that is spent unnecessarily. You can skip this part if you make yourself a cleaning kit that you can grab and go from room to room. This will save you time on cleaning any room in the house.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Lists Supplies to Make Your Own House Cleaning Kit

Where to Keep Cleaning Kit: When you decide that you want to make a cleaning kit that you can take from room to room you need to start with a container. The best thing is to go out and find a bin that has an open top and a handle so it is easy to handle. If it is plastic it can be cleaned out easily and disinfected when needed. You also want to make sure that the container that you choose is able to fit in the space that you plan to keep it. This is often under the kitchen or bathroom sink.
Scrubbing Supplies: When you are cleaning a hard surface you want to have an item that will help you scrub anything that may have become stuck. This might be the counters, walls or the tile and grout. Whatever you care cleaning be sure that you have the right tools to do the job. You want to make sure that your kit has clean wash clothes, sponges, magic erasers and of course a tooth brush. There are small gaps and corners that are much easier to get to when you use a toothbrush that is easier to maneuver. Make sure that as you use any of the items that should be cleaned after you replace it before you put the kit away.
Natural Cleaning Products: You also need to have the cleaning products that you need to get the job done. You need to be sure that you have some kind of all purpose cleaning spray, glass cleaner and of course dusting spray to treat the wood that is in your home. These are all things that you can keep in the kit so that you are prepared for whatever cleaning you plan to do. Be sure to replace them when they start to get low so you never run out.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) often triggers the need to hoard in many people and it has been known to be a serious problem. Those that hoard will frequently need intervention and few will admit their problems and seek help, where unfortunately others may pass away before help can be given, leaving the beneficiary with a project. No matter what leads up to the rectification, cleaning the hoard is inevitable, but it needs to be handled cautiously, safely, and delicately; especially if the hoarder is involved. The cleanup is part of the mental cleaning for many hoarders looking for help, but the cleanup can easily involve safety hazards and needs to be treated with safety measures. Considering this, we at Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share the basics concerning a hoard cleanup.

What to Wear During a Hoarder Cleaning

A home that is a central point of hoarding can be filled with potential dangers that are harmful to your health. If you intend on doing the cleanup yourself, or wish to be involved in the process of a professional service, it is crucial you protect yourself and dress accordingly. When professionals are solicited for the service, they wear protective clothing, gloves, and respiratory protection gear during a cleanup.

Hoarding Health Risks

Within a hoard several examples of the common issues found include staph viruses such as histoplasmosis, E. Coli, hanta virus, MRSA, and other bacteria. No matter if it is sentimental attachment or if it is just another generic household item, anything deemed unsalvageable requires proper disposal during the cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing process.

Animal Hoarding Cases

In documented hoarding cases, Studies show that 40% of hoarders include animals in their trove. Not only will they collect animals, but they will hoard multiple animals and due to the living conditions and the insufficient care, these animals are highly likely to contract disease. Most hoarders do not have any specifics when hoarding and literally everything and anything is up for grabs. There are several uncovered hazards that are quite serious that those cleaning a hoard can be potentially exposed to, some examples include the following:
– Animals (Domestic or Wildlife) Alive or Deceased
– Animal and Human Waste
– Asbestos
– Dust in Excess (significantly impacting the indoor air quality.)
– Mildew and Mold
– Rotting and Fermenting Food
– Sharp Implements, Medical Needles
– Structural Damage

Hoarder Cleaning Tips & Checklist

Considering the safety risk, it is recommended that a hoard cleanup be handled by trained professionals. Where a professional is trained to deal with hazardous materials and waste, they are readily equipped to deal with the hazards, whereas doing it on your own puts you highly at risk to exposure. If you insist on tackling the dangerous hoard cleanup without professional assistance, consider the following tips:
1) Divide the hoard into three Categories. 1) the valuables you intend to keep, 2) salvageable items that can be sold or donated, and 3) trash and unsalvageable possessions. Anything that has been contaminated or is broken beyond repair should either be properly discarded or recycles and usable items that need to be removed from the hoard should be either sold or donated.
2) Solicit help. Nearly impossible to do it alone, hoard cleanups are an extensive job and the more efficient and safe approach is to have family members or friends help. Keep in mind that a professional performing hoard cleanup service is far more effective and safe.
3) Protect and prepare yourself. While cleaning the hoard, it is important to be as safe as possible. To sufficiently avoid breathing in dangerous toxins, invest in a disposable mask and to avoid exposure to contamination, be sure to wear heavy puncture resistant gloves. Additionally, be sure to provide a barrier for your skin by wearing heavy long sleeve shirts, durable full length pants, and quality shoes or boots. If the hoard is exceptionally horrendous and you have access and the finances, consider hard hats, biohazard suits, and purifying full face respiratory masks.

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Sifting through the hoard entails many facets, some require specific regulations when handling the various waste. Where this not only a health hazard for those without training, many do not know the rules concerning discarding hazardous or contaminated materials. Investing in a professional, such as Nadia’s House Cleaning, can keep yourself safe and allow the professionals to handle the details if disposal, disinfecting, and sanitizing the home. Call us today to take care of the hoard cleanup.

It’s hard for toddlers to resist a big empty wall especially if they happen to have a crayon or marker in their hand! Time is not on your side when it comes to removing this artwork unless you want it to be permanent. There are lots of ideas on the internet, but a lot of these ideas can leave their own stain behind. These stains are often greasy and permanent. Some will work by reacting with the stain chemically and can change the chemistry of your wall’s paint. It can leave it discolored, tacky or faded. So yes, the artwork is gone but the wall may look different.

How to Remove Artwork from Walls

There are a few rules when it comes to removing artwork from walls:
• Work quickly so the wall can’t absorb the markings
• Know your paint and how it can be cleaned
• Test your cleaning solution on a hidden area before you start
• Always start with the mildest solution and work up to the harshest, if needed.

Dealing with Different Interior Wall Finishes

1. Matte or flat paints. These paints are great for hiding imperfection on the wall but are more stain absorbent and can be easier to damage when cleaned. Use the mildest solution you have and try to avoid any heavy scrubbing. Keep in mind that magic erase sponges have microscopic glass beads that can damage the paint surface. These paint finishes will usually need to be repainted after artwork has been removed.
2. Eggshell and satin paints. These paint finishes are a bit glossy and popular as they do a good job at hiding imperfections and don’t absorb stains or show damage after cleaning as much as matte or flat paints. Again, start gently but you can be a little more aggressive and less likely to need repainting.
3. Semi- or high-gloss paints. This is the best finish to have on your walls if your toddler has drawn a picture on them. Surfaces that are more likely to have this finish are the door frames and molding. These surfaces are least likely to absorb stains and can handle some serious scrubbing without damage.
4. Wallpaper. Most wallpaper is made with a vinyl or plastic-coating and can withstand gentle washing and scrubbing. It’s still best to start off with the mildest solution and avoid harsh ones, if possible. Smaller marks can be removed with an eraser, hairspray, nail polish remover or hand sanitizer. Always test your method on a hidden area first to avoid permanent damage, otherwise you might find yourself stripping wallpaper!

How to Stop Children from Drawing on Walls

To prevent a repeat offense, keep art supplies out of reach when they’re not being used and remind children that artwork is for paper only. If you decide that one wall or area is okay to draw on then cover it with lots of paper and remind them again that only the paper can be colored on!

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The chores around a house are an endless array of laundry, dishes and dusting. There are messes that will pile up throughout the day and that is why most people spread the chores out over the week. You might hit them hard to clean areas like bathrooms and mopping floors for the weekend. The other straightening up work may need to be done each day. It all depends on the amount of people that are living in the home and also how many of those people are able to clean. The work is something that is never done because the house is lived in and has to be cleaned over and over. If you wait too long to do some of the work you may end up with chores that are hard to handle on your own. There are some people that struggle to keep their homes clean but there are some things that can help someone get their cleaning organized.

Nadias House Cleaning Lists Ways to Keep Your House Clean, Tidy & Organized

Best Vacuum Cleaner: One of the best things you can get someone that struggles with keeping their home clean is the right vacuum. Most people have a standard vacuum that they looked up and asked their friends about. The problem is that they may not be thinking about the ease of that particular vacuum. The first thing you can do is to have an automatic vacuum that you can set and let go. It will run through the home getting all those pieces and parts that are left behind by the kids and other family members. They can be set to run at night while you are in bed so when you wake up in the morning your carpet is clean. You can also get a vacuum that has more uses then just upright. It is a good idea to have a removable tank that can come off and you can carry with you. This will make getting to the stairs easier as well as vacuuming hard to reach areas.
Magic Eraser: Most people have a sponge and some wash clothes that they use with specific cleaners to get areas of the home clean. These are great and a necessity but a magic eraser will ease your burden and clean some of the areas that the standard sponge will not. The top of your range is a great place to use them. On the walls removing scuff marks and inside a bathroom on scum, the magic eraser is the way to go.
Organizers: Another area that will really help cleaning is to have ways to organize areas that are always in disarray. Then you can make sure that each thing has a place and cleaning and straightening up will be simpler. This can be Tupperware, or other plastic bins that have sections to keep things separated.

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Lastly call out a professional cleaning company to get you ahead of the game. Nadias House Cleaning can get your house looking its best so that you can keep it up throughout the week.

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