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Baking Soda Cleaning Hacks in Waltham, MA; Remove Toilet Stains, Absorb Odors & More

It seems like when you go to the store to look for cleaning supplies there is an endless supply. You can find cleaners for bathrooms, floors, carpets and just about anything else. You want to make sure that you clean your house with things that are not too harsh that they will cause damage but enough to keep your home healthy and clean. The great thing is that there are items that you have in your cupboards that can be used for cleaning around your house. One of the supplies that you can use in many ways to clean is baking soda. It has many agents in it that make it great for a lot of reasons.

Nadia’s House Cleaning Outlines Uses for Baking Soda in Cleaning Your House or Apartment

Baking Soda Can Remove Toilet Stains: One of the best ways to use baking soda is to help clean your toilet. No one wants to have a toilet with those rings around the bowl. You can help to loosen them and clean them off with baking soda as well as vinegar. You want to start by pouring vinegar along the interior sides of the bowl. Once you have made sure it is all spread out you can quickly add the baking soda. This will cause a reaction between the two and bubbles will start to form. That will help to break down the staining in the inside of the toilet so you can wipe it away with your standard toilet brush.
Baking Soda Absorbs Odors & Smells: Another one of the problems that people have in their home is keeping all the smells and odors at bay. This can be from foods that you have been cooking or trash that is in the can. It can even be from other odors that come and go from the people that are in your house. One of the best things that baking soda offers is it is an odor reducer. You can use baking soda in the bottom of your trash can to soak up the smells that always come from the trash. You can also leave a box open in the fridge to reduce the odors that many foods leave lingering. Don’t forget to drop some in your shoes to get that musty smell treated as well.
Clean Carpet Freshener: Nothing is worse than someone dropping their juice on your carpets. If you have staining on your carpet it can cause the rest of the house to look dirty. One of the great things is that you can use baking soda to treat for stains that are on your carpets. You always want to test the cleaning item on an area to be sure that it will not cause any damage. You can use it to soak up the moisture from the spill by pouring some over the area. Then you can treat the stain with baking soda and water as a paste to work the color from the carpet.

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