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  • Nadia's House Cleaning of Boston, MA
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Common Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom & Other House Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Boston, MA

Homeowners across the county take pride in keeping their homes clean and tidy so it often comes as a surprise when they learn that some of the cleaning practices they have been using for years could actually be making their homes dirty. According to the knowledgeable experts at Nadia’s House Cleaning some of the most common cleaning blunders could even be making you sick.

Common Problems in Housekeeping

• Washing your chopping board with washing up liquid: Even if you give your chopping board a good scrub after cutting meat or chicken you are not necessarily removing the harmful bacteria that left to its own devices could be making you sick. Instead soak them in a solution of bleach and water to make sure they are spotlessly clean and free of germs.
• Making your bed everyday: Making your bed as soon as you get up certainly keeps your bedroom looking neat and tidy but you are also trapping dust mites, bacteria, and dampness under the covers creating the perfect petri dish to encourage germs to multiple. Instead leave your covers thrown back and allow your sheets and bed covers to completely air out before making the bed.
• Flushing the toilet with the lid up: Did you know that flushing your toilet with the lid up can spray water as high as six feet into the air? The last thing you want after cleaning and disinfecting the rest of your bathroom is to run the risk of spreading germs by flushing the toilet.
• A wet toilet brush: Your toilet brush is a breeding ground for bacteria and needs time to dry out before you put it away in its storage holder. Try this tip – place the handle of the toilet brush between the toilet seat and the base with the brush hanging over the bowl. Let it hang for 10 to 20 minutes until completely dry before returning it to its holder.
• Spraying cleaning solution directly onto a dirty surface: While this cleaning method works well on dirty surfaces that need to be soaked down it shouldn’t be used every day. Spraying directly on surfaces often leaves a sticky buildup especially on wooden surfaces. Try spraying cleaning solutions onto a clean microfiber cloth. Not only will you get a better clean, you will also use less cleaning product which results in more saving to you for a happier and healthier wallet.
• Cleaning without gloves: Cleaning solutions and powder cleansers are renowned for drying out the skin on your hands, but what you may not think about is the fact that the skin on your hands is also very absorbent putting you at risk for exposure to strong chemicals and fragrances. Instead select a pair of gloves with a cotton interior to use during your regular cleaning regime; they will give you a comfortable and protective barrier that can help you get even the toughest clean jobs taken care of quickly and safely.

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