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How Often Should You Clean Door Handles, Light Switches, Ceiling Fans & More in Somerville, MA

There are areas in the home that often get overlooked during regular cleaning or should be cleaned much more often. Cleaning the home isn’t just for appearance, it is also to improve the safety of the home and make it a healthier environment. Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share some of the most overlooked places that should be cleaned more often to improve your home safety and healthier living.

Areas that Should Be Cleaned More Often

Door Handles – Door knobs get touched every single day. As you and other household member come and go, they bring back germs and other microorganisms that lead to many flu bugs and other illness. To eliminate the contamination in your home, remember to clean door knobs with a sanitizer.
Yellowed Light Switches – Like door knobs, light switches harbor germs and other bacteria that cause illnesses as well. Especially for those with low immunity systems, cleaning light switches, door knobs, and cabinet and drawer handles will help eliminate germs in your home.
Greasy Ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans help circulate air in your home. However, dust often accumulates on the fan blades, which as the fans rotate, dust will continue to spread. Don’t only do ceiling fans affect indoor air quality; they constantly spread dust making it impossible to keep your home clean.
House Floor Mats – Floor mats–especially bath room mats–are the prefect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and fungus. As mold develops it releases mold spores into the air, creating a hazardous living environment. It is recommended to wash fabric mats every 2 weeks and bleach rubber mats.
Kitchen & Laundry Appliances – Most people assume wash machines and dishwashers self clean as they wash your laundry or dishes. While most of the filth is washed away and drained, mineral deposits remain in both a dishwasher and laundry washing machine. Both of these appliances often develop bad odors. It is recommended that you clean these appliances every 2 to 3 weeks. Luckily, cleaning these two appliances is super simple. For the washing machine, use a cup of white vinegar and run the washing machine through a warm cycle. Do the same for the dish washer. Place a regular cup or mug on the top rack of the dish washer and run a full cycle on the hottest setting. The vinegar will remove the mineral deposits and help remove bad odors. Another appliance that can prove to be a safety hazard is the dryer. Make sure at least once a month you clean out the dryer vents. Remember to also clean the lint trap before every use to minimize lint from building up inside the dryer vent. When dryer vents don’t get cleaned, they become a major fire hazard. Simply use a vacuum to suck out the excess lint.
Sinks – Sinks are full of nasty stuff. Mold, mildew, yeast, and other organisms are found inside sinks and drains. When a drain gets clogged, often water backs up and brings a lot of these contaminates up with it. Maintain clean sinks and drains by cleaning them out regularly. Sinks should be cleaned monthly. You can use a commercial drain cleaner or use a home made cleaner. Just pour a half cup of baking soda in the drain followed by a half cup of vinegar with a few drops of lemon juice. Let the mixture sit in the drain. Afterward, boil a few cups of water and pour boiling water down the drain.

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It is important to clean everywhere in your home, especially those areas that can prove to be hazardous to your home’s safety and your health. If you need help from a professional house cleaning service, contact Nadia’s House Cleaning today.

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