Severe allergy sufferers are always looking for more solutions to help keep allergies at bay. Adding more to your routine doesn’t sound too appealing, but if it can help relieve some of the symptoms, or frequency, than it might be worth exploring. Many times, asthma attacks are triggered in conjunction with allergies, so following some of the same cleaning tips and suggestions below could help reduce asthma attacks as well.

Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to share some cleaning guidelines you can incorporate into your routine housekeeping activities to help allergy and asthma sufferers.


What is the cause of your allergies:

Allergies are often contributed to particles floating in the air and collecting on surfaces. Once the quantity is such your body can no longer withstand, it will display the symptoms. Itchy, red, watery or dry eyes, agitated or dry throat, sneezing and congestion, or in some more extreme cases, rashes and fevers. Common offenders include pet dander, dust, dust mites, pollen, mold, bacteria, or cockroach waste. Where it is literally impossible to keep your home clean 24/7, there a few useful things you can do to reduce the cause and effect.

How to Clean & Minimize Allergies in Your Home:

– Remove unnecessary clutter that collects dust. For example, the outdated pile of catalogs or magazines stacking up. Or the miscellaneous items you will eventually get to going through. Getting rid of objects that are just collecting dust is a great way to contain the dust control.
– Vacuum often. Even if there is no obvious signs of the need, collecting the tiny allergy-causing components will greatly benefit anyone with poor immune systems or respiratory ailments.
– Blankets and throw rugs should be washed often as possible.
– Bedding, including linens, comforters and pillow cases should be put through the washing machine weekly.
– Countertops should be clutter free, wiped down, disinfected and kept dry throughout the day.
– Keep insects and other pests out of your home. Be sure your home is properly sealed with weather stripping, patches and caulk reapplication as needed. Contain and keep food tightly secured.

How to Reduce Dust Allergens in Rooms:

Cleaning Kitchen. When cooking, be sure to utilize the exhaust fan to minimize moisture and fumes. Be sure your garbage can is tightly secured, insect proofed and take it out daily. All food should be stored in secure containers, including pet food. Moldy, or expired food needs to be discarded immediately.
 Weekly: Mop the floors, wipe down cabinet surfaces and back splashes, along with all appliances. When doing so, use a mild soap and water mixture, and be sure all surfaces are dried. If any leaks in pipes or appliances are discovered, get them repaired as soon as possible to avoid mold from taking root.
 Monthly: Thoroughly clean the appliances inside and out, including removable parts and attachments.
 Quarterly: Clean out the refrigerator and freezers as well as cabinets and drawers.
Cleaning Living Spaces. Keep windows closed during pollen season. Be sure the ceiling fans and HVAC vents are wiped down as needed or once a week. Invest in pest control services to hinder the allergy causing pests from invading. Check and clean or replace the HVAC filter monthly. Dust all surface areas once a week.
Cleaning Bathrooms. Utilize the exhaust fan to reduce moisture. If you have carpeted, linoleum, or wooden floors, consider re-flooring with tile. Repair leaks. Clean shower mats with disinfectants weekly, and wash the floor rugs and shower curtains weekly or as often as needed.

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There are many other options to help reduce the allergy or asthma sufferer from simple cleaning activities. If you find the work is overwhelming, lack the time or physical limitations are in your way, call upon Nadia’s House Cleaning. Our professionals can setup a cleaning schedule, or even just help you out here and there. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!