Whether you celebrate Chanukah or Christmas, or something in between, it is time to tuck away the holiday decor, clean up and get your home back to normal. Doing so can seem overwhelming. The cleaning part is something you do fairly regularly, but first you have to put the decorations away.

Nadia’s House Cleaning would like to offer you some tips and advice to best store your Christmas decorations so you can clean your house properly again.

1. Storing the artificial tree. Investing in an artificial tree is a good plan, especially if properly cared for as these trees can last for years. Most artificial trees are heavy, especially if you are single-handily trying to put it down for its long hibernation. Avoid wrestling it into tight spaces or high areas. Utilize a storage closet or a safe corner in the garage. A rolling case is the most optimal way to store it. Giving your tree adequate covering, but still easily moved to its destination.
2. Tangle-free storage of lights. Detangling lights is probably the worst part about holiday decorating. There are some tangle-free storage cases that make rolling the lights a breeze or you can utilize heavy duty coat hangers to help keep the tangled lights a distant memory. If you use hangers, a nice tip is place a sheet of cardboard in between the layers to further organize your lights and keep the entanglement at bay.
3. Ornament storage. There are a number of ways to store your ornaments. Boxes, chests and good old fashion bubble wrap is a good way to store them. A helpful suggestion is to print out the contents of the ornaments onto an index card and tape them to the exterior storage case for easy identifying for next year.
4. Cleaning up Gift wrapping paraphernalia. Sometimes, you need the wrapping equipment on hand to wrap gifts all year long for other occasions. Obtaining a hanging organizer or a roll under the bed storage kit where easily accessible might be your preference.
5. Villages and Collectibles Storage. Better stored in the original boxes, with Styrofoam casing. Stack the heaviest on the bottom of the bin and up.
6. Elevated storage in the garage. There are the elevated storage kits that can store your bins out of the way without sacrificing floor or shelf space.
7. Storing other holiday items. Pick up a storage box and store extra hooks, zip ties, ornament repair essentials and other little related goodies for easy finding. Vacuum storage bags are a great way to store holiday linens such as; tree skirts, table clothes, chair covers and other such holiday decor.

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We hoped these storage tips help better organize your holiday decorations, and make it a breeze next year for redecorating. If you realize the holiday turned your home into a war zone, and you can use a little extra help getting it cleaned, let the professionals at Nadia’s House Cleaning do it for you. Executing high quality efficiency to get your home cleaned and sanitized is our number one priority. Call us today to schedule your next appointment!